The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: Episode 6. Sung-Pyo mentions Yeon-Woo and Mi-Dam cared for each other. He laughs. The two ladies have a meet at the cafe. Yeon-Woo apologizes to Mi-Dam for mistaking her as her mother.

How Does Yeon-Woo Become Mi-Dam’s Guest Designer?

The Story of Park's Marriage Contract

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract: Episode 6.

Mi-Dam tells Tae-Ha that she’s going to accept his proposal. But she asks him to let Yeon-Woo work with her. She reveals she likes Yeon-Woo’s design because the design reminded her her mother. Tae-Ha persuades Yeon-Woo to accept Mi-Dam’s offer.

But Tae-Ha comforts her that he will take care of it. She wears a new clothes. It’s stunning. He intends to give her a ride. But she rejects it because she doesn’t wish others know their relationship. She arrives at his company with Mi-Dam. Mi-Dam introduces Yeon-Woo as her guest designer.

Is Tae-Ha Alive?

Tae-Ha had a heart attack in episode 5. I worried about him because there was nobody helping him in the office. But He’s fine in episode 6. He pretends to be fine when Hye-Sook walks into his office. He sends a message to Sung-Pyo when Sung-Pyo is meeting with Yeon-Woo and Sa-Wol. Sung-Pyo shows up before Hye-Sook finds Tae-Ha’s secret. He gives Tae-Ha the medicine after Hye-Sook left.

Is Tae-Ha Jealous?

Tae-Ha promises to handle it if Yeon-Woo joins his company. But he cannot handle it when he sees Yeon-Woo being close to Tae-Min and Yoon-Jae. Yeon-Woo has a reason to be close to Yoon-Jae. Because Yoon-Jae is an expert in design.

But Tae-Ha mistakes that Yeon-Woo has feelings for Yoon-Jae. He worries that Yeon-Woo will kiss Yoon-Jae when she’s drunk. Because she kissed him when she was drunk. He’s nervous when Yoon-Jae volunteers to drive Yeon-Woo home. He waits his wife at home. He ruins her dream about jade rabbit because he’s jealous.

Why Tae-Ha Fears the Annex?

Sang-Mo takes Tae-Ha to the annex. But he stops. Sang-Mo thinks Tae-Ha cannot overcome the fear because of Hye-Sook. Hye-Sook killed Tae-Ha’s mother when his mother was sick to lie in the bed. She left and locked the door when Tae-Ha and his mother were in the room. Sang-Mo opened the door and saved Tae-Ha.

Will Hye-Sook Support Tae-Ha?

Hye-Sook drinks tea with Sang-Mo. She thinks her job is to manage SH. But he tells her to help Tae-Ha. She realizes that he wishes her to support Tae-Ha just like she helped Tae-Ha’s father Jung-Hoon. He mentions he helped her marry Jung-Hoon.

She realizes that she was fooled. She thinks the tea is terrible. She returns to her room with a knife. She opens the cabinet. We sees a painting of Tae-Ha’s mother. It flashes back. Hye-Sook throws a fit to Jung-Hoon when he’s painting the painting. She cries to blame him for missing the dead woman. She asks him who she’s to him. He ignores her and picks up the brush.

Hye-Sook tries to ruin the painting. But she sees Jung-Hoon’s name on the painting. She drops the knife. I don’t believe Hye-Sook will support Tae-Ha. Because she hates him and his mother very much. Because they took away the man she loves from her.

Does Cheon-Myung Tell Yeon-Woo the Method to Go Home?

Yeon-Woo meets with the girl Na-Rae. Na-Rae reveals the butterfly pendant contains poison. Yeon-Woo asks Na-Rae to keep the secret from others. Na-Rae leave. Yeon-Woo learns that someone tried to kill her husband. Cheon-Myung shows up. She greets Yeon-Woo.

Yeon-Woo asks Cheon-Myung if she was the one who sent her to the world. She asks her why she did it to her. But Cheon-Myung tells Yeon-Woo to find the answer on her own. She reveals the key is the knot. Yeon-Woo needs to find a way to untie the knot. So she can go home. But she doesn’t have an idea how to do it.

Why Tae-Ha Leaks Yeon-Woo’s Identity?

Sung-Pyo hands over the evidence to Tae-Ha. Tae-Ha finds out that Hye-Sook tried to kill him from the car accident. Sung-Pyo reminds Tae-Ha that Hye-Sook will hurt Yeon-Woo as well. Tae-Ha believes that Hye-Sook cannot hurt Yeon-Woo if there’re many eyes on Yeon-Woo.

He introduces Yeon-Woo as his wife to the people in the meeting. But what he does make Sang-Mo and Yeon-Woo get angry. Tae-Ha explains to Yeon-Woo that he did it for protecting her. She’s furious to leave his office. Hye-Sook also finds out that Tae-Ha fell for Yeon-Woo even if it’s a contract marriage.

Does Yeon-Woo Recognize Tae-Ha?

Yeon-Woo thinks about Cheon-Myung’s words when she walks. She runs into Secretary Choi. Secretary Choi takes Yeon-Woo away. Hyun-Jung sees the two off. She recognizes Secretary Choi. Sung-Pyo shows up. He asks Hyun-Jung if Yeon-Woo is in the office.

Hyun-Jung reveals Yeon-Woo just left with Secretary Choi. Sung-Pyo reports to Tae-Ha that Yeon-Woo is at the annex when Tae-Ha is driving. Secretary Choi asks Yeon-Woo to wait for Hye-Sook in the annex. She reports it to Hye-Sook after she saw Yeon-Woo walking into the annex.

Hye-Sook wonders what Tae-Ha will do. Yeon-Woo walks into the room. She sees the masks on the wall. She remembers the man who kidnapped her wore the mask. She touches the mask. The door is open. Tae-Ha arrives at the annex. He stops when he tries to open the door.

Episode 6 of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract ends with Yeon-Woo walking into another room. She sees the stuff. Tae-Ha overcomes his fear. He gets into the annex. Yeon-Woo tries to grab the stuff. But the woods fall. She trips. Tae-Ha hears the sound. He runs to look for her. He finds her. He tries to take her to leave the room. But he feels uncomfortable. She takes off his shirt. She sees the scar on his chest. She remembers what Cheon-Myung told her that it’s her fate. She recognizes her husband Tae-Ha. Yeon-Woo finds her husband in the end after six episodes. I wonders what she will do. Will she loves Tae-Ha more than before.

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