Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Gu Xicheng tells Su Yanxi to write down her personal details. Because he believes they will be over if Grandma finds the truth. He reminds her that he will take back the money.

Why Gu Xicheng Asks Su Yanxi to Live With Him?

Time To Fall In Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

Su Yanxi finds out that Gu Xicheng has many hobbies. He tells her to recite them. He adds what she wants to get will be disappear if she cannot remember his hobbies when he forces her to sit on the couch. She’s startled to run away.

Su Yanxi asks Gu Xicheng if everything must be even. He unties her hair. She’s shocked to look at him. He admits that everything must be even. He adds that it includes her. He asks her to get married with him. It startles her. He tells her that she just needs to take a wedding photo with her. He adds that he will show the photo to Grandma.

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Su Yanxi wonders why she needs to give her first time to Gu Xicheng. She runs to elevator. But she bumps him. She explains that she didn’t intend to bump him. She claims that she wants to get in the elevator. He walks aside. Grandma smiles to greet Su Yanxi.

Gu Xicheng wonders why Grandma went to the hotel. He realizes that Situ Shuo betrayed him again. Grandma tells Gu Xicheng not to blame Situ Shuo. She explains that she cares for him and Su Yanxi. She reveals it wasn’t her first time to see Su Yanxi. She believe that it’s destiny.

Grandma tells Su Yanxi to move in their house. Su Yanxi tries to tell Grandma the truth. But Gu Xicheng holds Su Yanxi’s hand. He asks Grandma to give him some time to prepare it. But she pretends to be sick. He has to agree to her plan. He takes Su Yanxi away. Grandma sees the two leaving. She smiles.

Su Yanxi tells Gu Xicheng that she cannot move in tomorrow because she didn’t promise Grandma. She claims that she doesn’t need to live with him according to the contract. But he points out that she needs to cooperate with him. He comforts her that he won’t touch her after she moves in.

Gu Xicheng tells Su Yanxi that she can take what she wants to leave after Grandma recovers. An An is shocked after knowing Su Yanxi is going to move in Gu Xicheng’s house. She worries that Gu Xicheng will hurt Su Yanxi. She hands over the electric rod and other stuff to Su Yanxi.

An An believes that those things will help Su Yanxi when Gu Xicheng has bad intention. Su Yanxi thinks she doesn’t need those stuff. She takes a look at the doll. She feels lucky that the doll accompanies her. She gets a call from He Jinxi that she’s going to take mom overseas.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Gu Xicheng finds out that Su Yanxi turned off the lights when he’s taking a shower. He asks her why she did it. She promises to turn on the lights. But she sees his body. She’s embarrassed to flee. He worries that she will hit the wall. He protects her head with his hand.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 2 stars Lin Xinyi and Luo Zheng.

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