Way Back Into Love: Episode 1 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Way Back Into Love: Episode 1. Lu Jia gets off the car and walks in the hotel. She breaks into the gathering, and takes off the boss’s hat and takes photos of him. She runs away.

Way Back Into Love: Episode 1 Recap & Review

Way Back Into Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Way Back Into Love: Episode 1.

“My name is Lu Jia, 25 years old. I was born in East State, and I came to Beijing 7 years ago. But this is the last night I stay in Beijing. I decide to leave the city I lived for 7 years, the central business district is still ablaze with lights this evening. But I want to see someone before leaving.”

“This is the person, and I should say goodbye to him like this way. I want to tell the boss who used and slandered me that you’re fired. I want to get my original aspiration back and be myself.”

Lu Jia gets off the elevator and leaves the hotel. But she misses Jia Xiu. Zhong Jin calls Jia Xiu and tells him that he is going to get married, and he wants him to be the groomsman. The bride calls Lu Jia and tells her to be the bridesmaid.

The bride threatens to end the friendship if Lu Jia doesn’t come. Lu Jia promises to come to the wedding, and asks about the groomsman. She rejects it after knowing the groomsman is Jia Xiu.

Lao Lu tells the woman that he misses Lu Jia, and she tells him to call Lu Jia. Lu Jia returns home and sees her dad Lao Lu taking Aunt Jiang hand. Aunt Jiang is awkward to leave. Way Back Into Love: Episode 1 is so good.

Lu Jia takes the photo of her mom, and tells her that she came back. The friend calls Lu Jia and yells at her for her resignation. Lu Jia explains that she just came back for resting some days, and reveals she didn’t tell Lao Lu about it. Because she worried that he wouldn’t scold her.

Lao Lu hears it and thinks Lu Jia shouldn’t give up such a good job. She comforts him that she will get a better job. He says that his heart is weak and it cannot bear it. But she points out that his heart is good, and says that she came for the wedding of Tian Tian. He asks her if she got bullied.

Lu Jia denies and says that she returned to give Lao Lu a surprise. She mentions she likes to eat what he cooked. He feels happy for her coming back, and asks when she will go to work. He wants to ask the students he taught a favor. She rejects and drives him out.

Lu Jia learns that the job market is fierce competition, and she decides to grind them. The man takes his followers to arrive at the company, and he asks the boss to repay. Jia Xiu shows up, and the man blames him for not repaying them.

Jia Xiu realizes what they said is Wode company, and guides them to the place. The man doesn’t find the boss Yun Bo. Jia Xiu hints the man that Yun Bo hides behind the window, and they pretend to leave. Jia Xiu locks the window up. Yun Bo cannot leave, and he sees people applauding to him.

Yun Bo tells the men that he is broke, and they want to take him to the police station. Yun Bo asks Jia Xiu to save him, and promises to reduce the rent. Jia Xiu stops those men, and asks Yun Bo how much rent he is going to reduce.

Lan Jie interviews Lu Jia and thinks her dream matches their boss’s concept. She tells her that the company is an internet company. But Lu Jia says that she needs time to think about it. Lan Jie agrees to it, and she welcomes Lu Jia to join the company anytime.

Tian Tian complains to Lu Jia that being a bride is very tired, and she asks her how much money she got. The groom takes Tian Tian away. Zhong Jin tells people that he feels happy for marrying Tian Tian. Tian Tian laughs. People get the two to have a kiss.

Tian Tian wonders why Jia Xiu doesn’t come, and asks Lu Jia if she is still in anger to him. Lu Jia says that love is a kind of dopamine which can lower intelligence quotient, and thinks it won’t bring any benefit. Tian Tian promises to give Lu Jia benefits if she gets herself a boyfriend. Jia Xiu arrives, and Lu Jia stares at him.

Lu Jia remembers she picked the basketball for Jia Xiu. Jia Xiu gives the red envelope to Tian Tian. But she tells him to give it to Lu Jia. He hands over the red envelope to Lu Jia, and walks to his seat. Ang Yang drinks with Tian Tian and Zhong Jin. Tian Tian tells Ang Yang to eat and drink well. He asks for two dishes of meat. She glares at him.

Tian Tian asks Lu Jia to help her, and thinks her shop will be closed up soon. She threatens to tell Lao Lu that she doesn’t find the job. Lu Jia turns off the air conditioner, and the guests leave. Tian Tian praises Lu Jia, and she calls Ang Yang and Jia Xiu to the table.

Ang Yang is surprised to see Lu Jia, and asks her when she will return to Beijing. The classmate mentions Lu Jia wants to stay in East State. Lu Jia admits it, and Ang Yang asks her where she works. She says that she got a job, but she doesn’t tell them which company she worked.

Lan Jie texts Jia Xiu that the resume of financial employee has sent to his e-mail. Lu Jia tells Jia Xiu that her boss came from overseas, and he wants to build his hometown. She says that she will work hard in the company.

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