The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episodes 21-22 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episodes 21-22. Abyss Empress learns that You Qin is in Realm Beast. She thinks the follower caught You Qin. But he tells her that Ding Yun asked him to come back because he worries that there was a trap.

The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 21 Recap & Ending

The Starry Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episodes 21-22.

Abyss Empress thinks the follower is a fool. She reminds him that You Qin didn’t have to take his wife if there was a trap. She thinks Immortal Realm didn’t have to choose Beast Realm if they wanted to take revenge for Abyss Realm. She believes that it’s a good chance of them no matter what happened to You Qin.

The follower mentions Chao Feng always takes action in advance. He asks Abyss Empress to help him. She reveals she prepared a present for Chao Feng. She tells the follower to go to Beast Realm with her. Su Shui screams. She asks the follower if the method is going to work.

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The follower reminds Su Shui that nobody is going to save her because Qing Kui cut ties with Chao Feng. Chao Feng scolds the follower. He explains to him that he was heartless to Qing Kui because he didn’t wish Qing Kui to step in the case of You Qin.

The follower laughs. He reminds Chao Feng that they didn’t have to kill Zhu Jiuyin if Qing Kui is easy to be fooled. Chao Feng tells the follower to roll. The ball falls from the table. La Mu picks the ball up. He’s happy to break the ball with the hammer.

Su Shui recognizes La Mu. He calls him fire beast. La Mu is furious to tell Chao Feng that he’s not fire beast. He asks him why he chased him to the place. Chao Feng tells La Mu that he wants to kill him. But he was tied up by them.

La Mu is furious to hammer Chao Feng. Chao Feng avoids it. Di Lanjue stops La Mu. He comforts him that Chao Feng cannot kill him when his immortal rope is there. But La Mu still wants to kill Chao Feng. Zi Wu tells La Mu to leave it to Di Lanjue. She offers to go to drink the wine Ye Tan left. She takes him away.

Qing Kui asks Chao Feng why he doesn’t want to give up. He reveals Ding Yun is in Beast Realm. Meiyou Qing combs Ye Tan’s hair. The follower reminds Meiyou Qing that they hasn’t work for three days. He asks him if he gives up earning money. Meiyou Qing tells the follower that it’s not his business.

Man Man reports to Ye Tan that Abyss Empress is going to come. She takes her to flee. Ding Yun attacks Ye Tan with his spear. Qing Heng blocks Ding Yun. He tells Ye Tan to leave. But Ye Tan is surrounded by the bodyguards. Ding Yun ties Qing Heng up. Abyss Empress shows up.

The follower thinks Meiyou Qing will kill Ding Yun. But Ding Yun defeats Meiyou Qing with just one hit. The follower asks Meiyou Qing about his power. He realizes that Meiyou Qing has fooled them. He tries to run away. But Zhu Jiuyin attacks the follower with his flying sword. The follower has to pretend to be dead.

Ding Yun is on the way to see Ye Tan. He blames Chao Feng for not telling them that Ding Yun came. Ye Tan stops Ding Yun before he kills Meiyou Qing. Abyss Empress casts the ice ball to Ye Tan. Qing Kui is hurt. She realizes that something bad happened to Ye Tan. She tells Chao Feng to go to save Ye Tan.

Chao Feng asks Su Shui to take Qing Kui to return to the hotel. He goes to save Ye Tan. Ye Tan passes out in Meiyou Qing’s arms. Ding Yun smiles to walk to Meiyou Qing. Chao Feng stops Ding Yun before he kills Meiyou Qing. He tells Meiyou Qing to take Ye Tan away because it’s Abyss Realm’s business.

Episode 21 of The Starry Love Chinese Drama ends with Qing Kui telling Ye Tan that the one who tried to kill Meiyou Qing was Ding Yun. Ye Tan wonders who was the one trying to kill Wu Dai in sprites and goblins city. Chao Feng shows up. He calls Qing Kui. Ye Tan turns around. She sees Chao Feng.

The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 22 Recap & Ending

Qing Kui asks Chao Feng why he fought with Abyss Empress for her. He tells her that he came to kill Meiyou Qing. She cries. Ye Tan tells Chao Feng that Qing Kui has never felt painful like that. She stabs him. She tries to kill him.

But Qing Kui stops Ye Tan. Ye Tan doesn’t want to forgive Chao Feng. Because the guy almost made Qing Kui lose her life. Qing Kui asks Ye Tan for her mercy. She takes a look at Chao Feng who smiles at her. She thanks him for explaining it to her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to see him all her life. She leaves with Ye Tan.

Chao Feng sees Qing Kui off. He cries. He thinks the only way to protect her is to make her leave him. Meiyou Qing hands over the novel she just wrote to Di Lanjue. But Di Lanjue tells Meiyou Qing not to write him into his novel. Man Man is excited when she sees Ye Tan and Qing Kui.

Ye Tan thinks Qing Kui is a fool who was kind to Chao Feng. She blames her for forgiving Chao Feng for her. Man Man is surprised that the one who exchanged the sedan chairs was Chao Feng. Qing Kui tells Ye Tan that it doesn’t mean she forgives Chao Feng.

Ye Tan thinks Qing Kui did it because she has feelings for Chao Feng. She walks away. Man Man comforts Qing Kui that she’s going to persuade Ye Tan. Ye Tan walks into the room. She’s furious to have a seat. Di Lanjue thinks Man Man provoked Ye Tan.

Man Man reminds Ye Tan that Qing Kui is very sad after she was fooled by Chao Feng. She thinks she wasn’t a human that she only cared for her feelings. Ye Tan goes to see Qing Kui. She sees her tearing up. Qing Kui wipes off her tears.

Ye Tan wipes off tears for Qing Kui. She apologizes to her. She explains to her that she didn’t intend to say such words to her. She tells her that she got angry because she forgave Chao Feng. She comforts her that she will take the justice back for her.

Ye Tan offers to go to see Thunder Immortal and ask him to kill Chao Feng with thunder punishment. But Qing Kui doesn’t want to mention the marriage case because You Qin doesn’t resurrect. She thinks the third deity will be danger if Abyss Empress and Ding Yun used the case.

Ye Tan tells Qing Kui to think about herself. She asks her if she has feelings for Chao Feng. She hugs her when she cries. Qing Kui tells Ye Tan that it couldn’t be faked that she and Chao Feng took the death together. She feels sorry for letting Ye Tan down.

Ye Tan shakes her head. Qing Kui finds out that cheating is so sad. Ye Tan wonders if the deity souls will be sad like Qing Kui if they know her intention. Ye Tan promises to try her best to resurrect You Qin after Qing Kui fell asleep. She tells Man Man that she’s going to look for the third deity soul with Qing Heng.

Man Man worries about Meiyou Qing. She mentions the guy wanted to show the novel to Ye Tan. Ye Tan goes to see Meiyou Qing. Meiyou Qing feels happy when he writes the novel. He thinks Ye Tan will be happy if she sees the novel.

Meiyou Qing tells Ye Tan that she wrote their love. He thinks their story is the best novel. But Ye Tan tells Meiyou Qing that she’s going to leave. She tells him that she will come back after she completed her mission. He hands over the gold to her. He tells her that he knows she won’t let him down even if he doesn’t know the details.

Meiyou Qing tells Ye Tan that the money was earned by him through writing novels. She’s surprised that he trusts her so much. He promises to return a wedding to her when she comes back. He hugs her and asks her to promise him to come back early.

Episode 22 of The Starry Love Chinese Drama ends with Wen Ren preparing a meal for Ye Tan. He asks her if she likes it. She nods and calls him older brother. He thinks she’s a very special girl. She wonders what the people are doing to her. She asks Wen Ren if he has feelings for her.

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