The World of the Married: Episode 16 Recap & Review

These are the Recap & Review for The World of the Married: Episode 16. Sun-Woo gives the food to Joon-Young. She asks him if he wants to stay in the school. He tells her that he prefers to get bullied than going to a new school. She praises him for gaining the guts.

The World of the Married: Episode 16 Recap & Review

The World of the Married

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married: Episode 16.

Tae-Oh shows up. He sees the grilled fish. He tells his family that he likes the food very much. He tries to take the rice. But Sun-Woo tells him to go to wash his hands. Joon-Young blames Tae-Oh for getting scolded by his mother. He thinks he never gets things right.

Tae-Oh tells Joon-Young that he did it because his mother loves him very much. Sun-Woo agrees to what Tae-Oh said. He kisses her. He leaks that he’s going to go to China. She feels happy after she heard the good news. He asks Joon-Young if he wishes him to buy him something. But Joon-Young tells his father that all he needs is him. Tae-Oh tells Joon-Young that all he needs is Sun-Woo.

Joon-Young goes to second floor after he ate. He takes a look all of the family photos of him and Tae-Oh. He deletes them. Sun-Woo gets a call from Ye-Rim. Ye-Rim explains to Sun-Woo that she called because she saw the lights of her house.

Ye-Rim Worries About Sun-Woo

Ye-Rim asks Sun-Woo if she’s fine. Sun-Woo tells Ye-Rim that everything is going to be over. She asks about her. Joon-Young shows up when Sun-Woo is cleaning the floor. She realizes that he wishes to get some money from her. She asks him who he’s going to meet.

But Joon-Young refuses to leak it. Sun-Woo tells him to come home for dinner. She hands over the cash to him. He’s happy to leave. The World of the Married lets us see the wedding photos of Sun-Woo and Tae-Oh in the trash bag. Sun-Woo walks out of her house. Sun-Woo throws away the trash. She gets in the car and drives away.


Joon-Young is checking the book in a bookstore. The girl hands over the book to him. She thinks the book will be easier for him to understand. Because there’re many drawings in the book. Joon-Young checks the book. He sees the drawings in the book. He thinks the girl No-Eul is looking down on him. She mentions he skipped many classes. She thinks he needs to study hard. He takes a look at her book. She asks him for buying her ice cream because she helped him pick out the book. He smiles.

Do-Cheol’s wife

Sun-Woo is going to buy the bag from the bag store after she bought dress from the clothing store. She runs into the woman. She greets her. The woman Do-Cheol’s wife greets Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo asks her about her son. Do-Cheol’s wife admits it. She wishes Sun-Woo and her son to be good.

Sun-Woo stops Do-Cheol’s wife when she tries to leave. She asks her if she still feels uncomfortable when she sees her. Do-Cheol’s wife denies it. She mentions their children has made up. She apologizes to her if she feels offended.

Chairman Choi’s wife

Sun-Woo runs into Chairman Choi’s wife at the parking lot. She greets her. Chairman Choi’s wife tells Sun-Woo that she likes her unbending spirit. But Sun-Woo claims that she just did it for her son. Chairman Choi’s wife tells Sun-Woo not to be modest. She thinks each woman in the town doesn’t want to offend Sun-Woo because Sun-Woo gave Byeong-Kyu a lesson. She wishes it won’t happen again.


Sun-Woo returns home. She lets Joon-Young try on the clothes. But he thinks he’s the worst dresser because he lets his mother shop for him. She decides to return the clothes to the store. But he thinks the clothes aren’t bad. She laughs to tell him that she’s going to give her card to him.

Joon-Young tells Sun-Woo that he wants to go back to the school. But she tells him to take a break. He mentions some of the kids are preparing for the college. She promises to help him. She tries to leave his room. But she hears the sound the his phone.

Sun-Woo takes a look at Joon-Young. She finds out that he’s reading the message. He’s surprised that she doesn’t leave. He hands over the phone to her when she walks to him. She finds out that the message came from No-Eul. She apologizes to him. She leaves his room.

Je-Hyuk Gets Together with Ye-Rim

Je-Hyuk drinks at the bar. He remembers Ye-Rim avoided him when he tried to kiss her. Tae-Oh is at the bar as well. He places the cash on the table. He leaves. Je-Hyuk sees Tae-Oh. He follows him. But Tae-Oh is missing. Ye-Rim is washing dishes in the kitchen. She tries to text Je-Hyuk to ask him why he didn’t call her. But she gives up the mind. She laughs.

Je-Hyuk returns to his office. He finds out that Ye-Rim is waiting for him. She asks him how long he’s going to stay in the office. He thinks she came to scold him. She asks him if he’s still in anger for her rejecting him. She tells him that she missed him. Je-Hyuk hugs Ye-Rim. He tells her that he missed her as well. He tells her not to say anything when she tries to apologize to him. He tells her that he wants to stay with her for a while. She laughs.

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Sun-Woo is going to leave. She calls Joon-Young. He shows up and notes that her lipstick is too dark. She looks at herself in the mirror. He tells her that she’s pretty. The people congratulate Ye-Rim on getting married with Je-Hyuk when they give her a toast. She’s shy to blames Je-Hyuk for preparing it. She thinks it’s not a big deal.

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