The World of the Married Episode 7 Recap: Seeing Again

This is the recap for Korean drama The World of the Married Episode 7. Tae-Oh becomes a successful producer and comes back. He goes to see his son and ex-wife Sun-Woo.

The World of the Married Episode 7 Recap: Seeing Again

The World of the Married Episode 7 Recap: Seeing Again

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married Episode 7.

The seller takes Sun-Woo to see the house, and asks her to make a down payment. But she asks him to give her a weekend to think about it. She sees the workers moving furniture from the truck before she leaves. Da-Kyung shows up from the top, and she looks around.

The classmate flatters Joon-Young and tells him that his dad is the producer of the movie. So another classmate asks for free tickets from Joon-Young. But the first classmate points out that Joon-Young doesn’t live with his dad. Joon-Young walks away but he sees Tae-Oh.

The woman flatters Hyo-Jung that Tae-Oh’s movie is pretty good when Hyo-Jung gives them invitation card. Hyo-Jung tells the woman that her son-in-law is a genius. Ye-Rim cannot stand it, and puts the invitation card on the table. Hyo-Jung walks to Sun-Woo, and Sun-Woo greets Hyo-Jung. But Hyo-Jung ignores Sun-Woo and walks away.

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Joon-Young meets with Tae-Oh and asks him who he chose to be the producer. Tae-Oh says that the producer is in charge of everything, and he tells his son that he misses him a lot. Joon-Young points out that Tae-Oh never called or texted once, and he doesn’t believe it.


Tae-Oh tells Joon-Young that he wants to come back as a proud dad, and he gives him a club. He promises to get him to see the star he liked in his house, and asks him if he received the invitation card.

Sun-Woo finds the invitation card, and she is told that Joon-Young didn’t go to the academy. She runs out and intends to drive away. But she sees Joon-Young staying with Tae-Oh in the car.

Joon-Young is cold to walk away. Tae-Oh gets off his car and greets Sun-Woo. She asks him why he came back. He explains that he doesn’t want a fight and he asks her to let him see his son. She gets angry and thinks it will only confuse her son. She tells him not to see Joon-Young again, but he says that she is pretty. Sun-Woo is surprised to see Ye-Rim, and Ye-Rim is startled to return to her room.

Ye-Rim asks Je-Hyuk if he knows that Tae-Oh produced the Korean drama “Good Life”. But he doesn’t want to talk about him. But she mentions that people are talking about the guy. He offers to move if it bothers her. But he doesn’t have money. It makes her laugh. She tells him not to forget the appointment.

Joon-Young asks Sun-Woo if Tae-Oh sent him the invitation. She says that she got rid of it, and wants to join the baseball camp with him. But he rejects it as she knows nothing about baseball. So she asks him if he wants to go on a trip. But he wants to take some classes.


Sun-Woo tells Joon-Young that she didn’t ask him to attend Sunhaeng Academy, but he goes upstairs. He remembers what Tae-Oh told him not to worry about what Sun-Woo thinks.

The nurses talk about Sun-Woo, but they say that they were talking about a celebrity when she asks them. Sun-Woo sees Ye-Rim and Je-Hyuk at the hospital but the two ignore her and walk away. Sun-Woo walks in Yoon-Ki’s office, and asks for a cup of coffee.

Yoon-Ki gives the coffee to Sun-Woo, and mentions Tae-Oh came back. She thinks it must be entertaining for everyone, and reveals that she swears at Tae-Oh inside. She says that Tae-Oh told her that he came back for Joon-Young but she doesn’t thinks her husband cares for the son. Yoon-Ki points out that Tae-Oh doesn’t have another reason.

Hyo-Jung feels happy and tells Da-Kyung to wear something flashy. But Da-Kyung thinks what she takes is enough for a house party. She says that she doesn’t want to look like he tried too hard. Hyo-Jung worries that there won’t be many people to attend the party, but Da-Kyung points out that they have enough guests. She says that the women badmouthed her from stealing Tae-Oh from his wife.

Hyo-Jung yells that they broke up because they had a horrible marriage. She tells Da-Kyung that she is Tae-Oh’s legal wife, and thinks she should show to people that she is the true winner.

Da-Kyung gets a call from Tae-Oh, and she waves to him when she sees him through the window. She tells him to make sure if she got the champagne and flowers.

Hyo-Jung calls Ye-Rim and asks her to come. Ye-Rim tells Je-Hyuk that she doesn’t want to come to the party, but Hyo-Jung is persistent. He thinks they should go as he got a call from Hyo-Jung as well. She thinks Hyo-Jung wants to tell everyone about the marriage and get her daughter to join the club.

Ye-Rim doesn’t know how to do. Je-Hyuk points out that Ye-Rim is good at pretending like nothing happened. Myung-Sook thinks Hyo-Jung invited everyone, and she doesn’t want to attend the party. Sun-Woo asks Myung-Sook to have dinner together. But Myung-Sook says that she has an appointment with a friend.

Sun-Woo calls Joon-Young and asks where he is as she wants to pick him up. He says that he stays at Hae-Kang’s place, and he hangs up. Sun-Woo texts Do-Cheol’s wife, and thanks her for taking care of her son. Do-Cheol’s wife is surprised after seeing the message. Sun-Woo arrives at the restaurant, and she runs into Je-Hyuk. She asks the restaurant owner for a bowl of soup. Je-Hyuk leaves the restaurant. Sun-Woo drinks wine.


Ye-Rim arrives at the party. Tae-Oh welcomes her. He finds out that her husband doesn’t come with her. He worries about them. Da-Kyung shows up with her baby Jenny. Ye-Rim thinks Jenny is like Da-Kyung. But Da-Kyung denies it. She mentions everyone thought Jenny is like Tae-Oh. Yoon-Ki passes by the restaurant. He sees Sun-Woo drinking at the restaurant. He joins her. She complains to him that Tae-Oh came back. She reveals she doesn’t forgive the man. She receives a photo from Tae-Oh. She finds out that her son is with his father at the party.

Joon-Young receives the bat from his idol. Tae-Oh takes Joon-Young to second floor. Sun-Woo decides to go to the party because Tae-Oh broke the rule. Yoon-Ki persuades her that her son wanted to attend the party. But she doesn’t believe it. Because she knows her son hates his father. She leaves the restaurant.

Tae-Oh takes Joon-Young to his room. He thinks he should live in the room because he’s his son. But Da-Kyung asks Tae-Oh for a talk when she shows up at the door. She closes the door after they left the room. She blames him for not talking about it with her. She leaves after her mother called her.

Sun-Woo calls her son. But he doesn’t pick up her phone and there’s no cab. Yoon-Ki drives his car to pick Sun-Woo. The ladies are having a talk. Hyo-Jung takes Da-Kyung to join them. Da-Kyung mentions the people badmouth her when her husband wasn’t successful. The ladies’ smiles are frozen. But Chairman Choi’s wife still agrees to let Da-Kyung join her association. Da-Kyung leaves with her mother. The ladies think Da-Kyung is insolent. They’re shocked when they see Sun-Woo.

Sun-Woo arrives at the party with Yoon-Ki. She asks Myung-Sook about her son. Myung-Sook doesn’t know it. Tae-Oh shows up on the stairs. He walks downstairs. Da-Kyung tries to join her husband. But Byeong-Kyu stops her. He lets her trust her husband.

Sun-Woo mentions Tae-Oh sent a photo to her. He thinks she used Joon-Young as an excuse to come. He blocks her way and he asks her to leave. But she rejects it. Joon-Young sees his parents. He returns to his room. Sun-Woo claims that she won’t leave without her son.

Da-Kyung shows up. She thinks Sun-Woo shouldn’t appear. But Sun-Woo blames Da-Kyung and Tae-Oh for their comeback. Da-Kyung claims that they can decide where they live. She reminds Sun-Woo that she needs an invitation. Sun-Woo takes out the invitation. She thinks Da-Kyung and Tae-Oh sent her the invitation.

She claims that she just came to take her son. She returns the invitation to Da-Kyung. She goes to look for her son. Da-Kyung is furious to leave. She’s in the bathroom. Tae-Oh knocks at the door outside. She yells at him and she asks him to kick Sun-Woo out.

Tae-Oh looks for Sun-Woo at the party. Sun-Woo walks into Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung’s room when she looks for her son. She sees a huge wedding photo of Tae-Oh and Da-Kyung on the wall. She tries to leave the room. But Hyo-Jung takes the ladies to walk into the room.

Sun-Woo runs to another room. She hides. They ladies thinks Sun-Woo will be jealous if she sees the room. Yoon-Ki calls Sun-Woo in the car. She doesn’t pick up his phone. The ladies leave. Sun-Woo turns on the light. She sees many dresses and bags in the room.

Tae-Oh walks into his room. He runs into Sun-Woo. It startles her. He thinks she’s crazy to stay in his bedroom. She asks him why he came back. He explains it to her that Da-Kyung’s parents wished them to come back. But she thinks he still has feelings for her. He laughs and he thinks she has been lonely.

Da-Kyung looks for Tae-Oh at the party. She takes a look at the second floor. Tae-Oh claims that the only woman he loves is Da-Kyung. But Sun-Woo mentions he sent the photo to her for provoking her. She believes that he wanted to see her. He denies it and he asks her to leave his room. Da-Kyung returns to her room. She sees Sun-Woo walking out her room. She sees Tae-Oh standing in the room. Tae-Oh gives a speech. He kisses Da-Kyung. He takes a look at Sun-Woo. She tries to leave after she realized that she and Tae-Oh are over. But Da-Kyung stops her. She asks her to get along with her. Sun-Woo leaves.

After Party

Joon-Young kicks the snow outside the house. Hae-Kang provokes him. He thinks he wishes to live with his rich father. Joon-Young grabs Hae-Kang’s collar. He tries to beat him. Sun-Woo stops Joon-Young. She asks him to come to her. But he walks away. She follows him and she asks him why he got angry. He tells her that he feels shame that she came. Yoon-Ki gets off his car. Joon-Young sees him. He realizes that his mother came with the guy.

Joon-Young gets in the car with Sun-Woo. Yoon-Ki drives the car. He and Joon-Young have an eye contact. Sun-Woo arrives home with Joon-Young. Yoon-Ki asks her not to scold her son. But she thinks it’s not his business. She walks into the house with Joon-Young.

She throws a fit to him. She thinks she embarrassed him. She asks him if he really wants to live with his father. He admits it and he thinks his father knows him better than her. He returns to his room. She tears up. He remembers he left the bat after he found out his father favored his daughter.

Tae-Oh drinks alone after the guests left. Da-Kyung finds him. She walks to him and she lets him hug her. He thanks her for marrying him. But she wonders what happened because she saw Sun-Woo walking out of their bedroom. He reveals Sun-Woo still doesn’t forget him. He tells her that he only loves her. She kisses him. He sees the bat when he kisses her. Sun-Woo breaks into her dressing room with a box. She puts the dresses into the box. She cries to blame Tae-Oh.


Myung-Sook stops Sun-Woo when Sun-Woo is talking with the doctor. She tries to explain it to her that she didn’t want to attend the party. But Sun-Woo pretends nothing happened. Myung-Sook runs into Yoon-Ki in the room. She learns that he waited for Sun-Woo outside the house. He leaves the room.

She wonders if the two got together. She gets a call from Tae-Oh. She blames him for inviting her. But he asks her for a meeting up. He reveals he invited her director as well. He’s in his office. He looks at the photos of Sun-Woo and Yoon-Ki.

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Sun-Woo returns home. She sees a shadow. She goes to Joon-Young’s room. She finds out that he’s fine. Tae-Oh meets with Ji-Cheol and Myung-Sook at a restaurant. He tells Ji-Cheol that he’s going to invest in his hospital. But he doesn’t want to see Sun-Woo. Someone breaks the window with a potato when Sun-Woo is eating with Joon-Young. Sun-Woo goes to protect her son.


The World of the Married Episode 7 shocks us with Tae-Oh’s new identity, and it seems like that he has a big plan to take revenge. Hyo-Jung is cold to Sun-Woo since she always flattered her before.

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