The World of the Married: Episode 3 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Korean drama The World of the Married: Episode 3. Tae-Oh asks Sun-Woo if she misses him, and wants to see her smile. She tells him to leave if he doesn’t have anything to say as she needs to work.

The World of the Married: Episode 3 Recap

The World of the Married: Episode 3

Tae-Oh stops Sun-Woo and offers to get married. She tells him not to ask it for the responsibility, and she walks away. But she hears the song he plays. He takes the ring and tells her that he cannot live without her. He wears the ring for her, and asks to get married. He confesses that he will make her and the baby happy, and claims that he doesn’t do it because she is pregnant.

Tae-Oh tells Sun-Woo that he loves her, and he wants to share his life with her. He asks to live together. She is in tears, and he hugs her.

Tae-Oh runs through Sun-Woo and closes the door. She puts down her hand. We see her ring. He visits Da-Kyung but she doesn’t open the door. So he calls her. She opens the door and walks out.

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Myung-Sook walks in Sun-Woo’s office, and asks her why she lets Tae-Oh know Da-Kyung is pregnant. She thinks Tae-Oh should know it as he is the father of the baby, and he needs to take responsibility. Myung-Sook asks Sun-Woo if she will divorce Tae-Oh if he says he will. She tells her that she worries about her.

Da-Kyung tells Tae-Oh not to worry about her, and wants to make the decision herself. She tells him that she won’t use the baby to latch onto him. Sun-Woo wants Tae-Oh to make a choice for her. Myung-Sook thinks Tae-Oh won’t choose Da-Kyung unless he lost his mind, and he believes that he will end it.

Tae-Oh holds Da-Kyung’s hand and tells her that he cannot live without her. She says that she doesn’t want to hide, and wants to call him anytime. She tells him not to hang up on her, and threatens that there will be over. She agrees to it and hugs her. He tells her to trust him, but she pushes him over and asks him to prove it.

The doctor tells Sun-Woo that her mother-in-law will pass away soon. Mother-in-law holds Sun-Woo’s hand and tells her to embrace Tae-Oh with broad mind. She believes that his son will get back his sense in the end. She reminds her that she and Joon-Young are the world to Tae-Oh. She tells her to take care of his son after she passes away.

Sun-Woo returns home, and Tae-Oh is cooking. She wears the apron for him, and he wants to be close to her. But she walks away, and asks if he resolved the urgent matter.

It flashes back. Myung-Sook tells Tae-Oh to confess to Sun-Woo and end with Da-Kyung. But he worries that Sun-Woo will ask for a divorce and won’t let him see his son. He cannot live with her. So she asks him to end it with Da-Kyung. He rejects it and reveals he feels alive when he stays with Da-Kyung. He adds that his creativity gets going, and he gets inspired.

Tae-Oh tells Myung-Sook that he loves Sun-Woo and Da-Kyung both, and thinks human heart cannot just feel one emotion. He thinks he shouldn’t stop loving because he is married. He adds that his love for the two are different, and it drives him mad that he loves them both. Myung-Sook laughs and blames Tae-Oh for it. But he thinks she will know when she experiences it.

Tae-Oh tells Sun-Woo that it was resolved, and he puts his hands on her shoulders. He feels sorry for running out, and tells her not to worry about it. The two sleep in the bed. Tae-Oh gets up to check his phone after he received a message. Sun-Woo wakes up.

Sun-Woo visits the attorney, and he tells her that she will get benefits if her husband doesn’t know she found out his affair. He asks her if she got the evidence to prove his husband’s affair. She denies. He tells her that the game will be over if she cannot find the evidence.

Sun-Woo wants to vomit when she thinks about the scene Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung play in the bed, and she wants to leave. The attorney asks Sun-Woo if she really wants to divorce, and tells her that she cannot get back if she sees her husband staying in bed with another woman.

No-Eul plays the piano, and Joon-Young asks her what it’s like when her parents got a divorce. She reveals that they will scream and throw everything, and her dad even smashed the door. He asks her if it’s better now. She gets angry and blames him for talking to her as she keeps making mistakes because of him.

Joon-Young thinks the parents won’t get divorced if they got quiet after the fighting. No-Eul points out that they might be acting quiet only in front of him. Ye-Rim hears the talk while taking the fruits for the kids.

Sun-Woo treats the wound for Hyun-Seo, and asks if she feels ok while staying in a motel. Hyun-Seo reveals that she’s used to it. Sun-Woo asks Hyun-Seo if her boyfriend still bothers her. Hyun-Seo says that she doesn’t contact her, and thanks her for getting rid of the horrible man.

Hyun-Seo asks about Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo says that getting a divorce isn’t an easy decision to make. Hyun-Seo mentions what Sun-Woo said that people don’t get change. She tells her to told her if she needs her. Sun-Woo rejects it as she thinks it won’t happen.

Hyun-Seo says that she hopes Sun-Woo not to use her, but she tells her that she never knows what will happen. She leaves. Sun-Woo remembers what the attorney told her if she really wants to get a divorce.

Sun-Woo goes to the bookstore to buy the math books for Joon-Young. She sees Da-Kyung paying the childcare book, and has an eye contact with her. Sun-Woo thinks Da-Kyung has decided to have the baby. Da-Kyung tells Sun-Woo that her boyfriend promised to tell his wife in two months and get divorced. Sun-Woo is shocked. But she laughs with tears.

Sun-Woo thinks Da-Kyung shouldn’t trust a guy who’s cheating on his wife. But Da-Kyung claims that their relationship isn’t a fling. She reveals he still loves her a lot even if they has been together for two years. Sun-Woo thinks Da-Kyung shouldn’t wait for two months if she is confident. Da-Kyung says that she trusts her boyfriend, and she passes through from Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo stares at Da-Kyung’s back.

Ye-Rim asks Je-Hyuk if Tae-Oh is still seeing Da-Kyung. She thinks Sun-Woo has known it. She adds that it’s impossible for guys to keep cheating on their wives without having them find out about it. She reveals women have crazy intuitions. But Je-Hyuk doesn’t believe it.

Ye-Rim tells Je-Hyuk to be careful. He says that he’s always careful, and thinks it’s not her business even if Tae-Oh gets caught. But she still looks at Sun-Woo’s house.

Sun-Woo is cutting apples. She stares at her husband when he’s playing with their son. She remembers what Da-Kyung told her that Tae-Oh promised to tell his wife. She cuts her hand and feels hurt.

Sun-Woo calls the attorney and tells him that she has made the decision. He tells her to check her husband’s financial status. The banker gives the Financial Transactions to Sun-Woo. He says that he heard that she’s busy with work. She tells him that she will come herself no matter how busy she is. Because she feels bad that her husband has to handle everything.

The banker tells Sun-Woo that her husband cannot notice anything until she checks everything. He tells her to act nothing happens, and reveals Tae-Oh took out a mortgage loan. He adds that it’s been three years, and Tae-Oh told him that she’s busy.

The banker tells Sun-Woo that all her husband needed was powerful attorney. He says that they were told that she agreed to everything. So he followed the procedure. She thinks her husband was struggling because of the loan, and reveals he didn’t told her.

The banker tells Sun-Woo that Tae-Oh also took out a policy loan under Joon-Young’s name. She’s shocked and finds out her husband owes 15,457 dollars. Joon-Young shows up and asks Sun-Woo what she’s doing. She tells him that she was just looking for something.

Joon-Young mentions what No-Eul said that she hated leaving her friends and she had to transfer there because her parents got divorce. He tells her that he hates it if she and Tae-Oh did the same thing. He adds that he doesn’t want to get transferred, but shows a smile to her.

Sun-Woo gets a message from her husband who says that he’s working late as he needs to revise a script. She goes out and drives away. Je-Hyuk spots it. She arrives at the building and sees Tae-Oh staying in the room with Da-Kyung. She takes out her phone and intends to record the two. So she goes upstairs.

Tae-Oh keeps kissing Da-Kyung. Sun-Woo’s in tears while walking. She arrives her husband’s office, and remember what the attorney told her that she can never go back to how it used to be if she sees her husband sleeping with another woman.

Sun-Woo opens the door and sees Tae-Oh working with the employees. He asks her why she came there. She explains that she wanted to take a look since he told her that he will work late. He walks to her and tries to comfort her. But she steps back and goes out of the office.

Sun-Woo visits her mother-in-law Jung-Sim and thinks she knew that her son has another woman. She asks her if she wants her to take care of Tae-Oh since she knew everything. She blames her for doing it to her. Jung-Sim explains that she told her son to get things sorted out without telling Sun-Woo. She adds that her son promised to do it.

Sun-Woo tells Jung-Sim that it’s too late to sort things out as Da-Kyung is pregnant. Jung-Sim mentions what her son said that he would protect the family no matter what happens. She says that he promised not to leave his kid behind like his father did.

Jung-Sim comforts Sun-Woo that it will be fine if she can stay strong. She tells her to forgive her husband for the single mistake. Sun-Woo asks Jung-Sim who she told her to forgive her son since she resented her husband all her life. Jung-Sim reminds Sun-Woo that she’s a mom, and thinks she would be no difference if Joon-Young did the same thing.

Sun-Woo tells Jung-Sim that she’s going to divorce Tae-Oh. She adds that she won’t let Tae-Oh see his son. Jung-Sim asks Sun-Woo to kill her if she wants to get a divorce. But Sun-Woo refuses to kill Jung-Sim because she intends to let her see how his son will fall. Je-Hyuk sleeps with Ye-Rim in the bed. He gets up from the bed. He walks to the window. He sees Sun-Woo in her car.

The next day. He meets with her in her office. He thinks something happened to her because she looks tired. She sees him and she persuades him to work out. He reveals Tae-Oh is looking for an investor. He lets her call him if she needs his help. He leaves her office.

Myung-Sook breaks into Sun-Woo’s office. She reveals Tae-Oh was looking for Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo arrives at the hospital when Tae-Oh is crying in front of his mother Jung-Sim. Jung-Sim just passed away. Da-Kyung drives home. She calls Tae-Oh. But he doesn’t pick up her phone.

She sees her parents. She walks to them. She notes that they’re going to go out. Hyo-Jung reveals she and Byeong-Kyu plans to go to attend Sun-Woo’s mother-in-law’s funeral. She leaves with her husband. The guys talk about Tae-Oh at the funeral. They think Tae-Oh didn’t do anything for the family. Je-Hyuk scolds the guys. He reminds them that Tae-Oh’s mother just passed away.

Hyo-Jung and Byeong-Kyu arrive at the funeral. They comfort Tae-Oh and Sun-Woo. Tae-Oh leads the two to the cafeteria. Sun-Woo looks at them. She feels uncomfortable. She walks out of the hospital. Myung-Sook shows up. Sun-Woo tells Myung-Sook that she’s not fine.

Tae-Oh gets a call from Da-Kyung when he’s eating with her father. Sun-Woo reveals she plans to divorce Tae-Oh. But Myung-Sook reminds Sun-Woo that her life will be ruined if she does so. Tae-Oh is missing. Ye-Rim lets Je-Hyuk go to look for Tae-Oh. She sends a message to Sun-Woo. She reports to her that the guests are waiting for her.

Sun-Woo tries to leave. She sees Tae-Oh opening car door for Hyo-Jung and Byeong-Kyu. Hyo-Jung and Byeong-Kyu leave. Sun-Woo notes that Tae-Oh talks with someone over the phone. She sees him walking away. Je-Hyuk goes to the restroom to look for Tae-Oh. Tae-Oh isn’t there. Sun-Woo tails Tae-Oh. She remembers he made a proposal to her. She sees Tae-Oh kissing Da-Kyung in Da-Kyung’s car. Je-Hyuk sees it as well. Sun-Woo leaves.

Tae-Oh says goodbye to his mother. He returns home with Sun-Woo. He hugs her from her back and he thanks her. But she shakes off his hand. Hyun-Seo visits Da-Kyung with a present. Da-Kyung notes the pregnancy book Hyun-Seo carries. She invites her to her house. Hyun-Seo’s smiling is frozen after she walked into Da-Kyung’s house. Sun-Woo remembers the lawyer persuaded her to get a divorce until everything is ready. She hugs Tae-Oh. She tells him that she knows he loves her.

The World of the Married: Episode 3 Review

The World of the Married is a Korean drama about marriage. After the episode 2, Sun-Woo found out her husband Tae-Oh cheated on her, and she took the scissors and wanted to kill him.

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But she gives up the mind and wishes Tae-Oh to make a choice for her in the The World of the Married: Episode 3. Tae-Oh disappoints Sun-Woo, and he tells Myung-Sook that he loves Sun-Woo and Da-Kyung both.

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