The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are recaps of The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 1-2, the secretaries complain that no one is asking them to join, and the executives suspect the secretaries first. Eul-Wang tells them to badmouth their boss after they die, and spots Gal-Hee playing the game “Piggyback Ride with Your Boss”.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 1

The Secret Life of My Secretary

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 1-2.

The girl Gal-Hee introduces her family motto to us, “One Moment of patience may ward off great disaster.” But her mother has an accident, and she fails to tell Gal-Hee about the family motto and passes away. But Gal-Hee figures out the answer after 10 years later.

The man talks about Min-Ik and thinks he is too young to be the position, but his friend wants to approve of Min-Ik. The President Hae-Yong shares that he hates gang fights and family feuds, and spots Min-Ik. Min-Ik walks to Hae-Yong and wishes to be the president.

Manager Park praises Min-Ik for helping add the members, but Min-Ik wonders why Manager Park voted for Hae-Yong. He shares that Dae-Joo is on his side when Dae-Joo shows up. Dae-Joo reminds Min-Ik that the rehearsal is almost over, and Min-Ik smiles to his elders, telling them to badmouth him.

The man introduces Min-Ik’s skill that he can remember people’s faces after only a single encounter and read their minds. The little girl is surprised that Min-Ik knows her name, and people worry that Min-Ik has camouflaged to the background. Dae-Joo calls someone and asks for the person who can adjust videos. The Secret Life of My Secretary episode 1 is good.

The girl thinks Min-Ik is too calm, but another girl thinks the one who should be nervous is someone else. Gal-Hee spots the video and thinks it’s a code blue. The girl shares that Min-Ik calls Gal-Hee every 10 minutes, so she doesn’t wear hells to make sure he can run fast enough.

Gal-Hee carries around everything her boss asks for, and she went to his civil defense training for him. Gal-Hee takes the goods and tries to run through the girls. They think they are being referred to minions because Gal-Hee keeps doing everything she’s asked to do.

But Gal-Hee tells Se-Young to take care of her own dignity, and shares that she buried her dignity along with her mom’s ashes. Gal-Hee thinks Min-Ik pays her the most among all the people she has worked for, and asks them to let her go. But Se-Young reminds Gal-Hee that her boss fires his secretaries after a year, and Gal-Hee has been working for him for almost a year.

Gal-Hee bursts into Min-Ik’s office when he calls her. He thinks she is late, and she shares that she checks two times that the Video Team is using a yellow background. But he thinks she should check three times. She explains that she was busy buying a gift for his mother, but he asks her if she wasn’t even prepared for it. The Secret Life of My Secretary episode 1 is great.

She admits that it was her mistake, and he shows his lips to her. She applies the lipstick on him and tells him to add content to mobile phones. He asks her to change the shoes to him, and she tells him to use her head to keep balance. So he places his hand on her head.

Min-Ik gives the presentation on the stage, and Gal-Hee wonders why Dae-Joo wasn’t there. She thinks he worked on it with Min-Ik, and he guesses out that she wears red cardigan because Min-Ik doesn’t like coat and she feels cold. She wonders how he knew it, and he shares that he once slept with is shoes on back when they were students, so he could run over to Min-Ik when he called his name.

Gal-Hee thrills that she drew her eyebrows before going to sleep, and Dae-Joo tells Gal-Hee not to work too hard. Gal-Hee’s father Joong-Hee brings Nam-Hee’s admission letter to Gal-Hee, but she finds out they’re just coupons. He thinks they cannot afford Nam-Hee’s tuition, but she shares the school is the one her boss graduated.

The HR tells Gal-Hee that Min-Ik never keeps the same secretary for more than a year, except his first secretary. Gal-Hee is shocked that Min-Ik tried to get the secretary a permanent position, and thinks she has a shot too. Dae-Joo is going to throw a sport event, but Min-Ik doesn’t want to take part in just for a mere rice cooker. The Secret Life of My Secretary episode 1 is amazing.

Min-Ik spots Gal-Hee, and Dae-Joo wonders how Min-Ik recognized her in that crowd. Min-Ik says that he did it because she’s been looking like that for a year, and shares that he can hear her voice if he goes deaf. So Dae-Joo tells Min-Ik to renew her contract, but Min-Ik reveals the secretary who knew him the best did it to him.

Gal-Hee spots Min-Ik taking a paper, and thinks it’s her contract. But he throws it into the trash can, and thinks it will recharge her energy. She claims that she doesn’t need a break, and he says that he will think about it.

Gal-Hee wonders what Min-Ik’s former secretary did to have him put in a request for a full-time job, and he thinks it was the deepest cry of desperation he has seen in 10 years. He wonders why she obsessed over a sports event. She takes him home but makes him hit the door by mistake. He sees the blood and walks away to take the taxi.

Min-Ik asks the doctor Seok-Chan to check him out, and shares that he hit his head really hard. He mentions he said to avoid crowded places, so he haven’t participated in any sport event. Seok-Chan tells Min-Ik to come back to him when he actually injures himself. The Secret Life of My Secretary episode 1 is worth of watching.

Min-Ik returns home and spots the medicine Gal-Hee left, so he doesn’t tears up her personal contract. Nam-Hee asks Gal-Hee if she has to attend the sport event on the anniversary of their mother’s death. Gal-Hee shares that her renewal of the contract is on the line, and she wants to show her loyalty to her boss.

The secretaries complain that no one is asking them to join, and the executives suspect the secretaries first. Eul-Wang tells them to badmouth their boss after they die, and spots Gal-Hee playing the game “Piggyback Ride with Your Boss”. But Myung-Jung thinks Min-Ik won’t come, and shares that he has never come last year and the year before.

But Min-Ik shows up. Dae-Joo reminds Min-Ik the place is full of danger, and he will get hurt. Min-Ik walks to Gal-Hee and tells her that he came there because of her. He asks her to hop on his back and puts her hands on his shoulders. He carries her to bite the cookie and wins the game, and she thrills to hug him. But he fires her.

She mentions that he said to think about it, but he smiles and reveals the one-year contract means that he isn’t going to see her fore more than a year. But she thinks it could mean that he’ll continue to see her after a year. So he mentions he changes his secretary every year, but she points out that there was a secretary who worked for three years. The Secret Life of My Secretary episode 1 is the best episode.

She thought she could be like her if she worked hard enough, but he thinks everyone can do the job. She shares that she wanted to help him when others call her minion, and she skipped meals but feeds his fish properly, and she skipped the anniversary of her mother’s death but shopped a birthday present for his mother. She asks him why she isn’t allowed to have hopes.

He congratulates her on getting the rice cooker, and walks away. She takes the rice cooker and returns home, and tears up when seeing the portrait of her mother.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 2

Ha-Ni calls Gal-Hee and wants to have a farewell party, Gal-Hee pretends to talk with her boss when Joong-Hee is there. Dae-Joo tells Eul-Wang that Min-Ik makes him feel jealous because he always does excellent jobs, and he gets a call from Hae-Yong. Dae-Joo joins Hae-Yong at the restaurant, and Hae-Yong tells Dae-Joo not to eat the tail after he tastes the head. Because the head is very sweet.

Min-Ik spots Gal-Hee’s notebook, and remembers that she complained that her scheduler is full of his schedules. Ha-Ni calls Gal-Hee and shares that Min-Ik is going home. So Gal-Hee returns to office to take away her stuff. But she is startled to avoid Min-Ik when he returns. He leaves because Dae-Joo asks for a meeting, and Gal-Hee hears their talk.

The secretaries meet with Gal-Hee, and Se-Young tells Gal-Hee not to feel touched or show any tears. She shares that she comes there because of Eul-Wang. Ha-Ni complains to Gal-Hee that Min-Ik laughed while firing her, and thinks she should kill him. Myung-Jung offers crack Min-Ik’s head, but Gal-Hee rejects it and shares her family motto, “One Moment of patience may ward off great disaster.” The Secret Life of My Secretary episode 2 is pretty good.

But she realizes that she is an idiot, and wants to kill Min-Ik. The secretaries join her. Min-Ik waits for Dae-Joo in the boat, but the killer comes to kill Min-Ik. Min-Ik has to flee and his phone drops into water. The secretaries want to leave, but Gal-Hee insists on fulfilling her mom’s will. The killer takes out a knife and wants to kill Min-Ik.

Min-Ik spots Gal-Hee and calls her. She bows, and realizes that she needs to kill him to stop hearing his voice, when she takes two big bones. She spots Min-Ik and stuns the killer with the bone, and Min-Ik kicks off the killer’s knife and takes off his mask. He thinks he looks familiar, but killer wakes up and hurts Min-Ik with his knife.

Min-Ik falls off and finds out he is in the hospital then. Seok-Chan is surprised that Min-Ik didn’t recognize him, and asks who he looks like in his eyes. Gal-Hee claims that she didn’t stab Min-Ik, but the cop mentions she threatened to kill her boss. Min-Ik is shocked that Seok-Chan’s face changes, so do the people he saw.

Gal-Hee is furious to walk to Min-Ik because she is treated as a murderer. But he hugs her and asks her to help him. The Secret Life of My Secretary episode 2 is worth of watching.

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