Phoenix 2020 Korean Drama Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap for Phoenix 2020 Korean Drama: Episode 1. Se-Hoon and Jung-Min find Ji-Eun by the seaside. She is in tears and doesn’t choose any of them. It seems that she’s hurt by love.

Phoenix 2020 Korean Drama Recap: Episode 1

Phoenix 2020 Korean Drama: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Phoenix 2020 Korean Drama: Episode 1.

Ji-Eun holds the umbrella and walks at the street. She notes that the kids running in the rain. So she walks in the store and asks the owner if he has any umbrella. He denies and thinks she is very kind. Se-Hoon buys a bottle of water and takes Ji-Eun’s umbrella away. Ji-Eun notes it and yells at Se-Hoon. But he doesn’t hear what she says because he’s driving the truck.

The kids show up. Ji-Eun gives the umbrella to them. They thank her and worry about her. She reveals her work place isn’t distance. The girl tells Ji-Eun that the boy is her boyfriend. So Ji-Eun asks the girl if her boyfriend is smart. But the girl says that she only like handsome guy. Ji-Eun laughs and says that she only likes good looking man.

Ji-Eun tells the directors that they will give one T-shirt to a child once the customer buys a T-shirt. But Sang-Beom doesn’t like the idea and thinks they should comfort customer. But she points out that coexistence is a new trend in beauty industry. Sang-Beom throws a fit and tells her to leave if she cannot prove her value.

Hyun-Min comforts Ji-Eun that Sang-Beom startled him. Ji-Eun thinks they should manage the company in a different way. Hyun-Min reveals Sang-Beom planned it, but she needs to marry the president’s son. She says that she prefers to leave. Because she thinks marriage is a merger to them.

Hyun-Min tells Ji-Eun that Jung-In has a twin. She says that she only cares for the person’s background when she considers to get married. She adds that she cannot choose love because her brother Joon-Young left her.

Hyun-Sook visits Joon-Young and blames him for not showing up in her dreams because she keeps thinking of him. She cries and tells him that she doesn’t want to live. Ji-Eun calls Hyun-Sook where she is. Hyun-Sook reveals she went to see Joon-Young, and says that she feels better.

Bok-Ja and Ho-Jin give the snacks to the workers. She asks about Se-Hoon. He says that Se-Hoon stays in the warehouse because he doesn’t want to bring troubles to people. She tells him to invite Se-Hoon. But he rejects it. It makes her think he isn’t Se-Hoon’s best friend.

Ho-Jin reveals he gave Se-Hoon medicine when he has a stomach problem. Bok-Ja thinks they’re best friends. He asks her if she has feelings on Se-Hoon. She says that she doesn’t want to step in the love triangle. He laughs as it makes him look like that he likes her. She says that she will agree to it if he asks her out. But he threatens to beat her if she smiles at him.

Ji-Eun drives in Se-Hoon’s workplace after avoiding a cat. She asks him if he’s fine after seeing the wound on his arm. He yells at her for it. She tears up her clothes and binds up for him. He gets the chance to see her inside. She notes it and binds up with great power. He yells. She explains that she does it for stopping the bleeding.

Ji-Eun tells Se-Hoon to go to the hospital. But he rejects it and blames her for driving bad. She explains that she did it for protecting the cat. But he thinks she was looking at her phone. She wonders how he knew it and wants to leave. But he asks her to stay to clean up the place. She claims that she will get someone to do that.

Se-Hoon thinks Ji-Eun does it because she’s very rich. She tells him that he’s a RAJ. Ho-Jin and Bok-Ja show up. The two recognize Ji-Eun. Ji-Eun asks Bok-Ja why she stays with Ho-Jin. Bok-Ja reveals they do so because of work, and asks what happened. Se-Hoon shows his arm and thinks Ji-Eun is an attacker.

Se-Hoon asks Ho-Jin how he knew Ji-Eun. Ho-Jin reveals their fathers are close friends. Bok-Ja brings the medicine box. She reveals Ji-Eun is very nice even if she’s rich. She adds that she would take path like Ji-Eun if her family didn’t go bankrupt. He learns that she is envy of Ji-Eun. She admits it.

Se-Hoon thinks the friends become enemies when there’s one who is rich. Bok-Ja tells Se-Hoon that there’re many girls liking him. But Ho-Jin points out that Bok-Ja likes him. She says that she likes Se-Hoon because Ho-Jin kept blowing her. Ho-Jin tells Se-Hoon to treat him. Se-Hoon agrees to it.

Ji-Eun walks to Jung-In and asks him if he wants to drink wine. He rejects it as he has another appointment. She says that she thought they will have dinner together. But he tells her that it isn’t a date. She asks him if he has feelings on her. But he tells her that he loves someone else. He adds that both of the families will get benefits if they get married.

Ji-Eun learns that Jung-In wants to live his own life after they get married. She thinks his woman will bring the troubles to them. He says that his woman promised not to cause troubles. She tells him not to marry her if he cares for his woman. She realizes that he waited for her to tell her the truth, and thinks he’s a jerk.

Ji-Eun tells Jung-In that she wants to get love. He learns that she didn’t fall for anyone. She tells him to consider how to cancel the marriage. Jung-In gets a call from Jung-Min who tells him that he won’t show up at their father’s birthday.

Jung-In tells Ji-Eun that he wants to live like Jung-Min. He thinks she’s match for his brother because she’s charming. She laughs.

Jung-In is drunk to get off the cab. She recognizes the truck. Se-Hoon shows up and asks her what he wants to do to his truck. She tells him that they’re fated to meet.

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