Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 7-8. Jin-Woo remembers he was killed by the killer. He wakes up. Gye-Jeol cries to call Jin-Woo as Kok-Du when she feels guilty. But he doesn’t know who Kok-Du is.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 7-8.

Gye-Jeol realizes that the guy is Jin-Woo. He takes a look at the operating room. He sees a patient in the operating room. He wonders why there’s no doctor giving the patient a treatment. Gye-Jeol explains that someone set a fire in the hospital.

Jin-Woo blames Gye-Jeol for not caring for the patient. He asks her who’s in charge for the patient. He tells Gye-Jeol to call the doctor. But she reminds him that it’s not the hospital he worked. She cries to tell him that she intended to perform the surgery for the patient herself.

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Jin-Woo points out that Gye-Jeol doesn’t have the experience. But she yells at him. She tries to go to call someone else. But Jin-Woo stops her when he grabs her arm. He tells her that he wants to perform the surgery for the patient.

The doctor walks into the operating room. She finds out that Jin-Woo is performing the surgery on the patient. She yells at him. Gye-Jeol is scared. Jin-Woo tells Gye-Jeol to ignore the doctor. He completes the surgery with her. He scolds the doctor.

Gye-Jeol stops Jin-Woo. She takes him aside. She reminds him that he’s not a director anymore. She finds out that he lost his memories. Ok Shin finds Kok-Du. He asks him what happened. Kok-Du is furious to pick up the sword. He tries to kill Ok Shin.

Ok Shin calms Kok-Du down. Kok-Du throws away his sword. He mentions Ok Shin told him to pretend to be Jin-Woo. Ok Shin explains that he didn’t expect that Gye-Jeol would resurrect Jin-Woo. Gak Shin tells Kok-Du to do something since he has 50 days.

But Kok-Du points out that he only has 7 days left. He thinks Jin-Woo will be like the spirit who can only be alive for 50 days. He mentions Jin-Woo’s body will decay after 49 days. He thinks he cannot get Gye-Jeol’s confession even if he takes his body back after 50 days. He adds that he cannot pass away in the life.

Gak Shin believes that Gye-Jeol won’t look for Kok-Du after she found Jin-Woo. She tells Kok-Du to wait another 99 years. Ok Shin promises to make Gye-Jeol call Kok-Du. But Kok-Du doesn’t trust Ok Shin. He laughs and cries when he rolls downstairs.

Gye-Jeol takes Jin-Woo to the hospital. She tells him that he set up a hospital for her. He doesn’t believe it because he has no memory. She remembers Kok-Du told her that he’s very rich. She smiles to tell Jin-Woo that he set up the hospital with the money.

Jin-Woo thinks he would hire Gye-Jeol if he’s very rich. She thinks he did it for covering his birth secret. He asks her if she has feelings for him. He tries to call Jung-Won. Gye-Jeol stops Jin-Woo. She tells him not to call Jung-Won because the girl is in anger.

Jin-Woo tells Gye-Jeol that it’s not her business. She’s furious to complain to him that she gave many things to him. He’s surprised that she’s that kind of person. Gye-Jeol misses Kok-Du. She lies in the bed when she thinks he returned home. She complains to him that he didn’t say goodbye to her.

Gye-Jeol is on the way to the hospital. Gak Shin sets up a mirror in the hospital. She tells Kok-Du not to break the mirror. Jin-Woo shows up behind Gak Shin. He tells her that he remembers he saw her before. Gye-Jeol shows up. Gak Shin walks away.

Jin-Woo tells Gye-Jeol that he wishes to go to see Jung-Won and apologize to her. He mentions he lost 40 days of time. But Gye-Jeol tells Jin-Woo that the time didn’t get lost. She mentions the feelings and the promises. He apologizes to her because he thinks he made a big mistake.

Gye-Jeol agrees to what Jin-Woo said. She yells at him. She cries to complain why she only remembered the past of her and Kok-Du. She tells Jin-Woo that Jung-Won knows they’re in love. He realizes why Jung-Won didn’t pick up his phone. He walks away.

Kok-Du watches it through the mirror. He thinks Gye-Jeol shouldn’t fall for Jin-Woo. She takes a look at the mirror. He notes that she’s looking at him. He thinks she heard what he said. But he thinks it’s impossible. Kyung-Seung gets angry after her husband hired the woman. She sees Jin-Woo. She greets him. He tells her that he’s not interested in her. He walks away.

Kyung-Seung tells Hong-Geun that Jin-Woo just looked down on her. Hong-Geun gets angry. He tries to chase Jin-Woo. Kyung-Seung stops Hong-Geun. She tells him not to care for the guy. Jung-Won blames Jin-Woo for calling her. She asks him if she’s an easy woman in his mind.

Jin-Woo asks Jung-Won to help him leave the crazy world. He tells her to wait for him. He gets in the cab. Han Chul walks into Jung-Won’s office. He introduces himself as a cop. She thinks he came to see her because he wants to pursue her.

Han Chul claims that he doesn’t have feelings for Jung-Won. He asks Jung-Won if she saw Jin-Woo when Kang-Mo passed away. She denies it. So he shows the photo to her. He tells her that the car was given up by the killer. He asks her if the car belongs to Jin-Woo.

Episode 7 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with the killer sneaking into the hospital. He looks for something. Kok-Du watches what the killer does. Gye-Jeol returns to the hospital. She sees the mess the killer made. Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol to leave when he holds the mirror.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

Jin-Woo stops the killer before she kills Gye-Jeol. He takes off her mask. He finds out that the killer is Yang-Ja. Yang-Ja cries to apologize to Gye-Jeol. Jin-Woo tells Yang-Ja that he’s going to report her if she doesn’t confess. Yang-Ja tells Jin-Woo that she didn’t intend to hurt Gye-Jeol. She asks him for his mercy.

Yang-Ja tells Gye-Jeol that she came to the hospital to look for her medical report. She cries to tell her that her boss will fire her if he finds out that she’s sick. Gye-Jeol meets with Jin-Woo at the cafe. She wonders why he came to the hospital.

Jin-Woo claims that he just passed by. But Gye-Jeol knows he tailed her. He tells her that he knows she misses Kok-Du. He tells her not to do that because he worries that Kok-Du will appear. Gye-Jeol lies on the couch. She remembers Kok-Du told her that he knows her mother when Jin-Woo denied it. She complains that Kok-Du is an illusion.

Gye-Jeol takes out the ice cream from the fridge. She takes a look at the ice cream. She thinks Kok-Du should tell her that he’s an illusion so that she wouldn’t have feelings for him. Kok-Du takes away the ice cream from Gye-Jeol. He asks her if the ice cream belongs to him. He bites the ice cream. She thinks he’s selfish. She scolds him. He disappears.

Seok-Ho reports to Pil-Soo that their medicine was approved. Pil-Soo is happy to drink the wine. But he worries that Jin-Woo knows the list. Joong-Sik comforts Pil-Soo that he will kill Jin-Woo for him. Jin-Woo returns to the hospital. He finds out that Gak Shin is carrying the mirror.

Jin-Woo asks Gak Shin if she’s going to kill him. Gak Shin tells Jin-Woo that she doesn’t need to do so. Because it’s his last day. She tells him to give his last day to Kok-Du. Jin-Woo parks his car. He remembers what Gak Shin to him that he’s going to die. He wants to be alive.

Jin-Woo goes to see Gye-Jeol. He tells her to leave with her. But she gets a call from the worker who asks her to come. He reveals he found the desk. Jin-Woo wants to go to the place with Gye-Jeol. But she’s against it because they’re just colleagues. She tells him to accept himself as Kok-Du.

Jin-Woo realizes that Gye-Jeol doesn’t want to help him. She walks away. He passes out in the car when he drives. He has a car accident. Joong-Sik looks at Jin-Woo. He remembers he did something to Jin-Woo’s car. He tries to leave after the doctor announced the death of Jin-Woo.

It snows. Kok-Du wakes up from the ambulance. He’s furious to grab the doctor’s neck. He disappears when Gye-Jeol summons him. Gye-Jeol carries Kok-Du’s desk to the hospital. She tells Kok-Du to appear. He shows up and hugs her. But she pushes him away because she thinks he’s Jin-Woo.

Gye-Jeol tells Kok-Du that he offended her. But he thinks she enjoyed his hug. She tells him that her heart is racing. She puts her hands on her chest. She wonders why her heart acts so. She tells him that she doesn’t want to do two-timing when he tells her that he’s Jin-Woo.

Gye-Jeol looks at the snow. She realizes that the guy is Kok-Du. But Kok-Du denies it because he worries that the girl will make him disappear again. He asks Gye-Jeol if she wished Kok-Du to come back. She realizes that he’s testing her. She tells him that she doesn’t wish Kok-Du to disappear.

Ok Shin tells Gak Shin that he wishes to see Jin-Woo instead of Kok-Du. Kok-Du shows up. He startles Ok Shin. Kok-Du throws a fit to the deities that he couldn’t come back because of them. The two deities are happy. Kok-Du tells Ok Shin and Gak Shin that Gye-Jeol has feelings for him. He thinks Gye-Jeol is good at picking men.

But Ok Shin points out that Gye-Jeol wouldn’t send Kok-Du to afterlife if she had feelings for him. Kok-Du mentions Gye-Jeol took back his desk. But Ok Shin thinks Kok-Du doesn’t have a chance when Jin-Woo is there. Gak Shin scolds Ok Shin. She reveals Gye-Jeol cried to tell her that she misses Kok-Du.

Kok-Du laughs. He thinks Ok Shin knows nothing about women. But Ok Shin tells Kok-Du that Gye-Jeol just treats him as a parasite. Kok-Du is furious to beat Ok Shin. Kok-Du tells the deity that he wishes to meet with Jin-Woo to know Gye-Jeol’s feelings. But the deity doesn’t reply to him.

Joong-Sik reports to Pil-Soo that Kok-Du disappeared like smoke. Pil-Soo doesn’t believe it. Joong-Sik shows the footage to Pil-Soo. He mentions what the doctor told him that Kok-Du passed away. But he resurrected. Joong-Sik tells Pil-Soo not to treat Kok-Du as a human.

Jung-Won meets with Han Chul at the restaurant. She asks him about Jin-Woo. He reveals Jin-Woo was released. Jung-Won blames Han Chul for arresting Jin-Woo. She tells him that she couldn’t go to see Jin-Woo because she thought he was the killer.

Han Chul tells Jung-Won that he released Jin-Woo because he’s lack of enough evidence. He asks her if Jin-Woo has a family secret. She reveals Jin-Woo was adopted and his parents passed away. He asks her if Jin-Woo is a human. She laughs and believes that he has feelings. He denies it and grabs her arm when she stands up.

Jung-Won gets a message. She mistakes that it was from Jin-Woo. But she finds out that the message was sent by the killer. She looks around and sees the killer. She’s scared when she holds the phone. She asks Han Chul to help her. He gives her a ride and tells her to report the stalker to the police.

But Jung-Won worries that people will think she’s not modest if she does so. The doctor hands over the bag to Gye-Jeol. He tells her that it was left by Jin-Woo. She’s surprised that Jin-Woo was in the ambulance. He leaks that Jin-Woo had a car accident. He adds that Jin-Woo suddenly came back to life. She realizes that the guy is Kok-Du. She’s happy to run away.

Kok-Du asks Gak Shin if Gye-Jeol missed him. She tells him to ask Gye-Jeol about it on his own when Gye-Jeol shows up. Gye-Jeol hands over the ice cream to Kok-Du. He eats the ice cream. She’s happy to tell him that she has known that he’s Kok-Du.

Gye-Jeol blames Kok-Du for leaving without saying goodbye. He points out that she didn’t give him the chance. He mentions what he told her that her words are powerful. She remembers she wished Jin-Woo to come back. Kok-Du is very happy after knowing Gye-Jeol doesn’t wish him to disappear. He laughs when he thinks she cried.

Gye-Jeol explains to Kok-Du that she only treats him as her landlord. She tells him that he’s a doll in her mind. She takes him to see the dolls. He’s very happy after knowing she’s looking into him. She tries to explain it. But she mentions he hugged her.

Kok-Du is sad to drink the wine after he was rejected by Gye-Jeol. Gye-Jeol takes a look at her mother’s photo. She tells her that she loves Kok-Du. But she knows they have no future if she stays with Kok-Du. Kok-Du walks on the street. He intends to show that he’s fine to Gye-Jeol after he was rejected by her.

Hong-Geun puts the carrot into Kok-Du’s mouth. He cheers him up. Kok-Du spits out the carrot. Hong-Geun tells Kok-Du that the carrot has many health benefits. He’s surprised that the school didn’t teach it to him. Kok-Du asks Hong-Geun how to win a woman’s heart. Kyung-Seung mistakes that Kok-Du has feelings for her.

Episode 8 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with Pil-Soo telling Gye-Jeol that he wishes her to return to the hospital. She chooses to trust him even if Kok-Du is against it. Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol that he doesn’t have enough time. She tells him to be a better person in the short period of time.

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