The World of the Married: Episode 11 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Netflix Korean drama The World of the Married: Episode 11. In-Kyu tells Hyun-Seo that their lives were ruined because of Sun-Woo. He promises to leave with her once he gets the money.

The World of the Married: Episode 11 Recap & Review

The World of the Married: Episode 11

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married: Episode 11.

But Hyun-Seo rejects it. So In-Kyu tells her that he won’t hurt her anymore. He begs her not to leave him. But she says that there’s no hope for them as her life will always be a mess if she keeps staying with him. She asks to end their relationship. She leaves, and it makes him cry.

Sun-Woo sees the stuff Hyun-Seo left, and she calls her. Hyun-Seo is scared to go downstairs, but someone catches her. In-Kyu jumps off the building to take his life. His hand takes Hyun-Seo’s scarf. Sun-Woo sees the scarf with blood, and mistakes that Hyun-Seo is dead.

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Sun-Woo is in tears, and Yoon-Ki tries to take her away. She tells him that the dead person is what she is looking for. But he tells her that it’s a man.

Tae-Oh returns home, and Da-Kyung notes that he was hurt. He denies and goes to his room. He finds out that his ring is missing, and remembers it dropped when he fought with Hyun-Seo.

Sun-Woo thinks about something, and she is startled by the bread maker. Joon-Young mentions someone died at the train station, and thinks it’s strange that the person jumped from the rooftop. He says that people think it was not a suicide.

Ye-Rim sees the news and tries to talk about In-Kyu’s death with Je-Hyuk. But she realizes that he isn’t there. Sun-Woo visits Yoon-Ki and asks for a talk. He lets her in and closes the door.

Da-Kyung asks Tae-Oh when he left office last night. He says that it’s about 12:30 am. But she remembers that the follower told her that Tae-Oh left around 10:30 pm. He wonders why she asks about it. She mentions that someone died at Gosan Station last night, and the person was In-Kyu.

Yoon-Ki tells Sun-Woo that he had a business to attend, and he heard someone fell from the rooftop. She asks him if he happened to see her. He admits it. But she asks him how he knew the dead person was In-Kyu. He explains that he saw In-Kyu fall, and he knew he is the one she reported for breaking into her house and blackmailing. He thought she shouldn’t step in the place.

Sun-Woo asks Yoon-Ki if he thought she killed In-Kyu. He says that the police will know that she didn’t get long well with In-Kyu, and he thinks there will be a problem. So he took her away. She thinks he is a quick thinker.

Hyun-Seo calls Sun-Woo and cries because she thinks she ruined everything. Sun-Woo asks Hyun-Seo what happened. Hyun-Seo says that the person appeared. Sun-Woo asks who was the person. Da-Kyung tells Tae-Oh that the police called him, and they want to question him as a testifier. She mentions what the police told her that he was the last person In-Kyu spoke to. She asks him if it’s true.

Hyun-Seo tells Sun-Woo that the person was Tae-Oh. Sun-Woo is shocked. Myung-Sook heard that Yoon-Ki rejected the position, and she wants to give him a silver platter. She wonders why he did so. Sun-Woo tells Myung-Sook to ask Yoon-Ki in person, and thinks she should tell him that she wants the associate director position.

Ye-Rim calls Sun-Woo and asks for a talk. But Sun-Woo rejects it as she is busy. She steps in the office, and the police is waiting for her. The police asked Ye-Rim about the scarf, and she remembered that Sun-Woo wore the scarf ever.

Je-Hyuk asks Ye-Rim what she said to the police. She says that it isn’t his business. He signs the divorce contract and says that he didn’t think of hiring an attorney. She tells him that she is the one who gives him what he wants, and thinks he can do whatever he wants. She wants to take away the contract. But he stops her, and wants to rip it as he thinks it isn’t what he wants. He tells her that he cannot live without her. But she takes away the contract and thinks he doesn’t have to feel sorry. He learns that she doesn’t trust him.

Ye-Rim tells Je-Hyuk to come to the court. He asks her what she said to the police. She says that it’s related to Sun-Woo. The detective asks Sun-Woo about the scarf. She says that it belonged to her but she gave it to Hyun-Seo. He asks her why In-Kyu held it when he died. She says that she doesn’t know about it.

The detective asks Sun-Woo when she last met Hyun-Seo. She says that it was at Gosan Station and she said goodbye to her when she visited her friend. She adds that she gave her the scarf. He tells her that she will get investigated as a witness.

Myung-Sook reports to Ji-Cheol that the detective visited Sun-Woo for In-Kyu. Ji-Cheol is furious and thinks Sun-Woo always brings trouble to their hospital. Myung-Sook tells Ji-Cheol that she wants to be the associate director. He says that he knows she worked hard, but she’s single. He asks her why she is so ambitious when she doesn’t have a family to feed.

Myung-Sook talks back that Yoon-Ki is single as well. But Ji-Cheol points out that men and women are different. She tells him that she’s not being greedy but tries to survive. He scolds her for bringing trouble to him, and thinks women always cause troubles.

Myung-Sook admits that she is a woman and she is single. So she worked harder than others. Because she doesn’t have any kid to rely on and she doesn’t have a husband to protect her. She blames him for treating it to Sun-Woo, and mentions he got the donation because he demoted her.

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