The Rise of Phoenixes Ending: Episode 70 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Rise of Phoenixes Ending: Episode 70. Ning Yi asks Feng Zhiwei to play chess with him. But she rejects it as she thinks she cannot defeat him. He mentions what she said to let him deal with her. She tells him that he can do anything to her as long as he forgives fire phoenix sect.

The Rise of Phoenixes Ending: Episode 70 Recap

The Rise of Phoenixes Ending: Episode 70

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rise of Phoenixes Ending: Episode 70.

Ning Yi asks Feng Zhiwei which law of Tian Sheng he can use to kill her. She asks him which law He Lianzheng broke since he killed him. He tells her that what she saw isn’t true, and thinks she should give up the past to move forward. She asks him how he did it to ignore the destruction.

Ning Yi asks Feng Zhiwei if she knows what she is against. She says that she doesn’t want to do that, and asks him how he will forgive fire phoenix sect. He laughs and asks her if she asks him a favor because she knows that he misses her. He tells her that he won’t kill her, and reveals he intends to get her to marry him.

Feng Zhiwei laughs and learns that Ning Yi can only forgive fire phoenix sect after he shames her. She agrees to it.

Feng Zhiwei gets changed and goes to see Ning Yi. He tells her that he wants to keep her by his side even if they’re resentment couple all their lives. She agrees to it and takes off her clothes. He puts his hand on her shoulder from her back, and asks her why. She tells him that he gave her an excuse that she doesn’t have to flee.

Feng Zhiwei says that it’s an excuse that she doesn’t have to think about if it’s right to stay with him or not. He pushes her over and asks her why she looks sad. He asks her if she hates him. She looks at him and remembers she thought there was a light in his heart. She tells him that she saw the light in his heart early.

Ning Yi tells Feng Zhiwei that he wants each life is respected to live. He is in tears and tells her that he wants her all her life. She tells him to forgive the old people of Da Cheng. She adds that she doesn’t believe that they will become the enemies of Tian Sheng. She says that she doesn’t believe He Lianzheng would hurt her.

Ning Yi wishes Feng Zhiwei to the empress of him after the truth is found out three days later. He adds that he wishes her to take the troops of Da Cheng to obey him.

Feng Zhiwei visits Ning Yi and asks him to tell her the truth. Gu Nanyi brings the woman and gives the arrow of He Lianzheng to Feng Zhiwei. She learns that He Lianzheng intended to make Ning Yi see that he wanted to kill Wei Zhiwei. She adds that Ning Yi killed He Lianzheng in in a moment of desperation.

It flashes back. The woman pulls the arrow out of He Lianzheng’s chest and stabs him. She thinks she will take revenge soon, and leaves. Feng Zhiwei finds out that He Lianzheng is dead, and thinks Ning Yi killed him.

Feng Zhiwei asks the woman why she wanted to do it. But Yue Ling asks Feng Zhiwei why their fate were so different since they were children of Da Cheng. Feng Zhiwei thinks it’s fate and tells Yue Ling to forgive those people no matter what her plan is.

Ning Yi points out that Yue Ling wants Feng Zhiwei and him to hate each other. He tells Feng Zhiwei that he won’t let Yue Ling get what she wants. But Yue Ling points out that it’s too late as there were so many people dying for Feng Zhiwei. She adds that the two are stained the blood of those people, and wants to know how they get together.

Yue Ling tells Ning Yi that his father is killed by her, and asks him if he wants to kill her. The follower asks Ning Yi to let him kill the evil woman. But Ning Yi stops the follower and tells him to send Yue Ling to punishment department. Ning Yi walks to Feng Zhiwei if she feels happy after knowing the truth.

Duan Prince visits Ning Qi and tells him to go back with him. He says that he believe Ning Yi will forgive him. But Ning Qi points out that Ning Yi is just a jerk who steal the nation. He takes out the emperor’s order, and tells Duan Prince that their father gave the throne to him. Duan Prince points out that Emperor said to let him be crown prince.

Ning Qi yells that Ning Yi won’t forgive him if he takes the emperor’s order. He tells him that he agrees to be the vassal of Ning Yi as long as he can explain that he didn’t kill Emperor.

Ning Qi visits Ning Yi and tells him that he won’t accept him as he thinks he cheated people to get the throne. Ning Yi points out that he wouldn’t become emperor if he didn’t collude with fire phoenix sect. But Ning Qi talks back that Ning Yi colluded with Zhao Yuan.

Ning Yi asks Ning Qi if he admitted that he killed their father. Ning Qi denies and thinks Ning Yi wronged him. Emperor shows up and thinks Ning Qi didn’t do that because he’s still alive.

Emperor lies in the bed and gives the throne to Ning Yi. Ning Yi grabs Emperor’s hand and comforts him that the doctor said that he won’t die. Emperor says that he’s tired, and believes that he will do a great job.

Ning Qi climbs to Emperor and takes out the order. He asks him what it is, and thinks it’s another trap of him. Emperor reveals he wanted to give the throne to him when he wrote the last wish.

3 thoughts on “The Rise of Phoenixes Ending: Episode 70 Recap”

  1. We found the ending devastatingly SAD. The two lovers were never able to be together after overcoming so many obstacles. The ending took away the joy we felt in the show.

  2. I felt sad for Ning Yi. Not only he was treated coldly by ZhiWei, the part when he lost his mother after meeting her again is so heartbreaking. He was so patient with Zhiwei, yet time n time again she broke his heart. He deserves a happy ending for what he has done. He saved her on so many occasions. His face expression speak a thousand words. Zhiwei keep hurting him n it makes me sad. He is a one woman man n is so faithful till the end. She is a complicated woman n don’t deserve the love of Prince Ningyi. A poor prince with a kind heart, intelligent n gentle soul. Who last wish is just to live peacefully with his mother.

  3. The ending was so heartbreaking after seeing all that Ning Yi went thru. It would have been nice if they could’ve reigned together. The part about his mothers death after all that was another heartbreak. I cried so much when they were together but unfortunately was short lived.
    Zhiwei also should’ve had a better ending.
    I wondered about Ninyas heritage n
    Wondered if he could’ve been the child from the beginning

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