The Song of Glory: Episode 26 Recap & Review

Shen Lige admits that she assassinated Liu Yikang on The Song of Glory.

The Song of Glory: Episode 26 Recap & Review

The Song of Glory

Master visits Lu Yuan and tells him that he can help him deal with Shen family. But Lu Yuan doesn’t believe it as he thinks Master is a disabled person.

Li Ge is taken to the palace, and Queen Ye gets her to admit that she assassinated the prince. Princess is furious to give Li Ge a slap, and feels that she gets cheated. Li Ge is silence and she doesn’t explain it. Prince thinks what Li Ge told her were fake.

The follower reports to Yi Kang that Li Ge admitted that she assassinated him. Yi Kang is shocked by the news. He vomits blood and passes out.

The Song of Glory shows the painful scenes after Queen Ye told people about the identity of Li Ge. Yi Kang warns her not to do that in episode 25. But Li Ge ignores it and brings the trouble. His injury gets worse after hearing the message when he is going to fight with the enemies.

The ending is what Queen Ye wants to see, and Princess becomes her blade. Li Ge doesn’t say anything when Princess blames her. She assassinated the prince and she thinks she deserves the result. But she doesn’t know she is the real miss of Shen family, and the Shen family will get involved.

Master contacts Lu Yuan, and he plans to work with him to frame Shen family. Li Ge doesn’t know what he does, and she stills treat him as her benefactor. It seems like Master has the revenge to Shen family, and he knows Li Ge’s father Ting Zhang. I thinks episode 27 will tell us the real identity of Master. Li Ge will know his real face.

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