The World of the Married: Episode 10 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Netflix Korean drama The World of the Married: Episode 10. Joon-Young breaks Byeong-Kyu’s car, but he is caught by Yoon-Ki. Yoon-Ki asks Joon-Young why he did so. The kid thinks it’s not his business, and tries to run away.

The World of the Married: Episode 10 Recap & Review

The World of the Married: Episode 10

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married: Episode 10.

Byeong-Kyu recognizes Joon-Young and lets him leave. Byeong-Kyu has meal with Yoon-Ki, and asks him about the emotion between Sun-Woo and Tae-Oh. Yoon-Ki thinks it could be an obsession, pity or affection. Byeong-Kyu wants to pour more gasoline since there isn’t any flame left.

Byeong-Kyu says that he wants to see Da-Kyung to be happy, and he thinks Yoon-Ki wants to see it since he likes Sun-Woo. But Yoon-Ki says that he doesn’t have any personal feelings to Sun-Woo, and what he did was to make her happy around him. So she would engage more in counseling.

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Tae-Oh drives car with high speed, and he remembers In-Kyu told him that he loves Sun-Woo when he raged to grab his clothes. Sun-Woo is watching the wedding footage. Tae-Oh visits her and drinks up her wine. He asks her how long she will harass him, and claims that he wants to live happy in his hometown.

Sun-Woo talks back that Tae-Oh is the one who’s harassing her. He plays what she is watching, and asks her why she didn’t throw it away. He thinks she hoped him to come back for her. He says, “Just the sight of you makes me angry. Thanks to you I have a prior for assault and had a restraining order keeping me from my only son! It still makes my blood boil.”

Sun-Woo asks Tae-Oh what he is expecting from her by coming there. He takes off her clothes, and tells her to leave. He thinks his life is perfect without her. He leaves, and she is angry to look at him because he once told her that she is perfect.

Myung-Sook thinks Ye-Rim and Je-Hyuk made the right decision, and tells them that their success rate is very high. Ye-Rim asks if it’s too late. Myung-Sook says that it’s not early, and she needs to run tests to know the details. She says that the stress may decrease Ye-Rim’s chances. Je-Hyuk holds his wife’s hand to comfort her.

Ji-Cheol notes that the patients complain about the waiting. He calls the nurse and asks her what happened. She tells him that Sun-Woo isn’t there. Sun-Woo arrives and feels sorry. Myung-Sook thinks Sun-Woo must have drunk last night.

Sun-Woo tells Ji-Cheol that she was late because she didn’t feel well this morning. He tells her that he will adjust her workload if it’s hard to her. She gets angry and promises to continue to do her job. He tells her that Yoon-Ki has a personal tie with Byeong-Kyu.

Sun-Woo asks Yoon-Ki if he wants her position, and thinks she can step down. He says that he isn’t interested in her position at all.

Ye-Rim goes out of the room, and Je-Hyuk thinks they should come early so that she wouldn’t worry about it. She says that she will be grateful to him if they cannot get pregnant. The nurse calls Je-Hyuk so that he leaves. Ye-Rim is happy to check her phone, but she sees the photos of Je-Hyuk and the girl.

Sun-Woo worries about something, and she calls Hyun-Seo. But Hyun-Seo doesn’t pick up her phone. Sun-Woo leaves the hospital. Ji-Cheol sees it and wonders why she has so many personal matters. He thinks women can never keep their personal lives out of the workplace when anything happens. But he is startled to see Myung-Sook. She thinks what he means is Sun-Woo and it’s unfair if he lumps them all together.

Je-Hyuk goes out and he finds out that his wife disappears. Da-Kyung sees Hyun-Seo meeting up with Sun-Woo. Hyun-Seo mentions what she told Sun-Woo not to come look for her. But Sun-Woo asks Hyun-Seo if she saw In-Kyu, and tells her not to fool her. Hyun-Seo reveals he found her even if she tried to hide. Sun-Woo asks Hyun-Seo if she needs help. But Hyun-Seo tells Sun-Woo to leave.

Hyo-Jung joins Da-Kyung, and sees Sun-Woo. Hyo-Jung gets angry because Sun-Woo ignores them. Hyun-Seo is arranged to massage for Da-Kyung.

Sun-Woo sees Ye-Rim leaving the hospital. Myung-Sook tells Sun-Woo that Ye-Rim suddenly disappeared without a word. Je-Hyuk looks for his wife. Tae-Oh calls Je-Hyuk and asks for drinking together. But Je-Hyuk rejects it and says that he is busy. Tae-Oh smiles.

Da-Kyung asks Hyun-Seo if Sun-Woo told her that she is a member there. Hyun-Seo tells Da-Kyung that she worked there over one year, and she didn’t expect that she would run into her. Da-Kyung asks Hyun-Seo if she still reports to Sun-Woo what she does.

Hyun-Seo notes that Da-Kyung doesn’t live happy even if she got married. She tells her that the man will cheat again if he cheated ever.

No-Eul asks Joon-Young for a talk in the class. The classmates mistake that they’re dating. No-Eul tells Joon-Young to stop stealing and tell Hae-Kang the truth. He tells her to report it, and says that he doesn’t care for it. She yells at him that she got blamed for what he did. Hae-Kang tells Joon-Young that he likes No-Eul, and asks him to help him.

Da-Kyung calls Tae-Oh and tells him that she will return home soon when he is playing with their daughter Jenny. He feels happy. But In-Kyu visits. Tae-Oh asks In-Kyu why he came there. In-Kyu asks for what Tae-Oh promised him. Tae-Oh tells In-Kyu that he will give it to him, and asks him to leave.

Da-Kyung sees In-Kyu and asks Tae-Oh about it. He explains that the person wanted him to subscribe to a newspaper. Tae-Oh goes to look after Jenny so that Da-Kyung can eat well. Hyo-Jung thinks her son-in-law is very considerate.

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