“Time Flies and You Are Here” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Time Flies and You Are Here” is a new Chinese historical drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a girl Xie Xiaoman is forced to marry the prince Zhao Xiaoqian because he owns the land of her family. She trains him to be a better husband after she found out that he only knows to play cricket.

Liang Jie and Zeng Shunxi are the lead actors.

Liang Jie starred Chinese romance drama “Mr Honesty” in 2020. She plays a girl who likes to lie. But her boss is a honesty man. She also starred “Handsome Siblings” in same year. She played a great doctor Su Ying.

Zeng Shunxi starred Chinese adventure dramaUltimate Note” in 2020. He played the role Wu Xie. He also starred “The Journey Across the Night” in same year.

Time Flies and You Are Here (2021)

Time Flies and You Are Here


Title: Time Flies and You Are Here

Director: Sun Kaikai

Writer: Wu Tong

Network: Tengxun Video

Runtime: From May. 20

Episodes: 45

Language: Chinese


Xie Xiaoman gets angry after knowing his father sold her family land to his uncle and his uncle gave the land to Julu Prince. She steps on Zhao Xiaoqian’s cricket and kills it. Xie Xiaoman and Su Mo go to the academy to take the examination. She encounters Zhao Xiaoqian again, and finds out that the test papers were burned.

Xie Xiaoman is wronged to burn the test papers. She knows the culprit is Zhao Xiaoqian. So she visits him and has a fight with him. But she misses the carriage of Xie family. She’s late for the family meeting. Grandma scolds her for doing so. She blames Grandma for giving the land to Julu Prince. The father Xie Yu gives Xie Xiaoman a slap. He tells her to get on knees and apologize to Grandma.


Liang Jie as Xie Xiaoman

She comes from a poor family. She has to leave her hometown and goes to capital. Because his uncle gave her family land to Julu Prince Zhao Xiaoqian. She kills Zhao Xiaoqian’s cricket when she looks for her parents at the street.

Zeng Shunxi as Zhao Xiaoqian

He’s the one who nobody can offend. But the girl Xie Xiaoman kills his pet in front of him. He picks her receipt which she wants to use it to get her land back. He threatens her to tear it up if she doesn’t listen to him.

Fan Yexin as Zhong Ziyan

He becomes Zhao Xiaoqian’s follower because his family is very poor. He doesn’t dare to accept Su Wei’s feelings. So he’s always cold to her.

Liu Luoxi as Su Wei

She’s elder female cousin of Xie Xiaoman. She looks down on her because she lives in her family. But she becomes her best sister after knowing Xie Xiaoman worked in Zhao family to get the land back. She falls for Zhong Ziyan and mistakes he loves her as well after she received a love letter from him.

Li Jiulin as Li Shuo

He’s the senior of Xie Xiaoman. He teaches her how to study, and cares for her.

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