The World of the Married Episode 5 Recap: Fight

This is the recap for Korean drama The World of the Married Episode 5. Sun-Woo tells Da-Kyung’s parents that her daughter hooked her husband. Tae-Oh and Sun-Woo have a fight.

The World of the Married Episode 5 Recap: Fight

The World of the Married Episode 5 Recap: Fight

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married Episode 5.

Tae-Oh walks to Sun-Woo with smiling, and tells her that he will love and respect her for the rest of life. He says that he won’t lie to her no matter what happens.

Tae-Oh tells Sun-Woo that she is the only woman in his life, But she tells him not to lie to her. He texts Da-Kyung and asks her not to break up with him. Sun-Woo is on the way home and thinks her love is gone. Ye-Rim waits for Je-Hyuk, and sees Sun-Woo returning home. She thinks about something.

Tae-Oh wakes up and finds out that Sun-Woo falls asleep on the couch. He checks her phone and learns that she went to the hotel. She wakes up and pretends to fall asleep.

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Sun-Woo goes downstairs and makes a cup of coffee. Tae-Oh asks her when she came home. She says that it’s at dawn, and explains that they needed to talk more as they hadn’t met for a long time. He wonders if there was a place opening so late. She reveals that they ordered a hotel room and drank there. She tells Joon-Young that she will drive him to school, and leaves with him. Tae-Oh calls the hotel.

Sun-Woo arrives at the hospital, and Ji-Cheol introduces Yoon-Ki to her. Myung-Sook thinks Yoon-Ki is very handsome, and tells Sun-Woo that he is single. Sun-Woo thinks Myung-Sook should give Yoon-Ki a shot if she interested in him.

Myung-Sook thinks Sun-Woo is still in anger. Sun-Woo denies and leaves the room. Tae-Oh calls Myung-Sook and asks her if she notes something different about Sun-Woo. She asks him if he made up after he sent her the flower basket.

Sun-Woo reads the paper but she cannot understand it. So she asks Je-Hyuk to explain it. He tells her that the company is an empty shell, and Tae-Oh didn’t pay the workers. Sun-Woo thinks it’s impossible that there isn’t any income as Tae-Oh is business in running his project.

Je-Hyuk points out that Tae-Oh cannot calculate the profit and loss, and the company goes bankrupt. Sun-Woo remembers what Tae-Oh said that he had an investor the Chinese buyer. He reveals the Chinese buyer fell through, and Tae-Oh is talking with a potential investor.

Sun-Woo asks Je-Hyuk to check Tae-Oh’s personal account, but he claims that it’s the most he can do legally, and he cannot access Tae-Oh’s personal account without an reason. He asks her for the return. She rejects it. He tells her that he will wait for her at the hotel tomorrow night. Ye-Rim sees Sun-Woo at the parking lot.

Je-Hyuk notes that someone opens the door, and he mistakes the person as Sun-Woo. But he finds out that it’s Ye-Rim. Ye-Rim asks Je-Hyuk if there was someone there when she sees the cup. He says that the person is a close client, and wonders why she came. She mentions what he said that he was pulling another all-nighter, so she brought fresh underwear and a shirt.

Je-Hyuk offers to have dinner together. Ye-Rim tells him that she wants to have kids, and asks him to cooperate. But he rejects it. She tells him to think about it, and she is furious to leave.

Tae-Oh notes that someone texts to Sun-Woo. He tries to open the phone, but the phone drops under the bed. He has to pick it up, and Sun-Woo sees it after she took a bath. He confesses that he just looked at her phone, and explains that he wants to get a new phone. She lets him touch her phone, but he rejects it. She checks the phone and sees the message Je-Hyuk sent that he had what she asked for.

Tae-Oh is furious to go out of Byeong-Kyu, and he runs to stop Sun-Woo. He asks her if she came to make a scene. She says that she gave her many chances to come clean, and it was him who ran away every time.

Tae-Oh yells at Sun-Woo and asks her if she’s happy to ruin everything. But she tells him that it’s just the beginning, and she asks for divorce.

Sun-Woo tells Tae-Oh not to see Joon-Young. He yells that Joon-Young’s his son. She points out that he should’ve been sure enough to never see his son again when he decided to have fun with another woman.

Tae-Oh admits that he made a mistake but he never intended on leaving his family. He claims that it’s not a crime to fall in love, and thinks the investment and Da-Kyung would have been settled well if she didn’t do it.

Sun-Woo is in tears and tells Tae-Oh that she slept with Je-Hyuk. She admits that she wanted to get her revenge at first, but she felt thrilling once they started.

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Sun-Woo adds that she didn’t feel that way when she was with Tae-Oh. Tae-Oh blames her for sleeping with another man. She walks to him and tells him to remember the feelings. Because it’s what she felt. She tears up when she grabs his collar. Ye-Rim finds something in the room. She’s shocked. She turns around and she looks at Je-Hyuk.


Tae-Oh finally tells Sun-Woo the truth that he dated Da-Kyung just for her dad’s money. But Sun-Woo has slept with his best friend. The two cannot get back to their previous marriage anymore.

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