The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 7-8

In the 7-8th episodes of The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap, Feng Zhiwei is sad after being abandoned by her mother Qiu Mingying. Ning Yi asks her to stay at his house, but she refuses him as she doesn’t want to be a slave. She runs into Zhu Yin, and they become good friend after giving the jerk Xin Ziyan a lesson.

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

The Rise of Phoenixes

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Episodes 7-8.

Ning Yi worries about his little cat who doesn’t have hidden place, and finds out Feng Zhiwei is sleeping in his bed. Gu Yan shows up, and he knows nobody can keep Feng Zhiwei except Ning Yi. He remembers their first meet, and it was the rainy night like today, the eight years old Ning Yi forced Gu Yan to betray his brother Gu Heng. Ning Yi feels guilty. Gu Yan kneels down, and tells him that he will forgive him if Ning Yi can keep Gu Heng’s family. Ning Yi promises it, and Gu Yan shows his loyalty to defeat crown prince with him.

Ning Yi watches beside Feng Zhiwei over night, and thinks what she will do if she knows her revenge. She wakes up, and remembers she left his house. He claims she nevers leaves, but she smells the fragrance of Qiu Yuluo. He leaves, and she chases him. But she is blocked, and he asks her for the stuff she takes. She gives him the bracelet Qiu Shangqi gave her when she visited Qiu family.

Zhu Yin takes the bracelet to see Qiu Shangqi, and he follows her going to Lan Xiang building, seeing Ning Yi and Gu Heng. They knows they have to let crown prince and Chang Hai know Qiu Mingying’s background, but makes them keep silent. Ning Yi takes out the letter which was written by the fifth aunt, Qiu Shangqi is scared, Gu Yan wants to burn it. But Ning Yi claims the letter can save Qiu Mingying and her family’s lives. Wei Zhiwei tries to flee from the house, but she fails.

Gu Yan sees crown prince, and lies to him that Ning Yi found the baby of Da Cheng. Crown prince kicks him down, and Gu Yan gets up pretending to be a loyal follower. Gu Yan wants to convince Qiu Mingying testifying the baby is dead.

It’s first time to see Qiu Mingying for Gu Yan after 18 years. She is silent because he is a jerk in her mind. He suggests her to accept crown prince’s offer, and kneels down to show the note “safety” to her on his fingers.

The bodyguards ignore Feng Zhiwei no matter what she says, and Ning Cheng shows up, telling her the bodyguards are deaf. She is furious, and fasts.

Crown prince meets disturbance at street, and knows it’s Xue Futu. He has to return to palace, and Xin Ziyan persuades him to endure. Gu Yan reports to crown prince that he convinced Qiu Mingying, but crown prince asks him to kill her and her son Feng Hao. Xin Ziyan persuades crown prince to cancel the plan, and thinks Feng Zhiwei will damage him if he kills her mother.

Crown prince visits Qiu family to ask about the death of fifth aunt, and runs into the Prince of Zhao. Qiu Shangqi tells crown prince that his concubine died because of illness. Ning Yi tells crown prince that he found out Qiu Mingying is Qiu Shangqi’s younger sister. Crown prince sees the Prince of Chu giving a painting to Xin Ziyan.

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 8

The Prince of Zhao thinks crown prince will give him the position if he knows the secret. But Xin Ziyan asks him to lower his voice until crown prince leaves. Ning Cheng reports to Ning Yi that the little cat fasted, crown prince thinks it’s a cat by mistake, and tells Ning Yi not to speak out the missing of Qiu Mingying. Ning Yi asks crown prince if he needs to look for Qiu Mingying. Crown prince is furious, but he claims he was just kidding then.

Crown prince thinks Xin Ziyan betrayed him, and partners Prince of Zhao. But Xin Ziyan feels wronged, and reveals Prince of Zhao found a huge secret about the baby of Da Cheng, and he wanted to report it to emperor. Crown prince sends his follower to sneak into Prince of Zhao’s palace, and finds a letter under his pillow. The letter tells the truth about the baby of Da Cheng. Crown prince and Chang Hai burn the letter later.

Feng Zhiwei asks Ning Yi to release her, and he tells her that she has to disappear if she wants to save her family. Just then Qiu Shangqi invites Ning Yi to go to Qiu family, and reveals Qiu Mingying and Feng Hao returned. Feng Zhiwei wants Ning Yi to take her.

Ning Yi asks Feng Hao about his older sister’s whereabouts in the Qiu family, and Feng Hao is scared to look for help of his mother. Feng Zhiwei pretends to be a waiter, and walks in. Qiu Mingying blames Feng Zhiwei, and claims their relationship is ended. Feng Zhiwei is stunned, and drops the teacup. Ning Yi asks his follower to take Feng Zhiwei away, Qiu Mingying claims Feng Zhiwei murdered the fifth aunt, and she isn’t her daughter anymore.

Gu Yan tells Crown Prince that he arranged spies in Qiu family, and claims he will them if Feng Zhiwei flees with Qiu Mingying and Feng Hao from Qiu family. Crown Prince takes the maid, and wipes her. Feng Zhiwei claims she doesn’t regret, but she is sad after being abandoned by her family. Ning Yi wants to keep her in his house, and promise her to help her achieve the dream of freedom. But she doesn’t want to be a slave, and leaves him. She becomes a men Wei Zhi, and is drunk in the bar. The waiter asks for the beer money, and she lies on floor, saying that she is happy of being alone.

Ning Cheng reports Feng Zhiwei’s condition to Ning Yi, and Ning Yi thinks she is a tough chess piece. Zhu Yin mentions Crown Prince supports Xue Futu, and thinks he is related to her father and the third Prince’s death. Ning Yi remebers the people who killed by Xue Futu are Crown Prince’s enemies, and Ning Qiao checked the documents before he died. He guesses Crown Prince utilized Xue Futu to kill his enemies, and Ning Qiao is one of them. Ning Yi takes the path which Ning Qiao took, but the one should be died isn’t him.

Zhu Yin pays off the beer money for Feng Zhiwei, and wants to take her away. But two men block their way, and recognizes Zhu Yin as her mother Lan Yin by mistake, they mocks at Zhu Yin by marrying sinner. Feng Zhiwei is furious, and pours the dish on their faces. She wears women’s dress, and Zhu Yin tells her that she wants to take revenge her parents in the court.

Crown Prince thinks Prince of Zhao is intention to betray him, but Chang Hai thinks it’s an inciting from someone else. Xin Ziyan suggests Crown Prince to frame Prince of Zhao through the Wu Gu case which happened eight years ago. Chang Hai thinks they’re nonsense, and it will force Prince of Zhao to betray.

Xin Ziyan sees Feng Zhiwei, and wants to molest her. She scolds him after knowing he is director of Qing Ming Academy, and he asks her to answer to him the riddle. She guesses it’s water, and get a weird tear for him, and claims she dropped baby’s urine in it. He is embarrassed to drink the tea.

Xin Ziyan gargles in his room, and Ning Yi points out there isn’t baby’s urine in the Lan Xiang building. Meanwhile, Feng Zhiwei tells Zhu Yin that she just gave kitchen water to Xin Ziyan, and Zhu Yin thinks Feng Zhiwei and Ning Yi are perfect match. Zhu Yin asks Feng Zhiwei to stay at Lan Xiang building to deal with the jerks, but Feng Zhiwei is embarrassed, and asks Zhu Yin and Ning Yi’s relationship.

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