The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 18 Recap

Chen Qianqian frames Han Shuo and exiles him. Chu Chu saves Han Shuo. He decides to take revenge on The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 18 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

This Romance of Tiger and Rose recap contains spoilers.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 18 begins with the lady Si Jun suspecting Han Shuo killing Su My as she found the shoe prints he left. Qian Qian tells Han Shuo to coordinate with Si Jun. So he is arrested. Si Jun gives the tea Qian Qian asked to Han Shuo. The follower hands over a new evidence the dark badge which Han Shuo gave to Qian Qian.

Han Shuo passes out and Pei Heng announces Qian Qian’s order to exile him to south state. Han Shuo doesn’t believe it, and goes to see Qian Qian, asking her why she did so. She says that she kept cheating him since he arrived in rose city. He asks her why she keeps the heart shape seal he gave to her. She breaks the heart shape seal. He is furious to take off the copper ring and throws to the floor.

Qian Qian sees Han Shuo’s carriage off, and Zi Rui thinks Han Shuo is so pitiful. Qian Qian cries in the rain, and Pei Heng holds the umbrella for her. He fixes the heart shape seal for her, and tells her to treat him as Han Shuo. But she rejects it.

Lin Qi wakes up by the river bank and she pulls out the arrow from her chest. She finds out that the gold token Qian Qian gave her blocked the arrow to hurt her. Su Mu says goodbye to Yuan Yuan and tells her that he doesn’t like her at all. She gets up from the wheelchair and tries to stop his leaving. Zi Nian finds out that his master can stand up.

The bodyguard tells Han Shuo that Qian Qian asked her to take care of him. Bai Ji wonders why Ms. Yang didn’t come to save them. Han Shuo points out that Qian Qian knows Ms. Yang is his follower, and he thinks Chu Chu will save them.

Qian Qian tells Rose City Chief that she drove Han Shuo away, and Rose City Chief is furious to wake up. Sang Qi tells Qian Qian that Lu Peng heard Chu Chu and Rose City Chief’s talk. Qian Qian suspects Lu Peng’s death is related to Chu Chu, and asks what Chu Chu is doing. The follower reports that the second princess is copying the daughter rules. Zi Zhu gives what he copied to the servant, and tells him to report that Chu Chu is copying the daughter rules.

Chu Chu poisons the bodyguards to save Han Shuo. She asks him to help her attack rose city. Han Shuo agrees to it but he asks for dark water mine. Bai Ji asks his master why he doesn’t return to tiger city. Han Shuo says that he won’t believe any woman.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose ends with Han Shuo taking the dark troop to attack rose city. Bai Ji tells his men to get changed with clothes of the rose city bodyguards.

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