The World of the Married: Episode 9 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Netflix Korean drama The World of the Married: Episode 9. Chairman Choi’s wife is surprised that Sun-Woo wants to join the women club, and tells her that there are many people who want to replace her.

The World of the Married: Episode 9 Recap & Review

The World of the Married: Episode 9

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married: Episode 9.

Sun-Woo says that she knows it and she wants to develop the club. Chairman Choi’s wife thinks Sun-Woo wants to take the bull by the horns. But she tells Sun-Woo that it’s not a good idea to get others involved in a family feud. She refuses to take anyone’s side, and asks what she will do after joining the club.

Da-Kyung lifts her hand and votes Sun-Woo. She holds out and welcomes Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo shakes hands with Da-Kyung and thanks her. Da-Kyung walks in the restroom and asks Sun-Woo what she wants to do. Sun-Woo says that she does it to warn Tae-Oh. She thinks he will be careful if he knows that she joined the club.

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Da-Kyung thinks her husband doesn’t have a reason to do so. Sun-Woo tells Da-Kyung that her husband is stalking her. Da-Kyung laughs, and Sun-Woo tells her that it’s the truth. Da-Kyung thinks Sun-Woo needs to get counseling, but Sun-Woo thinks Da-Kyung doesn’t know Tae-Oh, and she doesn’t want to fight. She says that she’s just telling her what she doesn’t know.

Sun-Woo tells Da-Kyung to stop Tae-Oh crossing the line. She walks away, but runs into Ye-Rim. Ye-Rim asks Sun-Woo what she wants to do, and tells her to stay quiet. Sun-Woo rejects it.

Hyo-Jung thinks Da-Kyung lost her mind to let Sun-Woo join. She mentions she spent so much time and effort on the women club, and she doesn’t want people to badmouth about her marriage. Da-Kyung scolds her mom and tells her to think about what others would think.

Da-Kyung gets a call from Tae-Oh who asks for a date. Yoon-Ki meets with Sun-Woo and tells her not to suspect Tae-Oh just because he once dropped by when she weren’t home. He thinks she should wait for the investigation results, and wants to stay at her place for a while. She laughs but sees Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung.

Tae-Oh wants to change the place. Da-Kyung asks Sun-Woo if she feels uncomfortable. Sun-Woo denies. So Da-Kyung sits down with Tae-Oh. Yoon-Ki asks Sun-Woo if she wants to try the wine. She rejects it, and he grabs her hand to comfort her. Tae-Oh notes it and stares at the two.

Da-Kyung asks Tae-Oh if they should join the two. He doesn’t reply her and asks her what she wants to eat. Tae-Oh runs into Yoon-Ki and tells him that Sun-Woo doesn’t like the place. Yoon-Ki reminds Tae-Oh that Sun-Woo isn’t his wife anymore.

Da-Kyung asks Tae-Oh if he is upset that his ex-wife is dating. He denies and reveals he doesn’t want to see Sun-Woo. Da-Kyung thinks Yoon-Ki and Sun-Woo are in love. The car passes through Tae-Oh’s car, and he blames the driver. Da-Kyung thinks Tae-Oh did so because his ex-wife is seeing another man. She says that he keeps making her sensitive.

Yoon-Ki holds Sun-Woo’s hand and tells her that he knew it when he started to like her. He tells her not to act she is fine, and asks her to take his hand. Sun-Woo brings the snack to Joon-Young, and he asks her what Yoon-Ki told her. She tells him not to worry about it as Yoon-Ki won’t tell it to her. He asks her why she keeps staying with Yoon-Ki. She explains that they’re colleagues so that they should work together.

Sun-Woo gets a call from Tae-Oh who blames her for leaving Joon-Young alone. She tells him that she will take care of it. He thinks he should take Joon-Young if she remarried, and she asks him why he called her. He tells her to stay away from his wife, and she thinks he worried that she will tell his wife what he did to her.

It flashes back. Yoon-Ki tells Sun-Woo to shake her previous marriage off and start anew. But she mentions Joon-Young had a hard time to accept the divorce and his dad’s second marriage. So she cannot do that.

Tae-Oh intends to go out. Da-Kyung asks him where he wants to go. He says that he will drink with a friend. Je-Hyuk flirts with the girl in the bar when he drinks. Tae-Oh arrives and wants to drink with Je-Hyuk. Sun-Woo takes a look at Joon-Young, and she goes out after her son falls asleep.

The girl gives Je-Hyuk the snack for free. Tae-Oh thinks the girl is Je-Hyuk’s new girl. Je-Hyuk denies and thinks she is being so nice just because he spent a lot. Tae-Oh laughs and thinks Je-Hyuk slept with the girl. Je-Hyuk asks Tae-Oh if the movie set construction goes well. Tae-Oh tells Je-Hyuk that he will invite him to the groundbreaking. Je-Hyuk thinks Tae-Oh has succeeded. But he mocks him for living off of a woman.

Je-Hyuk tells Tae-Oh that his ex-wife are pretty good. Tae-Oh is furious to beat Je-Hyuk. Ye-Rim takes Je-Hyuk home, and she notes that he was hurt. He tells her that he ran into Tae-Oh. She brings the water to him, and goes to take ointment.

It flashes back. Tae-Oh asks Je-Hyuk if he lives happy with his wife. He tells him to be nice to Ye-Rim, and thinks he shouldn’t get a divorce. But Je-Hyuk points out that Tae-Oh got benefits because of divorce. Tae-Oh thinks Je-Hyuk should change his mind before it’s too late. He says that the only thing that’s left are children when they get older.

Je-Hyuk tells Ye-Rim that he wants a baby, and thinks it’s harder to her to have baby as he is selfish. She tears up, and he hugs her. Da-Kyung tries to help Jenny go downstairs at home. She sees Tae-Oh sleeping on the couch. Sun-Woo has a meeting with the doctors at the hospital. She scolds Myung-Sook for giving the overtreatments to the patients. Myung-Sook brings up Joon-Young’s consultations. But Sun-Woo doesn’t want to talk about it.

Myung-Sook returns to her office. She calls Tae-Oh. She blames him and she reveals Ji-Cheol didn’t make a move. He arrives at the hospital and he promises to resolve the problem when he runs into Sun-Woo. He visits Ji-Cheol and he asks him about the his decision regarding the position of the associate director. But Ji-Cheol reveals he plans to meet Chairman Yeo separately. He adds that Sun-Woo asked him to do so.

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