The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 19 Recap

Han Shuo occupies rose city and catches Qian Qian. Pei Heng helps Qian Qian flee on The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 19 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

This Romance of Tiger and Rose recap contains spoilers.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 19 begins with Qian Qian visiting Chu Chu and blaming her for killing Lu Peng. Chu Chu asks about Han Shuo. But Qian Qian doesn’t want to mention the person. Han Shuo hears it.

Rose City Chief knows that Qian Qian is decadent, and regrets for not giving the position of younger city chief to Chu Chu. But the follower reports that Chu Chu takes troop to attack the city. Qian Qian receives the letter from Meng Guo but she finds out that the person standing in front of her is Han Shuo.

Qian Qian is shocked to flee to the bed. Han Shuo asks her to taste the poison from the bottles. Chu Chu tells Rose City Chief that she will protect her, and she announces that she becomes new rose city chief. She kills all of the women who are against her. Pei Heng blames her for doing so but he doesn’t tell her that he is her brother. He goes the moon house and asks Han Shuo to release Qian Qian.

Han Shuo rejects it and beats Pei Heng. Qian Qian begs Han Shuo to forgive Pei Heng. Han Shuo is furious to carry Qian Qian to the bed and intends to sleep with her. But she cries and hurts his face. Bai Ji gives the love medicine to Han Shuo and tells him to sleep with Qian Qian via the medicine. But Han Shuo tells Bai Ji to get lost.

Pei Heng is thrown out of moon house, and he swears to save Qian Qian. Zi Rui tells Qian Qian that Chu Chu becomes rose city chief. She realizes that she must stop Chu Chu for saving Han Shuo according to the plot. Bai Ji brings the new medicines to Qian Qian and asks her to taste it. She drinks the medicines all and pretends to get pain in her belly. Han Shuo thinks Qian Qian wants to see Yuan Yuan, and drinks the medicines in front of her. He tells her not to think about seeing her families.

Qian Qian is furious to tell Han Shuo that she missed him so much when he left. But the follower reports that the musicians come, and reveals Qian Qian played with the musicians when Han Shuo left. Han Shuo is furious. Qian Qian feels annoyed while listening to the music. But she finds out that Pei Heng is in the musicians. She asks him to help her leave the house.

Qian Qian dresses up to be the musician and intends to leave. But Bai Ji stops them. Zi Rui tells Bai Ji that Qian Qian wants to eat chicken so that Bai Ji leaves. The Romance of Tiger and Rose ends with Pei Heng taking Qian Qian to leave moon house. But she still cares for Han Shuo and thinks she drove him to be the evil person.

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