The Heavenly Idol K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Heavenly Idol K-Drama: Episode 9. Kim Dal thinks she has feelings for Lembrary when he holds her face. He’s scared to walk away. She regrets for what she said to him. She covers her face with her hands.

Does Kim Dal Leave Wild Animal for Lembrary?

The Heavenly Idol

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Heavenly Idol K-Drama: Episode 9.

Lembrary walks out of the cafe. He rolls downstairs. Someone takes a photo of Lembrary. Lembrary returns to the dormitory. He kicks the box by mistake. Jung-Seo tells Cash to throw away the boxes even if Cash told Jung-Seo that the boxes was sent by his father.

Raken confesses his feelings to Min-Seo. He tells Heavenly Idol that he will kill other two players. Lembrary minds the words of Raken. He takes Min-Seo to the cafe. She tells him that she likes the place. He reveals he prepared the flowers for her.

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Lembrary remembers Kim Dal’s smiling. He tells something to Min-Seo. But she cannot understand it. Someone shows the photo to Min-Seo. She finds out that Lembrary dated another girl last night. She’s furious to leave the cafe. Sun-Ja is furious to hit the wall. She asks Kim Dal what happened.

Kim Dal tells Sun-Ja that it was a misunderstanding. She explains to her that she was helping Lembrary prepare for his confession. Sun-Ja wonders why there was a kiss. Kim Dal tells Sun-Ja that they were brainstorming when they did the confession.

Sun-Ja tells Lembrary to apologize to the reporters. He rejects it because he thinks they misunderstood him. Sun-Ja is furious to blame Lembrary. He thinks he doesn’t have to apologize for the kiss. She tries to rush to him. But Kim Dal stops Sun-Ja.

Sun-Ja tells Kim Dal that she will explain it to the reporters. She tells Kim Dal and Lembrary to leave her office. She wishes her and Woo-Sil to be caught after the two left her office. Woo-Sil walks into the restaurant. He’s surprised that Sun-Ja bought him a meal.

Sun-Ja tells Woo-Sil to leave. He pours her a drink and asks her about her business. She leaks that Wild Animal did a great job. He tells her to drink with him. He asks her why she dumped him. But she passes out because she’s drunk.

Sun-Ja wakes up from her dream. Kim Dal visits Sun-Ja. She promises to take duty for the case. Lembrary shows up on the set. He sees the palm on Woo-Shin’s back. He asks him if there’s anyone tailing him. Woo-Shin points out that the one tailed him was Lembrary. He tells him not to get him involved in his case.

Lembrary brings up Hongwoodaedae. Woo-Shin thinks Lembrary isn’t qualified to join Hongwoodaedae. The director tells Lembrary that he’s fired. Lembrary tries to leave the set. But he sees the palm on the wall. He saves Woo-Shin when he falls from the rooftop.

Lembrary walks into Woo-Shin’s ward. He tells him that there’s a demon is tailing him. Woo-Shin is surprised that Lembrary can see demons like Master. He invites Lembrary to join Hongwoodaedae. But Lembrary remembers Kim Dal asked him to stay in her world. He tells Woo-Shin that he needs time to think about it. He leaves his ward.

Hae-Gyeol watches Raken’s show. He thinks his song will be number one again. Jung-Seo turns off the TV. He claims that they will release a new song. But Cash thinks they will be in a romantic scandal again. He puts his hand on Lembrary’s leg. He tells the group members not to read the messages.

Sun-Ja is happy to break into the house. She tells the group members to get changed. She leaks that someone wishes to see them. She takes them to the restaurant. Jo-Woon shows up. Sun-Ja introduces Jo-Woon to the group members. Jo-Woon asks Lembrary to have a talk with him alone. He tells him that he will regret if he doesn’t do so.

Lembrary follows Jo-Woon to get into the room. He asks him if he threatens him with his friends. Jo-Woon mentions Lembrary saved Liz Ri and Kim Dal. He wants to take away two lives. Kim Dal calls Lembrary. She tells him that the scandal won’t be a problem.

Kim Dal leaks that she resigned. She tells Lembrary to return to his world after he reaches his goal. Jo-Woon tells Lembrary to take a look at outside. The reporters surround Kim Dal. They ask her if she made Liz Ri take her life. Lembrary tries to go to save Kim Dal.

Jo-Woon reminds Lembrary that he will kill his friends if he goes to save Kim Dal. He takes out his black sword. Jung-Seo knocks at the door. He asks Jo-Woon if they can drink the wine. Jo-Woon tells Jung-Seo to drink the wine with him. He leaves with him.

Kim Dal feels happy after everyone knew her real face. But she’s nervous when someone knocks at the door. She’s close to the door. She sees Lembrary. She worries that he will be spotted by someone. He asks her to open the door. She has to let him in.

Lembrary tells Kim Dal that he’s going to appear on the music show. He thinks people forgot the scandal. He asks her to work with him again. But she rejects it because she thinks she will feel embarrassed. He tells her that he needs her because he worries Jo-Woon will hurt her again.

Lembrary tells Kim Dal that it means nothing if he cannot save her. She tells her to come back to Wild Animal because he knows she cares for the boy group very much. She mentions what she told to the reporters that she was the one who ruined Wild Aninal. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone after she hurt Liz Ri.

Kim Dal tells Lembrary to leave her house. She opens the door for him. He tries to heal her wound. But she rejects it. She pushes him out of her house. She closes the door and tears up. Jo-Woon breaks into Master’s temple after he killed a person.

Master asks Jo-Woon what he wants. But he thinks she can give him nothing because she’s just a substitute. She breaks the candles in front of him to show her power. She claims that she can get rid of evil. He wonders why she needs the deity’s power since she’s so strong.

Jo-Woon blames Master for crossing the line. He yells at her. She apologizes to him and promises not to do it again. She reveals Lembrary’s power came from the deity. He asks her for the method to get rid of Lembrary’s power. But she tells him to prepare for the second coming.

Jo-Woon points his sword at Master. He mentions he had a promise with Redlin to kill Lembrary. He tells her that he will burn her temple if she crosses line again. Lembrary remembers Kim Dal drove him out of her house. Gam-Jae hands over the paper to Lembrary. He thinks he will join Hongwoodaedae if he films the commercial with Woo-Shin.

Lembrary tries to take the chocolate milk. But he remembers Kim Dal told him not to drink chocolate milks. He mistakes Woo-Shin as Kim Dal when he films the commercial with him. The director has to stop the filming. Lembrary follows the trace. He finds the shadow. He tells the shadow to show up.

The boy shows up. Lembrary recognizes the the boy. He asks him if he was the one who tried to kill Woo-Shin. The boy denies it. He reveals it was done by Raken. He asks him to help him because he knows he’s Pontifex. Lembrary promises to help the boy.

Lembrary borrows the phone from Woo-Shin. He sees his demon eyes. He tells Gam-Jae to take him to see Kim Dal. But Gam-Jae tells Lembrary that the agency wishes to see him. They arrive at the company. The people ask Lembrary for seeing the president of Hong Rin. Because their children were poisoned after they ate the company’s candies.

Sun-Ja takes Lembrary to the office. He asks her what happened. The guy reveals the president of Hong Rin closed the factory. Lembrary wonders if Woo-Shin knows the case. Woo-Shin tells the reporters that Lembrary is behind the case. He shows the evidence to them.

The Heavenly Idol K-Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of The Heavenly Idol K-Drama ends with Lembrary trying to heal the kid with his holy power. But he fails. Gam-Jae tells Lembrary that he’s an ordinary human now. He shows the news to him that Jo-Woon bought Hong Rin’s factory.

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