The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 26

This is the recap of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 26. Wen Ning is killed by Zi Xun, and Wu Xian rages to turn Wen Ning into ghost general. Wen Ning doesn’t get controlled, and he kills many people of Jin family. Wu Xian decides to flee, but Wang Ji blocks his way.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 26

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Untamed Episode 26.

Meng Yao invites Su She to the banquet, but Xi Chen tells Meng Yao that Su She is the outsider of Lan family. Meng Yao announces that the winner is Jiang family, but Jiang Cheng shares what he got with people.

Zi Xun asks Xi Chen and Wang Ji to drink with him, and Meng Yao reminds Zi Xun the rules of Lan family. Xi Chen drinks it, but Wu Xian drinks it for Wang Ji when Zi Xun forces Wang Ji.

Wu Xian asks Zi Xun for the whereabouts of Wen Ning, and reveals Zi Xun used Wen Ning to draw demon. Guang Shan asks Wu Xian to hand over evil tiger symbol, and Wu Xian thinks Guang Shan is no different with Wen King.

Wu Xian threatens to kill Zi Xun, and Zi Xun has to tell Wu Xian that Wen Ning is at Qiongqi path. Guang Shan turns over the table after Wu Xian left.

Wu Xian tells Wen Qing that he found Wen Ning, and intends to go alone when she is frail. But she wants to go. He gives her the bread, and promises her to take her if she eats up the bread. The Untamed Episode 26 is amazing.

Wu Xian tells Wen Qing that Wen Ning is at Qiongqi path, and she regrets for leaving her brother alone. We see the men laugh to stab the evil flag in Wen Ning’s belly, and he bellows.

Guang Shan rages to sprinkle the wine on Meng Yao, and Xi Chen gives his handkerchief to Meng Yao. Meng Yao thinks Wu Xian shouldn’t say such words in front of people. But Wang Ji thinks Wu Xian said it correctly. Jiang Cheng rages to break his wine cup.

Wen Qing looks for Wen Ning but doesn’t find him. The man is scared to say that everybody is there, so Wu Xian asks about the dead. The man reveals he threw the dead into the valley, and takes them to the valley.

Wen Qing finds Wen Qing and hugs him to call his name. But he doesn’t reply her. The man returns to the camp, and he and his men go to kill people to destory evidences. Wu Xian stops them and asks who killed Wen Ning.

But the men deny it, so Wu Xian summons Wen Ning to identify. Wen Ning begins to kill the men, and Wen Qing yells to stop her brother. Wu Xian is surprised that Wen Ning doesn’t get controlled by him, and calls his name. The Untamed Episode 26 is worth of watching.

Wen Ning stops his action and passes out. Wu Xian leaves with Wen Ning’s men, but their way is blocked by Wang Ji. Wang Ji asks Wu Xian where he wants to go. Wu Xian doesn’t know but thinks there is a place he can live.

Wang Ji reminds Wu Xian that he will break the path, but Wu Xian mentions the promise they made.

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