The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 9-10

In the 9-10th episodes of The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap, Feng Zhiwei buries the wooden statue at the east palace since Xin Ziyan told her Ning Yi would get benefits from it, and hears Crown Prince wants to poison Ning Yi in the Lan Xiang building.

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 9

The Rise of Phoenixes

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Episodes 9-10.

Zhu Yin tells Feng Zhiwei that her fate was changed because of witch craft case, and she became a nightclub singer from a noble miss. Ning Yi became a prisoner from a prince, and his mother died because of it. She tells her that Ning Yi is the prince who is worth to get married. But Feng Zhiwei ignores it, Zhu Yin is curious why Feng Zhiwei avoids Ning Yi since he always helps her. Crown Prince blocks the gates of Lan Xiang building, Ning Yi and Xin Ziyan are scared. Xin Ziyan sends Ning Cheng to inform Da Hao that her husband is in Lan Xiang building.

Da Hua takes her followers arriving Lan Xiang building, and Xin Ziyan asks Feng Zhiwei who dresses up like a man to save him with the keepsake of Prince of Chu. Feng Zhiwei hides him in a box before Da Hua breaks into, and molests her. Da Huo is furious to leave.

Xin Ziyan gives Feng Zhiwei the keepsake, so that she releases him from the box. He tells her that he will help her one time if she takes the keepsake to visit him. She accepts it, and suggests him to flee from the window. But Xin Ziyan was arrested by assassins, and runs into Crown Prince. Crown Prince thinks it’s funny after seeing Xin Ziyan, and asks him to do the witch craft as he worries about Chang Hai and Prince of Yang take his position.

Feng Zhiwei visits Fu Zi, and says goodbye to him. Fu Zi tells her emperor released Ning Yi is to fight with Crown Prince and Chang Hai. Emperor asks about Xue Futu case in the court, but Ning Yi admits she is dumb. Emperor is furious, and asks him to kneel out of the court to think of his sin. Crown Prince catches the chance to ask emperor to send Prince of Zhao’s follower Ge Hongying to border.

Feng Zhiwei wants to repay Ning Yi’s kindness, and asks Zhu Yin for a job. Qiu Mingying tells Fu Zi that she drove Feng Zhiwei for protecting her. Ning Yi kneels outside, and remembers the time he played with his mother. Feng Zhiwei is furious when seeing Crown Prince molesting Zhu Yin. Just then a parrot stays on Prince of Zhao’s head, and calls him crown prince. Crown Prince isn’t happy, and Prince of Zhao is scared to catch the parrot. Feng Zhiwei laughs when seeing embarrassed Prince of Zhao.

Prince of Zhao follows the parrot to head outside, and Feng Zhiwei catches it giving Prince of Zhao. Prince of Zhao thrills when the parrot calls him crown prince, and asks for forgiving. Just then Xin Ziyan takes the Great Wizard to show up, and Great Wizard thinks the parrot is a phoenix. Prince of Zhao laughs, and claims it’s just a bird. But Xin Ziyan claims the phoenix can predict future.

Feng Hao is drunk in the Lan Xiang building, and looks for girls. He is intention to see Feng Zhiwei, and asks her questions one after another. She gives him money, and tells him to study well. But he thinks she is wronged. She tells him that she stays there for returning the kindness which was given by someone else.

Crown Prince gives a ring to Ning Yi as gift, and Zhao Yuan likes it. So Ning Yi gives the ring to him because he visits him each time when Ning Yi is sick.

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 10

Gu Yan is upset because of Xue Futu, Prince of Zhao points out there isn’t any word on Xue Futu’s face, so everyone can be Xue Futu if Gu Yan wants it. But Gu Yan thinks it won’t work as Xue Futu always has hand halberd. Prince of Zhao doesn’t know about hand halberd, and suspects it when Ning Yi mentions Ning Qiao’s death.

Prince of Zhao visits Xin Ziyan in the Qing Ming academy, and the phoenix calls him Crown Prince again. Xin Ziyan takes him to see the Great Wizard. Great Wizard tells Prince of Zhao that he has dragon’s smell, but the bad luck is with him.

Crown Prince decides to get rid of Prince of Zhao after knowing he went to Qing Ming academy. Xin Ziyan looks for Crown Prince’s protecting because he fears Chang Hai. Crown Prince knows nobody is loyal to him but Chang Hai.

Feng Zhiwei knows Crown Prince treated princes, including Ning Yi. Prince of Zhao gives the wooden statue to her, and asks her to bury at the pavilion of east palace. She takes the wooden statue to see Zhu Yin as she thinks it will damage Ning Yi. Xin Ziyan shows up, and tells her that Ning Yi will get benefits from it if she does what Prince of Zhao asked her.

The next day, she sneaks into east palace, and buries the wooden statue. Crown Prince passes through, and admits to Chang Hai that he framed Ning Qiao, and wants to poison Ning Yi.

Feng Zhiwei tells what she heard to Zhu Yin, and Zhu Yin orders the girls to take away Ning Yi’s food, so Feng Zhiwei tells Ning Yi that Crown Prince wants to poison him. Ning Yi isn’t stupid as Crown Prince will be blamed if Ning Yi died in his place. Ning Yi pretends to pass out, and Crown Prince feels sick as well. The ring which Crown Prince gave him is lethal.

Emperor invites Doctor to see Ning Yi, and Doctor tells him that Ning Yi is safe. Chang Hai worries Crown Prince to choose wrong path, and kneels to persuade him with his death. Crown Prince claims he is just jealous of Chang Hai’s love to Prince of Zhao and Prince of Yan. Chang Hai knows he has to drink the medicine since Crown Prince suspects him, but he goes to see doctor after drinking it.

Ning Yi asks Feng Zhiwei to kneel down, and she tells him that she stays at Lan Xiang building for paying off his kindness, and what Crown Prince said at east palace. He is furious, and swears to force Crown Prince to speak out he killed Ning Qiao. Ning Yi blames Feng Zhiwei for bringing disaster to herself after knowing she helped Prince of Zhao to bury the wooden statue.

Ning Yi scolds Xin Ziyan for persuading Feng Zhiwei to bury the wooden statue, and asks him to keep her in the Qing Ming academy. But she doesn’t want to do because she thinks Xin Ziyan is a jerk.

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