The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: Episode 5. Tae-Ha sees the past of Yeon-Woo when he finds her in the woods. She trips. He runs to her. He rolls down the hill with her. Sung-Pyo shows up when Tae-Ha tries to wake Yeon-Woo up.

Does Tae-Ha Believe that Yeon-Woo Came from Joseon?

The Story of Park's Marriage Contract

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: Episode 5.

Tae-Ha doesn’t believe Yeon-Woo at first. But he sees her in Joseon. He looks into the hotel where her showed up. He finds out that the place belonged to her grandfather in ancient times. He decides to believe her. She feels happy after knowing he believed her. But he needs evidence.

She’s furious after knowing he’s questioning her. She’s close to him. But she falls to the grass with him. They’re covered by the veil. She’s happy when she’s watered. Sung-Pyo tries to be close to the two. But Sa-Wol stops him. Because she doesn’t wish him to ruin the love moment. He laughs after he found out that Tae-Ha laughed.

How Will Yeon-Woo Return to Joseon?

Yeon-Woo was sent to Korea by the witch Cheon-Myung in episode 1. The key to return to Joseon is the witch. Yeon-Woo goes to the woods to look for the witch many times. But the witch doesn’t show up in episode 5. It seems that Yeon-Woo needs to resolve it on her own.

Sa-Wol reminds Yeon-Woo that she didn’t take wedding night with Tae-Ha. She believes that she will go back to Josen if she has wedding night with Tae-Ha. Yeon-Woo is shy when she remembers she almost kissed Tae-Ha. She’s embarrass when she sees him.

Does Mi-Dam Reject Tae-Ha’s Proposal?

Mi-Dam rejects Tae-Ha’s proposal at first. Because Hye-Sook gives her another proposal after Tae-Ha gave his proposal to her. She doesn’t want to step in the battle of the two. Because she doesn’t like complicated things. But Yeon-Woo makes her change her mind.

Yeon-Woo stains Tae-Ha’s shirt when she has fun with him. So she embroiders a butterfly on the shirt. He wears the shirt when he meets with Mi-Dam. Mi-Dam is surprised when she sees the embroidery on the shirt. She shows up in the meeting when Hye-Sook is going to fire Tae-Ha because she heard Mi-Dam rejected his proposal. She tells the people that she’s going to accept Tae-Ha’s proposal. She helps Tae-Ha defeat Hye-Sook. She mentions Yeon-Woo is good at embroidery. Sang-Mo is surprised.

Does Ha-Na Have Feelings for Tae-Ha?

Ha-Ha is an employee of Tae-Ha’s company. But she cares for her boss more than anyone. Yoon-Jae calls her and he tells her that Mi-Dam rejected Tae-Ha’s proposal. She reports it to Tae-Ha. But he thinks she should tell it to his secretary first.

But she doesn’t give up. She visits Yoon-Jae and she asks him to arrange the meeting up of Tae-Ha and Mi-Dam. She thinks both companies will get benefits from it if they worked together. He promises to go to persuade Mi-Dam. She’s unhappy after she heard that Tae-Ha got married. She even meets with the chairman Ha-Na. She doesn’t confess her feelings to Tae-Ha. But he knows her feelings so that he keeps a distance from her.

Is Mi-Dam Yeon-Woo’s Mother?

Mi-Dam comes to Tae-Ha’s company for talking about the business with him. Yeon-Woo comes to her husband’s company as well. Because Tae-Ha left his proposal at home. Yeon-Woo sees Mi-Dam. She recognizes her. She cries to run to her when she’s talking with Tae-Ha.

Yeon-Woo calls Mi-Dam mother when she hugs her. Tae-Ha tries to stop his wife. But Mi-Dam stops him when she comforts Yeon-Woo. Yeon-Woo finds out that Mi-Dam isn’t her mother even if Mi-Dam is like her mother. I disagree to what Yeon-Woo said. I believes that there will be a connection between the two roles. Yeon-Woo just doesn’t find it.

Why Sang-Mo Wishes Yeon-Woo to Go Back to Italy?

Sang-Mo supports Yeon-Woo and Tae-Ha in episode 4. But Yeon-Woo becomes a problem after Hye-Sook told the shareholders that Tae-Ha hid his marriage. It makes the shareholders not trust Tae-Ha. Sang-Mo intends to let Tae-Ha be the president.

Hye-Sook ruins Sang-Mo’s plan. The only way to resolve the problem is to sent Yeon-Woo to Italy. So Sang-Mo meets with Tae-Ha. He asks him to send Yeon-Woo back to Italy. But Tae-Ha doesn’t want to do that because he has fallen for Yeon-Woo.

Who Posts Yeon-Woo’s Photo?

It’s Myung-Soo. Yeon-Woo becomes a target after the reporters knew Tae-Ha hid his marriage. Hye-Sook doesn’t wish Tae-Ha to take over the company. So she lets Myung-Soo to do something. Tae-Min knows the reporters will tangle Yeon-Woo.

He lets Tae-Ha care for his wife. Tae-Ha drives home. He sees Yeon-Woo talking with a man. He stops the two. He learns that the man just asked Yeon-Woo for directions. But he still tells her not to talk with the stranger. He lets her get in the car. Myung-Soo catches the chance to take photos of the two. He posts the photos. The employees in the company see the photos. Tae-Ha arrives at the company. He’s tangled by the reporters. The reporter asks Tae-Ha to let him interview his wife. Tae-Ha sees Myung-Soo. He realizes that it was him.

Is Tae-Ha Sick?

Tae-Ha has heart disease just like Yeon-Woo’s husband. The doctor persuades Tae-Ha to come to the hospital to get tested. But Yeon-Woo rejects it. Because he wishes to deal with Hye-Sook. He worries that Hye-Sook will defeat him just like she did to his mother if she knows he has a heart disease. The doctor has to leave the medicine to Tae-Ha.

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Yeon-Woo thinks Tae-Ha is healthy when Sa-Wol worries about the man. But she receives the butterfly pendant from Sung-Pyo. He finds out that the pendant is black. Episode 5 of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract ends with Tae-Ha returning to his office. He feels uncomfortable. He tries to take the medicine from the drawer. But the medicine drops.

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