The World of the Married Episode 6 Recap: Suspicion

This is the recap for Korean drama The World of the Married Episode 6. Tae-Oh mistakes that Sun-Woo killed her son, and he rages to hurt her.

The World of the Married Episode 6 Recap: Suspicion

The World of the Married Episode 6 Recap: Suspicion

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married Episode 6.

Mi-Yun eats with Joon-Young and tells him that divorce isn’t a bad thing. She reveals she and No-Eul also had a hard time. He gets angry and goes to his room. She sighs and chases him. But he closes the door, and asks her if Sun-Woo got her to persuade him. She denies and tells him that she just feels bad. Joon-Young opens the door, and he almost tears up. He asks her why she feels bad.

Sun-Woo pushes Tae-Oh over and tells him that things will never be the same again. She yells at him for ruining everything, and tears up after she got on knees in front of him. But he points out that her viciousness is what ruined them, and thinks it’s very sad to grow up without a dad.

Tae-Oh tells Sun-Woo that she has no right to take his dad from Joon-Young. She laughs to stand up and tells him that his son saw what he and Da-Kyung were doing. She walks away, and he is shocked.

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Ye-Rim walks to Je-Hyuk and tells him that she knew he and Sun-Woo had affairs. But she thinks they were not affairs as they didn’t last more than a night. She asks him if he slept with Sun-Woo. He says that he never has feelings for those women, and he just enjoys them physically. He adds that Sun-Woo is no different.

Ye-Rim laughs and asks Je-Hyuk if he’s proud of himself because he didn’t have feelings. She asks him if he hates her. He denies and says that “I hate boredom” is a better way to put it. She doesn’t want to talk with him, and tries to walk away. Je-Hyuk stops Ye-Rim and admits that he isn’t normal. She learns that he doesn’t feel sorry, and she is furious to leave.

Da-Kyung walks to the car and intends to get in. But she sees Tae-Oh and walks to him. She asks him why he sits there. He keeps saying sorry, and she asks him if he went out with her because of her dad’s money. He tells her that her dad invested in him just based on his passion and work.

Da-Kyung tells Tae-Oh to put the cigarette out as it’s bad for the baby. She tells him that she can give up everything Byeong-Kyu gave her, and asks him to make a choice. He is moved to hug her.

Ye-Rim parks her car and rages to ask Sun-Woo why she did it on her. Sun-Woo mentions Ye-Rim promised to tell her everything. Ye-Rim tells Sun-Woo that she is just trash, but Sun-Woo thinks Ye-Rim is trash as well because she went on a trip with her husband’s woman. Ye-Rim learns that Sun-Woo slept with her husband for taking revenge. She thinks she wants to ruin her marriage because her marriage was ruined.

Ye-Rim says that she will save her marriage, and claims it won’t threaten her marriage. Sun-Woo tells Ye-Rim that she feels sad for treating her as a friend. Ye-Rim tells Sun-Woo that she never treated her as a friend. Sun-Woo feels less sad after hearing what Ye-Rim said. She walks away, and it makes Ye-Rim angry.

Sun-Woo returns home, and Mi-Yun decides to leave with No-Eul. Sun-Woo thanks Mi-Yun for taking care of her son. Joon-Young asks Sun-Woo about Tae-Oh. But she tells him that his dad won’t come back.

Da-Kyung sleeps with Tae-Oh and asks him if they’re not going to break up. He says yes. She asks him if they will stay together all day long. He kisses her hair, and tells her that he will stay by her side all day. She smiles to get up, and thinks she will be a supportive wife and his film will be a huge success.

Da-Kyung notes that Tae-Oh doesn’t feel well, and asks if there is a problem. He says that her dad will pull out the investment as he is upset. She learns that he doesn’t have any other investors. He explains that making film isn’t easy.

The man tells Tae-Oh to sign the application. Tae-Oh signs it and finds out that it’s a uncontested divorce application which comes from Sun-Woo. He calls Sun-Woo and blames her for it. But she tells him to process it fast. He says that no fool would agree to give up all of his money and the kid.

Sun-Woo points out that Tae-Oh lived off of the money she earned, and there wasn’t never a thing he owned. He asks her who raised Joon-Young when she was in training. He thinks he played a part in helping her get her license. She mentions he founded a company with her money, and wants to charge him for embezzlement. She says that the employees who didn’t get their paychecks will help her.

Tae-Oh is furious to tear up the application, and he kicks the suitcase. Da-Kyung sees it and asks Tae-Oh why Sun-Woo knows her address. She asks him if he told it to Sun-Woo. He denies. She wonders how much Sun-Woo knows about them.

In-Kyu walks in the bar and asks the girl about Hyun-Seo. She tells him that Hyun-Seo quit a few days ago. He calls Sun-Woo and yells at her where she hid Hyun-Seo. He tells her to send him the money. But she says that she doesn’t have any money, and tells him to report her.

Sun-Woo reminds In-Kyu that he has a criminal record for assault, and she won’t stop him if he wants to add another charge for blackmailing. She arrives at the hospital, and notes that the patients are staring at her. She asks Myung-Sook about it.

Myung-Sook tells Sun-Woo to take a look at the hospital’s website. Sun-Woo learns that someone posted the complaints on the website. Myung-Sook tries to figure out who is the person. Sun-Woo points out that it will be fine if the person isn’t Myung-Sook.

Myung-Sook thinks Sun-Woo tends to be sensitive. Sun-Woo thinks it’s normal for patients to make complaints, and tells Myung-Sook to get back to work. The attorney thinks the person was Tae-Oh if it started during the night. Sun-Woo asks him why Tae-Oh would do that. He says that her husband will get benefits if her reputation is ruined.

The attorney mentions what Sun-Woo said that her husband doesn’t want to give up on her son’s custody. No-Eul asks Joon-Young who he wants to live with. He scolds her and leaves. Tae-Oh tells Da-Kyung that he needs to go the office. She promises to convince her dad to invest in him. But he thinks it isn’t the right time to talk to Byeong-Kyu about money.

Tae-Oh tells Da-Kyung that her dad won’t approve their relationship. She asks him to get a divorce. But he thinks he should get himself a lawyer to rewrite the agreement. He says that he doesn’t want Sun-Woo to get everything she wants. She tells him to give up on his son.

Tae-Oh tells Da-Kyung that Joon-Young is his son, and wants to get Joon-Young to live with him. She asks him about their baby, and yells that she cannot bear with it. He yells back that he will take care of it. In-Kyu stops the two and asks about Hyun-Seo.

Da-Kyung thinks In-Kyu shouldn’t ask her about it, and tells him that she doesn’t know where Hyun-Seo is. He laughs and points out that the two used to talk to each other all night. Tae-Oh asks In-Kyu why Da-Kyung is supposed to know where her neighbor is. In-Kyu goes downstairs and tells Tae-Oh that his wife used his girlfriend to keep a tail on him.

Je-Hyuk asks Ye-Rim if she wants to get a divorce. She ignores him and goes to upstairs. So he asks her the question again. She says that she won’t do that as she doesn’t have a job or any kids. She thinks he’d be left with nothing if she doesn’t get her dad’s money.

Je-Hyuk learns that Ye-Rim forgives him because she won’t be able to get her dad’s inheritance. But she says that she doesn’t forgive him even if she’s not going to get a divorce. She tells him that she doesn’t care how he feels. She adds that he should do his best as a husband, and asks him to cooperate to have a baby. He promises not to see other women.

The police gives Joon-Young’s phone to Tae-Oh, and tells him that Joon-Young seems to be with his mom. Just then Sun-Woo calls Tae-Oh and asks him to come home.

Tae-Oh drives home and rushes into the house. He sees Sun-Woo standing alone, and looks for Joon-Young. He doesn’t find his son, and asks his wife about it.

Sun-Woo asks Tae-Oh if he wants to get Joon-Young to call the woman he cheated as his stepmom. He asks her how much more he should beg, but she points out that he never apologized.

Sun-Woo tells Tae-Oh that he cannot see his son anymore, and thinks he’s the one who destroyed their family. She tears up and reveals Joon-Young took his side.

Sun-Woo yells at Tae-Oh and asks him to kill her. He takes her hair and asks her to tell him that she didn’t do it. She asks him how he feels to have lost his child, and she laughs.

Sun-Woo tells Tae-Oh that he’s the one who made her do it, and he throws her to the TV. She gets up when her head bleeds. He takes her to be against the family photo, and he rages to hit the photo.

Sun-Woo falls down, and Tae-Oh sits on the floor to cry. Joon-Young returns home and sees the scene, and he steps back when Tae-Oh wants to be close to him. Joon-Young is in tear, and he tells Tae-Oh that he isn’t his son anymore. Ye-Rim shows up and she runs to wake Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo holds Joon-Young’s hand but she passes out again. He cries to call his mom. Ye-Rim calls a ambulance.


Sun-Woo is in the lawyer’s office. The lawyer brings the divorce contract to her. He reveals Tae-Oh agreed to her request. She signs the contract. He congratulates her on achieving her goal. Tae-Oh leaves the police station. He returns to his office. The office is on a mess. He picks up the letter from the floor. The letter was sent by the National Health Insurance. He opens the letter and he sees the writ of garnishment.

Byeong-Kyu meets with Sun-Woo. He apologizes to her for what his wife did to her. He asks her not to sue his daughter. He wishes to do something for her. She learns that he wants to have a deal with her. Da-Kyung buys fruit at the supermarket. The people badmouth her. She tries to pay for the fruit. But she’s told that her card was frozen.

Da-Kyung returns home. She throws a fit to her father. But he wonders if Tae-Oh gave any money to her. She asks him to help Tae-Oh. But he rejects it and he asks her to leave his room. She cries and gets on knees to beg him. He asks her to break up with the guy. But she asks Tae-Oh deeply. He mentions Tae-Oh beat his wife. She thinks Tae-Oh was tricked. She threatens him that she won’t come back. She leaves home.

Hyun-Seo meets with Sun-Woo by the lake. She reveals her boyfriend was sent to the prison after she reported him. She asks her why she helped her when she was beaten. Sun-Woo shows up when Yoon-Ki is drinking coffee outside the hospital. He thinks there’s no winner in the divorce. He persuades her to accept his treatment. But she asks him to treat someone else.

Myung-Sook walks into Sun-Woo’s office. She learns that she’s fine. She reveals Tae-Oh left the city. She persuades her to date a guy. But Sun-Woo hates men. She returns home and she runs into Ye-Rim. They avoid each other. Sun-Woo walks into her house. Je-Hyuk returns home. He helps his wife do the housework. She ignores him and she returns to her house. Sun-Woo sees it from the kitchen.

Sun-Woo drinks coffee with her son outside the cafe. She wonders why she and Tae-Oh had to hurt each other. She sees Da-Kyung who carries bags after she went shopping. Da-Kyung sees Sun-Woo as well. Tae-Oh comes to pick up Da-Kyung. They leave. Sun-Woo wipes off her tears.

The Invitation Two Years Later

Sun-Woo sees Yoon-Ki in her office after he caught a cold. He asks her out when he persuades her that it’s good for her insomnia. He leaves her office. Sun-Woo texts his son. But he doesn’t answer her phone because he’s paying game with his friend at the school.

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Myung-Sook receives the invitation. Sun-Woo passes by her office. She informs her that she’s going to leave. Myung-Sook follows Sun-Woo. She stops her in the lobby. She asks her about Tae-Oh. Je-Hyuk returns home. He sees the invitation on the table. He tells his wife that he won’t go to the place. Sun-Woo returns home. She talks with her son over the phone. She plans to buy a new house. But he’s against it. She sees the invitation. She finds out that Tae-Oh invited her to the house party of his daughter Jenny.


The World of the Married Episode 6 brings the dramatic scene, and it shows how Tae-Oh hurts Sun-Woo for his son because of suspicion.

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