The World of the Married: Episode 4 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Korean drama The World of the Married: Episode 4. Tae-Oh confesses to Sun-Woo that he loves her. But she realizes that her son, her house and her life are going to lose. She decides to carve him out from her life.

The World of the Married: Episode 4 Recap & Review

The World of the Married: Episode 4

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Korean drama The World of the Married: Episode 4.

Sun-Woo remembers what the lawyer told her to control her emotions so that she can fool Tae-Oh. So she tells Tae-Oh that she suspected him because she loved him. He believes what she said and kisses her in the bed.

Hyun-Seo tells Sun-Woo that she has becomes the friend of Da-Kyung. Sun-Woo cannot sleep and opens the trunk of Tae-Oh when it’s raining. Je-Hyuk holds the umbrella for Sun-Woo.

Byeong-Kyu gets Sun-Woo to see his friend Chairman Choi’s wife, but Sun-Woo tells the wife that Chairman Choi was cheated on her. It makes Chairman Choi get a slap.

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Myung-Sook sees Sun-Woo walking with Byeong-Kyu, and she reports it to Tae-Oh. Sun-Woo tells Byeong-Kyu that she cannot condone secrets between a husband and wife. She reveals that Da-Kyung is seeing someone. Tae-Oh arrives and asks Sun-Woo what she talked with Byeong-Kyu. The World of the Married: Episode 4 is pretty good.

Byeong-Kyu tells Da-Kyung to end with the guy, but she rejects it. So he orders her to move back. Hyo-Jung Notes that Da-Kyung gained weight.

Sun-Woo picks up Joon-Young and runs into Mi-Yun. She gives her a ride and hints her if she knew why she went to the office that night. But Mi-Yun pretends to know what she’s talking about.

Hyun-Seo sees Da-Kyung and Tae-Oh’s fight, and she reports it to Sun-Woo. So Sun-Woo asks Tae-Oh about it. But he says that he just wants a drink.

Ji-Cheol scolds Sun-Woo for telling Chairman Choi’s wife the truth. Myung-Sook comforts Sun-Woo and thinks she’s taking big risks. But Sun-Woo tells Myung-Sook that she knows that she’s a double spy.

Chairman Choi’s wife visits Sun-Woo and tells her that she won’t get a divorce. She thinks sex is like excretion for men. The World of the Married: Episode 4 is perfect.

Sun-Woo returns home, and she runs into Tae-Oh who is going to leave. Sun-Woo texts Hyun-Seo and asks her to check it for her. Hyun-Seo sets up a camera in her car to film Da-Kyung’s house.

When Hyun-Seo is going to leave, In-Kyu shows up and asks about her and Sun-Woo. Hyun-Seo denies so that In-Kyu rings the doorbell of Da-Kyung’s house. She runs to stop him, and Tae-Oh opens the door.

Sun-Woo calls Tae-Oh and tells him that she loves him when he and Da-Kyung are in the bed. Da-Kyung is furious to leave the room. Sun-Woo hears the sound of closing door, and she takes a bottle of wine to drink up.

Sun-Woo runs on the street, and Je-Hyuk stops her. He tells her that he saw her seeing what she saw at the parking lot. She thinks her family will be fine if she turns a blind eye to it, but she’s not sure if she can live like that for the rest of her life. The World of the Married: Episode 4 is amazing.

Sun-Woo thinks she’s no longer attractive as a woman. Je-Hyuk tells her to get some drinks together at a bar.

In-Kyu visits Sun-Woo and shows the camera to her. He asks for 30,000 dollars, and threatens to tell people that she hired someone to tail her husband. Sun-Woo asks In-Kyu about Hyun-Seo, and he tells her that Hyun-Seo hates her. Sun-Woo is furious to cast the cup to the wall.

The nurse brings the flowers to Sun-Woo, and Sun-Woo sees the note which says that she is an amazing woman. Je-Hyuk calls Sun-Woo, and she knows that the gift was given by him. He tells her to follow her heart and go with the flow.

The patient Dong-Sik visits Sun-Woo and tells her to get help from a professional. Da-Kyung vomits in the restroom, and Ye-Rim knows Da-Kyung is pregnant. Ye-Rim says that she cannnot keep quiet.

Da-Kyung gets angry and thinks Ye-Rim were an accomplice, but she acts like a loyal friend. Ye-Rim tells Da-Kyung that Sun-Woo has known it, and thinks she will let Da-Kyung have a baby alone and ruin her life. The World of the Married: Episode 4 is worth of watching.

Hyo-Jung picks up Da-Kyung and takes her to go shopping. Hyo-Jung is happy to see the baby shoes, and reveals her friend’s becoming a grandma next month. Hyo-Jung tells Da-Kyung that she doesn’t want to be the grandma too soon.

Sun-Woo and Tae-Oh go to the restaurant for the family dinner. Hyo-Jung thrills to see Sun-Woo, and reveals the restaurant didn’t have any tables. Sun-Woo tells Hyo-Jung to join them, and she says that they have a reservation.

Sun-Woo asks Da-Kyung about her dating life, and Sun-Woo explains that Da-Kyung doesn’t have a boyfriend. Joon-Young leaves for the homework, and Tae-Oh follows his son.

Sun-Woo tells Hyo-Jung that Tae-Oh is really faithful to his family. Da-Kyung calls Sun-Woo and blames her for leaking her privacy. Sun-Woo explains that she thought Da-Kyung introduced the person to her parents.

Hyun-Seo visits Da-Kyung and tells her that she decides to get an abortion. She is envy of her as she thinks she is going to get married. Da-Kyung tears up and tells Hyun-Seo that her boyfriend is married. Hyun-Seo comforts Da-Kyung. The World of the Married: Episode 4 is great.

Da-Kyung tells Hyun-Seo that Tae-Oh told her that he doesn’t feel sexually attracted to Sun-Woo. Hyun-Seo makes Sun-Woo hear it through the phone.

Sun-Woo dresses up, and Joon-Young thinks her lips are too red. But Tae-Oh says that it doesn’t look bad.

Sun-Woo goes to see Je-Hyuk and asks why people cheat. He thinks they cannot overcome the instincts. Je-Hyuk tells Sun-Woo that he likes her, and hints her to take revenge on Tae-Oh.

Sun-Woo walks in the room which Je-Hyuk booked, and sleeps with him. Ye-Rim knows it through the location, and she feels sad. The World of the Married: Episode 4 is fantastic.

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Da-Kyung visits Tae-Oh and tells him that she is going to get an abortion. She drives away. Sun-Woo watches the footage Dong-Sik left, and it shows that Tae-Oh kisses Da-Kyung when Joon-Young’s having fun with his friends. Sun-Woo is in tears. She walks out of the hotel. She thinks she’s going to lose everything. She decides to drive Tae-Oh out of her life.

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