“The Song of Glory” (2020 Drama): Cast & Summary

The Song of Glory” is a Chinese historical drama which tells a story about a brave girl Shen Lige is asked to kill Peng city prince as she was told that he killed her parents. But she finds out that he is a good prince who tries to change the rotten nation.

“The Song of Glory” Chinese drama is an original screenplay which is produced by Kedun Media. Kedun Media filmed “Go Go Squid!” which was starred by Yang Zi and Li Xian.

Li Qin and Qin Hao are the lead actors.

Li Qin starred “Joy of Life” with Zhang Ruoyun in 2019, and she played Fan Xian’s fiancee Lin Waner. She also acted the role Yuan Chun with Zhao Liying on “Princess Agents” in 2017.

Qin Hao starred “Tomb of the Sea” with Alina Zhang, and his role is Wu Xie.

The director Li Huizhu filmed “Princess Silver” in 2019 and “The Princess Wei Young” in 2016.

The Song of Glory (2020)

The Song of Glory

The Song of Glory Information

Title: The Song of Glory

Director: Li Huizhu, Huang Bing

Writer: Wu Mengzhang, Shi Ruomin, Wang Gewen, Wuhan

Network: Kedun Media

Runtime: From Jul. 5

Episodes: 53

Language: Chinese

The Song of Glory Summary

Shen Lige is asked to dress up to be the dancer to kill Peng City Prince Liu Yikang at the party of Queen Ye. But she fails, and her best friend A Nu is killed by Lu Yuan.

Madam Shen mistakes Shen Lige as her daughter who has been missing for many years. Shen Lige feels warm by Shen family, but her sister Shen Leqing wants to kill her as she thinks she takes the mother love from her.

The Song of Glory Cast

Li Qin as Shen Lige

She is a girl who lost her parents when she was a kid. She is raised by her master, and lives for revenge.

Qin Hao as Liu Yikang

He is the prince who wants to change the nation. But his stepmother always supports the evil prime minister Lu Yuan. It makes people misunderstand him, and he draws many killers.

Gu Jiacheng as Liu Yixuan

He loves his brother Liu Yikang and helps him go against Lu Yuan. But he turns evil after his lover Shen Lige married to Liu Yikang

Qi Ji as Lu Yuan

He is the nephew of Queen Ye. He wants to get rid of Lu Yuan and replaces him.

Ren Yunjie as Shen Feng

He is the elder son of Shen family. He is also the follower of Liu Yikang. He likes his sister Shen Lige, but worries about her taking the wrong path.

Guan Xueying as Shen Leqing

She is the elder miss of Shen family, but she becomes the second after Shen Lige joined Shen family. She is in jealousy after seeing her mom only cares Shen Lige.

The Song of Glory Episodes

The Song of Glory: Episode 1

Shen Lige fails to kill Liu Yikang, and her sister A Nu gets involved.

The Song of Glory: Episode 2

Shen Lige is saved by Ms. Song, and she joins Shen family after Madam Shen recognized her.

The Song of Glory: Episode 3

Shen Lige goes to kill Lu Yuan. But she is hurt by Lu Yuan’s follower Xue Qiu. Liu Yixuan saves her.

The Song of Glory: Episode 4

Shen Leqing tries to frame Shen Lige when their dad returns. Liu Yixuan helps Shen Lige punish Shen Leqing.

The Song of Glory: Episode 5

The Song of Glory begins with Yi Kang giving the herb to Ting Zhang when he knows Madam Shen is sick. He says that he asked Emperor to give marriage, but Ting Zhang thinks his daughter doesn’t have the blessing. Yi Kang reveals Emperor Gaozu left the last order, and he and Emperor thought marriage is the best protecting to Shen family.

Yi Kang tells Ting Zhang not to reject for the people in the world. Ting Zhang agrees to it. The follower tells Queen Ye not to ignore it as it’s related to regime. But she thinks it’s nothing that Yi Kang marries a side concubine, and Princess hasn’t given birth. But he thinks it breaks the law when Yi Kang marries ordinary clan. The Song of Glory is starred by Li Qin.

Queen Ye tells Zhongshu Minister that Yi Kang has the last order of previous emperor, and she has no way. She comforts him that the princess Yun Zhi will be always the right concubine when she is there. He tells her that he does it not for himself but for the nation. Yun Zhi arrives. Queen Ye leaves with her maid Chun Fang.

Yun Zhi thinks her older brother Zhongshu Minister shouldn’t do that. But he asks her where she wants to put the law on, and he leaves. Yi Xuan arrives and asks Queen Ye what Zhongshu Minister asked her. She tells him that Yi Kang will marry the daughter of Shen family. The Song of Glory contains the plot of revenge.

Yi Xuan wonders which daughter Ting Zhang will marry to, and Ji Shu thinks it’s the first daughter of Shen family. Yi Xuan doesn’t think Ting Zhang will marry Li Ge off as he just found her, and Li Ge won’t marry to prince palace. Ji Shu thinks Yi Xuan cares for Li Ge too much.

The Song of Glory is a high quality Chinese drama. Shao Xun sees Li Ge looking for something in his room, and thinks she shouldn’t visit him. She says that Madam Shen is sick, and asks for the medical book to cure the hysteria. He tells her that he burnt it but he remembered it. She tells him to write it down, and asks if he wants to make the mother of A Nu keep sleeping.

Shao Xun tells Li Ge that Yi Kang will marry the daughter of Shen family. She says that it’s not her business, and she will leave when Madam Shen is fine.

Ting Zhang asks the doctor Liang Gong if the prescription can be used. Liang Gong reveals Madam Shen won’t get back if the prescription doesn’t work, and he tells Ting Zhang to be cautious. The Song of Glory has a story about prince and Cinderella.

Shen Zhi asks Li Ge where she got the prescription. She says that it’s Sanjiu shop which sells the messages, and promises that the prescription doesn’t have any problem. He asks her where she got the money to buy the message. She says that the owner owed her a grace, and tells him to try it when Mom doesn’t have too much time.

The Song of Glory airs on iqiyi. Li Ge calls Ting Zhang dad, and gets on knees. She says that she knows they suspect her, but she doesn’t need to hurt Mom. She adds that Mom got her back and gave her a family, making her feel the warmth of the family. She could leave when she got sick if she wanted to hurt her. Li Ge tells Ting Zhang to trust her, and she agrees to give her life if the prescription has any problem.

Shen Feng thinks Li Ge has ways, and tells Ting Zhang to give it a try. He says that he trusts his sister. Ting Zhang helps Li Ge up and gives her mom’s life to her. She promises that Mom will be safe.

Lu Yuan visits Ting Zhang and thinks what he got were because of Yi Kang. Li Ge takes Ting Zhang leave as the medicine is ready. Lu Yuan recognizes Li Ge’s voice. The Song of Glory contains bad ending.

The maid gives the dregs of a decoction to Le Qing, and tells her that Li Ge takes care of Madam Shen without taking off her clothes. The maid calls Li Ge elder miss. It makes Le Qing angry. She tells the maid to look into the prescription.

Madam Shen wakes up, and Li Ge calls her mom. Madam Shen tears up and thinks Li Ge is a good girl. Ting Zhang tells Madam Shen Zi Lan that Li Ge asked for the prescription to save her. Li Ge asks Zi Lan to tell her when she feels uncomfortable. The Song of Glory has 53 episodes.

Le Qing gets on knees and confesses that she has sin. She hands over the book she copied. Zi Lan vomits blood and passes out. Shen Zhi thinks there is a problem in the prescription. Le Qing cuts her finger and feeds Zi Lan her blood. Zi Lan wakes up and she pushes Le Qing over. She lets Li Ge take care of her.

Li Ge visits Le Qing and throws the book to her. She mentions the ingredient in her book which made Zi Lan pass out. Le Qing explains that she didn’t know Li Ge’s prescription as she had copied book. She tells her to report it to Dad if she suspects her. Li Ge thinks Le Qing did it without any flaw, and tells her that she doesn’t want to fight with her. The Song of Glory tells us a fresh story.

Le Qing thinks Li Ge treats herself as elder daughter of Shen family. Li Ge points out that Le Qing wasn’t. Le Qing is furious and tries to give Li Ge a slap. But Li Ge takes down Le Qing, and threatens to kill her if she hurts Mom again. Le Qing thinks Li Ge doesn’t dare to do so. But Li Ge admits that she killed many people.

Shen Sheng tries to bug Zi Lan and Li Ge. Li Ge casts the orange to make him show up. Zi Lan asks Shen Feng what he does. He takes away the porridge, and drinks it up. She finds out that it’s sweet. Zi Lan tells Li Ge that they have never removed the plumule of lotus seed as they live on the blade. The Song of Glory is similar to princess agents. The Song of Glory is a good Chinese drama.

Zi Lan tells Li Ge that she picked some clever maids for her. But Shen Feng thinks there isn’t any place to sleep if it’s added more maids. Li Ge agrees to it and thinks the maids are enough. Zi Lan wants to expand the yard. Feng Feng thinks Zi Lan forgets her two sons in her mind. She laughs and wants to cut the plum woods to make the back garden for Li Ge. Shen Feng gets angry and claims that it’s the place which he practices martial arts.

The Song of Glory is worth of watching. Li Ge tells Zi Lan not to tease Shen Feng, and promises not to cut off his plum woods. Zi Lan thinks she should thank Li Ge’s master for making her see her again. Shen Feng wants to thank the master for making his sister come back, and complains that he feels boring while facing the elder brother like a pillar. Li Ge wonders if Shen Zhi is dull like a pillar. The Song of Glory is a good historical drama.

Shen Feng reveals Shen Zhi has put a girl in his mind which makes himself rotten. He says that he doesn’t confess. Zi Lan laughs and tells Li Ge that Shen Zhi is like a wooden fish who locks himself up in the study. Shen Zhi hears what his families talk about him, and he walks away.

The Song of Glory contains conspiracy. Zi Lan tells Ting Zhang to taste the lotus seed soup Li Ge cooks, and thinks it’s sweet when the plumule is removed. But he tells her that emperor let them to be the in-laws of Yi Kang. Zi Lan doesn’t want to marry Li Ge off since she has spent 18 years to get her back. But he tells her that Emperor gave the order, and thinks Yi Kang should get military strength for the reformation. So he needs Shen family.

Zi Lan tears up and thinks Ting Zhang always considers nation first in his mind and never thinks about their small family. He tells her that Shen family needs the protecting from Yi Kang. But she wants to leave since they found their daughter. But he mentions he swore to guard Big Song when Emperor Gaozu gave the Qingzhong stone to him. She says that lotus seeds are bitter.

The Song of Glory shows the fight of royal family. Shen Zhi visits Li Ge and gives a heater to her. He tells her not to put it in her mind when he suspected her. She laughs to accept the heater, and says that she knows that he worried about Mom. He tells her that he won’t suspect her, and he believes that she is his sister. He welcomes her for her coming back. The Song of Glory is a good tv series.

The maid feels happy to tell Le Qing that Yi Kang will become the in-law of their family. Le Qing takes out the handkerchief from the box, and she smiles.

It flashes back. Le Qing’s finger is hurt by the thorn. Yi Kang gives his handkerchief to her, and recognizes that she comes from Shen family. She tells him that her name is Le Qing. He thinks it’s a good name. The Song of Glory tells a sorrowful story about a girl Shen Lige.

Le Qing thinks the heaven cares for her and he knows her feelings to him. The maid thinks Le Qing is shy when she thinks about to marry the person she likes. But she reminds her that there is a first daughter of Shen family. Le Qing thinks Zi Lan won’t marry Li Ge off as she just came back. The maid thinks it doesn’t work. Le Qing wants to fight for it. The Song of Glory is a good tv show.

Le Qing tells Ting Zhang that she wants to marry for Li Ge. He reminds her that what she gets will be the blame from people, and the hidden arrows won’t stop. She tells him that she doesn’t forget the grace of him, and wants to share the burden with him. He rejects it as he promised his father to look for a good marriage for her. He thinks the path of marrying to prince house is tough. He doesn’t want to ruin her life for Li Ge. Le Qing gets on knees and worries that Zi Lan will be irritated if Li Ge goes. He helps her up and thinks she is wronged. She says that she wants to make up for what she did. But she asks him to arrange Li Ge to leave Jiankang city. The Song of Glory promotes justice.

Uncle asks Le Qing to help her cousin get a position in the army. But she says that Ting Zhang just came back. He asks her if she treats Ting Zhang as her real father, and reminds her that her dad wouldn’t die if Ting Zhang didn’t covet the credit. She asks him if he did the job well. He claims that the men were looked for by him. She says that she doesn’t want to see Li Ge again. He promises not to see the body of Li Ge. The Song of Glory is a good Chinese drama.

Li Ge intends to leave, and Shen Feng asks her when she will be back. She warns him not to make Zi Lan angry. Le Qing tells Li Ge that she won’t disappoint her. Li Ge reminds Le Qing the words she told her. Zi Lan gives Li Ge a hug. Li Ge feels sorry that she isn’t A Nu, and her existing is danger to Shen family.

Li Ge’s carriage drives around the mountain. The assassins shoot the big arrows to break the carriage. The bodyguards are killed. Li Ge runs to the mountain. The assassins chase her. Li Ge flies to the carriage of Yi Kang, and she has an eye contact with him when the assassins attack them. Li Ge takes Yi Kang to roll down from the cliff, and they fall into the water. Yi Kang’s followers kill the assassins.

The Song of Glory: Episode 6

Yi Kang peeps Li Ge when she is making medicine. She asks him if he peeps enough. He thinks she is very busy as he always sees her fighting. She takes him to take off his clothes so that she can apply the herb on his body. But he wants her to avoid it. She goes to take off his clothes, and asks him to give the herb to her. He thinks she cannot marry herself off since she is so rude.

The Song of Glory is a good historical drama. Yi Kang asks Li Ge if the men who hunted were the followers of Lu Yuan, and thinks he doesn’t forgive her. She tells him that many people die of being inquisitive. He thinks he should ask even if he will be killed, and wonders why she has the revenge with Lu Yuan since she is just a weak girl. He thinks it’s related to her family. She asks what revenge he has with Lu Yuan. He says that he looks into Lu Yuan because he is a jerk. He gives her the wound medicine. She is furious and blames him for not giving it to her early. He asks her about her name. She says that her name is Xia Nv. He tells her to call him Si Ge. But she calls him old man, and she leaves. Xu Zhan shows up and reports to Yi Kang that the person who hunted her wasn’t Lu Yuan.

Zhongshu Minister asks Yi Kang to cancel the marriage. But San Bao brings the wedding list Princess wrote to Yi Kang. Zhongshu Minister explains that he did it not for Princess and the honor of his clan. Yi Kang thought Zhongshu Minister would do it for Princess as she is his sister. He accepts the paper for Princess.

The Song of Glory is a good tv series. Li Ge looks for Shao Xun and Kong Cheng. But she sees Master. She points her sword at his throat, and asks why he let A Nu die for her. He says that he feels sad for the death of A Nu as he has seen them growing up. He says that his heart is bleeding, but tells her that there would be no success if there wasn’t sacrifice. He says that they have no choice as Yi Kang controls the nation and lets bad minister take responsibility. He thinks their sacrifice is nothing if they can help people live happy. He tells her that she can save many people if she can get into the prince palace and kill Yi Kang. He adds that A Nu and the sisters wouldn’t waste their lives, and it’s a good chance to be close Yi Kang with the identity the first daughter of Shen family.

Li Ge rejects it as she thinks it will get Shen family involved. Master asks her if it’s worth of doing so for an unrelated Shen family. He asks her why she wants to give up when she has such a good chance. He thinks they need to plan for many years if they miss the chance. He asks her if she forgets her parents. She denies. He tells her to do what she should do for her parents and the sisters who died. He tells her to kill the evil man Yi Kang and take justice for heaven. Li Ge agrees to go back but she wants to plan the wedding assassination herself to make sure Shen family can leave without any problem.

The Song of Glory is a good tv show. Xue Qiu brings A Ling to Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan tells A Ling that he will take her to see the elder miss of Shen family. He asks her if she knows how to say if the miss is the assassin. She says yes, and he lets her leave. Xue Qiu tells Lu Yuan that the person who reads the order is Yi Xuan. Lu Yuan thinks it’s funny and he worried that the people aren’t enough.

Zi Lan wears hairpin for Le Qing and thinks she is pretty. She tells her to be careful after getting married as what she represents Shen family. But the maid reports that Li Ge comes back. Zi Lan goes to see Li Ge and finds out that she is injured. Shen Zhi asks Li Ge if she got revenge from martial arts people. Li Ge blames Le Qing for buying assassin to attack her outside the city. Le Qing pretends not to know what Li Ge says, and asks why she wants to kill her. Le Qing gets on knees to Ting Zhang, and blames Li Ge for framing her. Li Ge shows the letter to Ting Zhang. He is furious to throw it to the floor after reading it.

Le Qing claims that she has never seen the letter. Li Ge gets Zheng Shu to bring Guo Fu. Guo Fu gets on knees and asks Ting Zhang to forgive him. He says that everything was asked by Le Qing. Le Qing thinks Li Ge bribed he uncle Guo Fu. Li Ge tells Le Qing that she has to report to Ting Wei if she feels wronged. Le Qing tells Ting Zhang to think about the reputation of Shen family. The maid reports that Yi Xuan arrives. Le Qing tells Zi Lan to marry her off, and asks if she wants to marry Li Ge to Yi Kang. The Song of Glory is a good Chinese drama.

Yi Xuan wants to see the elder miss of Shen family. Le Qing shows up. But Lu Yuan stops the two, and points out that Le Qing isn’t the biological daughter of Shen family. He thinks she cannot take the honor. Lu Yuan gets Xue Qiu to bring Yu Jiang and Ms. Song. The two tell people that Zi Lan found her daughter and Le Qing isn’t the one. Lu Yuan asks Zi Lan why she got adopted daughter to marry Yi Kang, and thinks she cheated Emperor. Li Ge wants to show up but she sees A Ling.

Le Qing tells Lu Yuan that she lives in Shen family, and thinks she has been the daughter of Shen family. He points out that she comes from Guo family which is a humble clan. He thinks she cannot be the side concubine of prince. He asks Ting Zhang if he really wants to cheat Emperor. Li Ge shows up and thinks Ting Zhang didn’t break law as Le Qing is the daughter of Shen family. She thanks Lu Yuan for verifying her identity, and tells Zi Lan that she agrees to accept the order. The Song of Glory is a good historical drama.

Lu Yuan tells A Ling to give the present to Li Ge. He asks A Ling if she knows Li Ge. Li Ge touches A Ling’s hand. A Ling says that she doesn’t know Li Ge. Li Ge accepts the order from Yi Xuan, and he is lost.

Le Qing gets locked up. She cries and swears not to forgive Li Ge as she took everything from her. Li Ge comforts Zi Lan that it’s a big honor to Shen family for marrying Yi Kang. She asks Ting Zhang what kind of person Yi Kang is. He tells her that Yi Kang is a nice guy, and reveals it would bring big trouble in Yu state if Yi Kang wasn’t decisive. Li Ge tells Zi Lan not to be sad as she thinks she will marry a right person. The Song of Glory is a good tv series.

Zi Lan thinks Li Ge won’t live well after she marries to Yi Kang as she is an ordinary person. She worries that she will be wronged. Ting Zhang asks Li Ge is she fears the badmouthing from nobles. She denies and thinks she should take responsibility for Shen family. She tells Zi Lan that she will stay away from troubles after getting into prince palace. Zi Lan hugs Li Ge with tears.

Li Ge visits Shao Xun, and he gives her the cold medicine for Zi Lan. She tells him that A Ling is alive, and reveals Lu Yuan forced A Ling to say that she was the assassin. She thinks A Ling is in danger when she stays with Long Yuan. Kong Cheng wants to save A Ling. But Shao Xun thinks Lu Yuan targets Li Ge and sets a trap for her. He thinks it’s what Lu Yuan wants if they’re rash to take action. But Li Ge doesn’t want to give up A Ling since she has lost A Nu and other sisters. She wants to take revenge and save people at the same time. He agrees to it but asks her to listen to him. The Song of Glory is a good tv show.

Shao Xun gets Kong Cheng to take the map of Lu mansion, and reveals the men of Lu Yuan will come out if they arrive at the dungeon. This is what Li Ge wants to see. She asks Kong Cheng about his new weapons.

Wan Er plays zither for Yi Xuan, and thinks he is upset for something. He says that he has to step in it even if he dislikes many things in the world. He says that he does so because of a friend, and she is in the danger when he wishes her to be safe. She thinks he cares for the friend. He says that he keeps thinking of her even if they’re just normal friends. She thinks he will regret if he misses the friend, and tells him to confess to her. The Song of Glory cast are stunning.

Yi Xuan meets with Li Ge and tells her that he can cancel the marriage for her if she doesn’t want to marry Yi Kang. But she rejects it, and tells him that she has made the decision.

Xiao Xing is chased by the men. Yi Xuan saves her. She tells him that her parents are caught by them. He asks her who is the leader. She says that it’s Xue Qiu. Xu Zhan reports to Yi Kang that Yi Xuan saved the girl who lost her parents. He reveals it’s 16th parents. Yi Kang wonders what Lu Yuan wants to do, and tells San Bao to give the chestnuts to Queen Ye. Because she likes to eat chestnuts.

The Song of Glory is a good Chinese drama. Qiu tells Lu Yuan that Yi Xuan saved a child from them, and her parents died in Qixia mountain. Lu Yuan tells Xue Qiu to ignore it as the child knows nothing. Xue Qiu wonders why Lu Yuan thinks Li Ge will come to save A Ling. Lu Yuan visits he went to Shen family was to let Li Ge know that her sister is alive. He tells him not to let A Ling die, and wants to use her to take down Shen family.

The Song of Glory: Episode 7

Li Ge sneaks into the dungeon and kills the guards. She walks through the tunnel and asks Lu Yuan where he is. He tells her that he prepares a cup of hot tea for her. The bodyguards surround the tunnel, and Lu Yuan asks them to take down Li Ge. She kills some of the bodyguards while protecting herself with the shield. Lu Yuan wants to see how Li Ge prepares it, and the bodyguards fly down from the sky. She kills some of them. Lu Yuan tells Li Ge that her sister cannot bear it if she doesn’t come.

The Song of Glory is a good historical drama. Li Ge tells Lu Yuan to release A Ling, and she wants to talk a business with him. He thinks she doesn’t have the qualification to negotiate with him, and tells her to surrender. Li Ge arrives and throws off her weapons. She tells Lu Yuan that she can help him ruin Shen family if he releases A Ling. He asks her about her sincerity. She tells him that she will wrong Ting Zhang for assassinating Yi Kang. He thinks the idea is very good, but asks how he can trust her. She casts the bomb to him, and catches the chance to save A Ling. But Lu Yuan casts the dagger to A Ling, and chases Li Ge. He finds out that the person he hit is just a straw woman, and A Ling had been saved by Kong Cheng and Shao Xun.

Li Ge smiles at Lu Yuan and runs through the pavilion. She opens the trap, and it kills some of the bodyguards of Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan takes the blade to fight with Li Ge. Li Ge stabs him and kicks him into the water. But she gets stabbed as well. Xue Qiu jumps into the water to save Lu Yuan. Shao Xun catches the chance to take away A Ling.

The Song of Glory is a good tv series. Xu Zhang tells Yi Kang that he suspects Lu Yuan’s weapon workshop is in Qixia mountain as he found the red mud at his house. Yi Kang notes that someone falls down outside, and he finds out that it’s Li Ge. He takes her into his boat, and wipes the sweat for her. But she points the dagger at him. He asks her if she went to kill Lu Yuan. She points out that he is looking into Lu Yuan after seeing the map. He tells her that killing people cannot settle any problem except leaving the wound to her. She tells him that she only wants the life of Lu Yuan, and it won’t end until she dies.

Li Ge intends to leave, but Yi Kang takes off her hairpin for the fees she stays in his boat. She takes away his jade pendant as the fees of her herb. He points out that the herb is cheap, but she points out that her binding up skill is expensive. He wears his cloak on her and reminds her that she is injured. She asks him how she returns it to him. He thinks they will meet again.

The Song of Glory is a good tv show. Xue Qiu tells Yan Di that he will attack Shen family if he gives him the order. Yan Di agrees to it and wants to take revenge his son. Lu Yuan wakes up and tells Yan Di to return to his room. Xue Jiu agrees to it, and tells Yan Di that he will take care of Lu Yuan well. Yan Di leaves. Xue Jiu tells Lu Yuan that he will take his men to go to Ting Zhang’s house. But Lu Yuan reminds Xue Jiu that Ting Zhang owns Suiyuan army. He thinks Li Ge will become the problem of Ting Zhang, and it’s the chance to ruin Shen family. He tells Xue Qiu to block the news that he is injured.

The follower reports to Shen Zhi that the female assassin hurt Lu Yuan again. Shen Zhi arrives at Sanjiu pharmacy, and he remembers Li Ge told him that the boss of Sanjiu pharmacy owed her a grace. Shen Zhi returns home and sees Li Ge giving Zi Lan the osmanthus pastry she cooked. Zi Lan loves the taste. Li Ge sees Shen Zhi and gives him the osmanthus pastry as well. He tastes it and thinks it’s sweet. But he tells her to eat with families as he has a business. Sheng Feng takes away the pastry from Shen Zhi, and tells Li Ge to ignore Shen Zhi. Li Ge returns to her room, and takes out the jade pendant. She wonders why she meets Lu Yuan each time.

The Song of Glory cast are stunning. Ting Zhang gets Li Ge to pay her respect to ancestors, and calls her Li Ge. She is shocked. Zi Lan tells Li Ge that Ting Zhang kept her name because it was given by her master. Li Ge is moved. Ting Zhang gives the brocade of husband and wife to Li Ge, and wants to marry ger off well. But Zi Lan points out that the brocade is for the husband and wife who have been gotten married for 30 years. Li Ge comforts Ting Zhang that she likes it.

Le Qing asks the maid what happens in the house. The maid reveals that people are holding the family ceremony for Li Ge. Le Qing thinks Li Ge becomes the real Jia Er. But the maid points out that Ting Zhang let Li Ge use her previous name.

Zi Jin tells Dad that she doesn’t want to marry Yi Xuan as she has someone she loves. He reminds her that he cannot decide it as Queen Ye asked her to get married. She threatens him that she will pour all of his good wines if he doesn’t reject the marriage. The Song of Glory is a good Chinese drama.

Shen Zhi waits for Zi Jin. Shen Feng reminds his brother that there many people who want to marry Zi Jin. He claims that he only wants Zi Jin to be his sister-in-law. Zi Jin arrives, and the two flee.

Zi Jin hands over the jade hairpin to Ting Zhang, and reveals thought the blue jade is suitable for marriage. Li Ge shows up. Zi Lan introduces Li Ge to Zi Jin. Zi Jin thinks Li Ge is pretty. Zi Lan wishes Zi Jin to be the sister of Li Ge as the two familes are good friends. Zi Jin promises to visit Li Ge more often, but she leaves. Zi Lan thinks Zi Jin is a good girl, and wishes Zi Jin to marry Shen Zhi as he has liked her. Li Ge is surprised and thinks Shen Zhi should ask for marriage. But Ting Zhang points out that Queen Ye wants to marry Zi Jin to Yi Xuan, and he thinks his son is upset. The Song of Glory is a good historical drama.

Shen Zhi waits for Zi Jin, and claims that he has waited for her for three years. She laughs and tells him that she won’t leave if she gets married. She reveals that she has someone she loves. He thinks Yi Xuan is a nice person. She asks him if he really thinks so. He says yes, and she thinks he doesn’t know how to lie.

Li Ge drinks with A Ling and sees her off. Shao Xun asks A Ling if she thinks it over. She says that she wants to live for herself, and tells him not to tell it to Master. A Ling thinks she won’t see Li Ge again, and she hugs her. A Ling leaves. Shao Xun thinks it’s the right choice. But Li Ge says that A Ling’s path isn’t her path. He reminds her that she doesn’t have path to leave when the truth is found out. The Song of Glory is a good tv series.

Li Ge returns to the boat, and thinks Yi Kang drew her ugly. She draws it and hides herself when Yi Kang returns. Yi Kang sees the drawing. Xu Zhang gives the badge of Lu house to Yi Kang. Yi Kang thinks they can only take down Lu Yuan if he finds the evidence that he makes weapons. He tells Xu Zhan to look into it when Lu Yuan is injured.

Yi Kang tells Li Ge to show up. She takes the badge and asks if it’s the best method he mentioned to deal with Lu Yuan except killing people. She wants to look into Lu Yuan with him next time. He agrees to it. The Song of Glory is a good tv show.

The two arrive at the workshop. But they’re blocked by the guards. Yi Kang shows the badge to them, and Li Ge introduces him as the new manager of Lu family. The man gives the weapon he made for Jiangdong prince to Yi Kang. Yi Kang asks the man to take him to the workshop. But the man points out that he needs the letter of Lu Yuan. He gets his men to attack Yi Kang and Li Ge. Xun Zhan shows up and fights with those men. He tells Yi Kang to leave. But another man arrives and catches Li Ge and Yi Kang as he mistakes the two as the followers of Lu Yuan. The Song of Glory cast are stunning.

The man ties Yi Kang up and asks him to tell him where the craftsmen are. The people get on knees and ask Yi Kang to release their brothers. The man stops the people, and asks Yi Kang what they’re doing. Yi Kang tells the man that they’re not the followers of Lu family. The man doesn’t believe it. Li Ge tells him that they’re looking for workshop like him. The man asks Yi Kang why he had the badge if they’re not the men of Lu family. He wants to kill the two. Yi Kang sees the tattoo on the man’s arm, and asks if he belongs to black armor army. The man says that he doesn’t belong to black armor army anymore. Li Ge tells the man there are many good people like him in the world.

The Song of Glory: Episode 25

Shen Leqing finds out that Shen Lige tries to kill Liu Yikang.

The Song of Glory: Episode 26

The Song of Glory: Episode 37

The Song of Glory: Episode 38

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