The World of the Married: Episode 2 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Korean Drama The World of the Married: Episode 2. Tae-Oh holds Sun-Woo’s hand at the wedding, and he confesses that she is the only woman he ever love. Sun-Woo thinks he is a liar and shows up at the party, and her friends greet her. But she ignores them. Because they betrayed her.

The World of the Married: Episode 2 Recap & Review

The World of the Married: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Korean Drama The World of the Married: Episode 2.

Sun-Woo stabs Tae-Oh after she imagined the bed scene of her husband and Da-Kyung. Tae-Oh falls down to get on his knees. Joon-Young wakes his mom up, and takes away the camera.

Sun-Woo cuts the box which contains the cake, and Ye-Rim finds out that Sun-Woo ruined the heart drawing. Tae-Oh blows out the candles, and confesses to Sun-Woo that he loves her.

Sun-Woo holds Tae-Oh’s face and gives him a kiss. But she is fast to leave the group, and thinks she should hide her devastation with hypocrisy and lies. But she sees Tae-Oh holds Da-Kyung’s hand in secret.

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Sun-Woo walks to Da-Kyung, and Da-Kyung tells Sun-Woo that it’s fun. Sun-Woo wonders why Da-Kyung feels fun since she doesn’t know the people at the party. Da-Kyung sneers at Sun-Woo.

Ye-Rim tells Sun-Woo that Da-Kyung is a Pilates instructor. Da-Kyung tells Sun-Woo to come her place as she thinks she gets old. Je-Hyuk sees Tae-Oh is anxiety, and asks him if Sun-Woo does her best day and night. Tae-Oh beats Je-Hyuk. The World of the Married: Episode 2 is amazing.

Sun-Woo takes away the ring from Tae-Oh and treats him. He asks about what she was talking with Da-Kyung, but pretends not to know Da-Kyung. Tae-Oh touches Sun-Woo’s hair and tells her that he loves her.

Sun-Woo feels sick and calls Joon-Young. Tae-Oh tells Sun-Woo that Joon-Young’s having fun with his friends. So she leaves alone.

Sun-Woo returns home and throws away the scissors. She cries on the couch. Tae-Oh follows Da-Kyung in the woods, and she scolds him for saying that he loves Sun-Woo. She thinks he were playing with her when Byeong-Kyu opens the champagne.

Tae-Oh gets Da-Kyung to sit and holds her hand. He tells her to look at him in his eyes, and asks if her love looks like a joke to him.

Sun-Woo bursts into the room and puts all of Tae-Oh’s stuff into the leather suitcase. She cannot continue because of sadness.

Tae-Oh tells Da-Kyung that it was just an acting and his true heart belongs to her. He wants to tell her dad about them to make her believe him. The World of the Married: Episode 2 is pretty good.

Da-Kyung stops Tae-Oh, and the two kiss. She tells him to get things sorted out with his wife until tomorrow.

Je-Hyuk gives the speech, “How can you sleep with just one person all your life?” He asks Byeong-Kyu if he agrees to what he said. Byeong-Kyu says that he lives with someone that’s ever-changing.

Hyo-Jung laughs and tells Myung-Sook to find herself a nice partner. Myung-Sook asks Ye-Rim and Je-Hyuk if they’re happy together or putting on a show.

Je-Hyuk hugs Ye-Rim and tells people that they don’t want a kid because they decided to be passionate about each other until the end.

Myung-Sook sees Joon-Young walking in the woods, and knows that he is going to go home. She wonders why Tae-Oh doesn’t stay with his son.

Tae-Oh walks in the restaurant, and Mi-Yun tells him that the client in China decides not to invest in them.

Sun-Woo drinks and takes off all of family photos from the fridge. Joon-Young returns home and walks to upstairs. She asks him if he went home alone. Myung-Sook shows up and tells Sun-Woo that she walked her son. She sees the wedding photo with the suitcase. The World of the Married: Episode 2 is perfect.

Sun-Woo gives the wine to Myung-Sook and tells her that she intends to throw away the photo and the suitcase. She asks her why Tae-Oh and Je-Hyuk fought.

Myung-Sook reveals Je-Hyuk provoked Tae-Oh that he got so much love from Sun-Woo, and thinks Je-Hyuk has feelings for Sun-Woo.

Myung-Sook laughs, and Sun-Woo thinks Myung-Sook had fun when she told her not to be oversensitive. Sun-Woo says that she knows that Myung-Sook warned her husband that she might go after him.

Myung-Sook confesses that Tae-Oh told her the secret one month ago, and she didn’t lie to Sun-Woo on purpose. Sun-Woo’s wry smile and thinks Tae-Oh and Myung-Sook are real friends.

Myung-Sook comforts Sun-Woo and tells her that she is her friend. Sun-Woo yells, “Then from now on, you’d better think before you act!”

Tae-Oh calls Myung-Sook and asks about Sun-Woo. She is furious to tell him to ask Sun-Woo himself because he is her husband. The World of the Married: Episode 2 is so nice.

Sun-Woo accepts Hyo-Jung’s friend request and sees a photo that a man wears a ring and holds Da-Kyung. Sun-Woo takes out the ring she took off from Tae-Oh’s finger, and she grabs the ring tightly.

Tae-Oh returns home, and Sun-Woo closes the laptop. He is drunk to tell her that the birthday is perfect.

The next day, Sun-Woo prepares breakfast for Tae-Oh and tells him to take his son to baseball camp. But Mi-Yun reports to him that she failed to convince the investor.

Ji-Cheol walks Sun-Woo and tells her that board wants to deal with Gang-Seok because he didn’t show up for work half the month. Sun-Woo fires Gang-Seok, and he tells her that the day will come to her as well.

Sun-Woo sees the patient crying to rush out, so she asks Myung-Sook about it. Myung-Sook says that the patient cannot get abortion because her husband stops talking to her. Sun-Woo thinks they should stick to the rules.

Sun-Woo tells Myung-Sook that she didn’t talk to Tae-Oh because she doesn’t want to get her son involved.

Da-Kyung shows up, and Sun-Woo sees her. Da-Kyung admits that she is seeing a married man who said that his marriage is nothing but a shell. She thinks the man doesn’t get a divorce because of the kid and the money.

Sun-Woo tests Da-Kyung’s urine and finds out that she is pregnant. She thinks she must be in a pickle since he’s married, and it’s why being married is such a headache. The World of the Married: Episode 2 is so cool.

Myung-Sook tells Sun-Woo that Da-Kyung asks for abortion, and she decides to operate the surgery. But Sun-Woo wants the follow the rules of the hospital.

Da-Kyung returns home and she applies the lipstick. She remembers that she put the lipstick in Tae-Oh’s pocket when he went to get drink for her.

Sun-Woo calls Joon-Young, and he tells her that he won the game. But he sees his dad flattering Byeong-Kyu.

Sun-Woo looks for Hyun-Seo at the bar, and the colleague tells Sun-Woo that Hyun-Seo is sick because of her boyfriend.

Hyun-Seo is scared to run out of her house, but her boyfriend In-Kyu drags her back to the house. Sun-Woo stops In-Kyu and tells Hyun-Seo to leave with her.

In-Kyu tries to stop Hyun-Seo, but Sun-Woo closes the door to hurt his hand. She threatens him for having him institutionalized, and he rages to grab her clothes. Sun-Woo warns In-Kyu that his life is over because many people will help her.

Sun-Woo treats the wound on Hyun-Seo’s head, and tells her that the woman is pregnant and asked for an abortion. Hyun-Seo thinks it’s a fleeting affair, and reveals she will return after a few days.

Sun-Woo scolds Hyun-Seo for wasting her life because of a jerk. Hyun-Seo says that she wants to make him a good guy. Sun-Woo reminds Hyun-Seo that he will kill her. Hyun-Seo is in tear and tells Sun-Woo that she loves him.

Sun-Woo gets a hotel for Hyun-Seo. Sun-Woo picks up the father and the son, and shows the smile to Tae-Oh.

Sun-Woo asks Tae-Oh if she is seeing another woman. He denies and tells her that she is the only woman in his life. She cannot accept the lie and texts Myung-Sook to tell Tae-Oh about Da-Kyung’s pregnant.

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Da-Kyung calls Tae-Oh and asks for breakup because he didn’t talk to his wife. Myung-Sook brings a bomb to Tae-Oh, and he runs out.

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