Use for My Talent: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Use for My Talent: Episode 11. Shi Shuangjiao visits Gu Renqi and tells him that she’s his family cleanser. He lets her in. She wants to put the suitcase in her room. But he tells her to drink the water.

Use for My Talent: Episode 11 Recap

Use for My Talent

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Use for My Talent: Episode 11.

Shi Shuangjiao drinks the water up. Gu Renqi asks her why he just took a small suitcase. She explains that she took the bus and she didn’t take too many luggage. She thinks she won’t live too long. He denies and thinks she should take the duty of his family. So she asks him what she should do. He teaches her how to clean the house, and notes that her clothes isn’t suitable for her job. He tells her to wear the clothes he prepared.

Shi Junjie asks Lu Xian to tell him if Zhu Yan likes him or not. Because he thinks he’s an expert in love. Lu Xian asks Shi Junjie how he saw it. Shi Junjie mentions there’re many girls around Lu Xian. Lu Xian points out that they’re his clients. Shi Junjie tells Lu Xian to find a way for him because he saw many cases.

Gu Renqi stares at Shi Shuangjiao when she cuts chili. She takes a look at him. He panics to avoid her eye contact. Her eye is hurt when she rubs her eyes. He takes the tissue to massage her eyes. But she makes the petals fall by mistake. She takes the petal away from his hair, and explains that she didn’t touch his hair. But he tells her not to touch him.

Shi Shuangjiao Notes Gu Renqi’s feelings

Shi Shuangjiao calls Zhu Yan and thinks Gu Renqi likes her. But Zhu Yan tells Shi Shuangjiao not to think it too much. She thinks she will feel embarrassed in the future. Shi Shuangjiao wonders if Gu Renqi would clean her face for her with the tissue when he was boring. She thinks his illness gets worse, and worries that she cannot do the job well. But Zhu Yan doesn’t listen to what Shi Shuangjiao said because she’s staring at Shi Junjie and another girl.

Zhu Yan asks Shi Junjie about the girl who came with him. He says that the girl Lu Lu is his classmate, and she has wanted to watch the movie.

It flashes back. Shi Junjie asks Lu Xian what his client would do if she kept getting rejected. Lu Xian tells Shi Junjie to be himself well because he still doesn’t know about Zhu Yan’s feelings.

Lu Lu thanks Zhu Yan for treating them the movie. Zhu Yan tells Lu Lu not to call her older sister. Shi Junjie takes the two to get into the movie theater. Zhu Yan tries to take the popcorn. But Shi Junjie gives it to Lu Lu. Zhu Yan opens the bottle cap, and tries to drink water. But she spots Shi Junjie opening the bottle cap for Lu Lu.

Zhu Yan coughs after she drank water. Lu Lu asks Zhu Yan if she has a sore throat. She tells her to go out because she thinks she would influence other people.

The Two are Close

Shi Shuangjiao goes to the supermarket to buy the stuff. She’s sure which one Gu Renqi will like. He takes the drinks away from her, and tells her to choose it. She wonders why he came to the supermarket. He explains that he has something he wants to buy. She tells him to call her if he wants to buy something. She thinks he would feel uncomfortable if there were many people in the supermarket.

Gu Renqi picks up the slippers. Shi Shuangjiao wants to leave with him because she bought the fruits. The seller tells the couple to take a look at the lovers underwear. Shi Shuangjiao wants to reject it. But Gu Renqi claims that his underwear should be replaced. The seller tells him that the lovers underwear is cheaper than single underwear.

Gu Renqi agrees to it. The seller tells him to ask his girlfriend which color she likes. Shi Shuangjiao tells the seller that she’s not Gu Renqi’s girlfriend. So the seller tells Gu Renqi to ask his wife about it. Gu Renqi asks Shi Shuangjiao which color she likes. She chooses pink and black colors.

Shi Shuangjiao asks Gu Renqi which place she should put the slippers on. He tells her that he bought her the slippers. She wears the slippers and wants to go to work. But he tells her to wash the stuff he just bought.

Dong Xian Accompanies his Girl to Watch Movie

Huang Qianqian cries after she watched the movie. Dong Xian hands over the tissue to her. She wipes the tears off his face. He tells her that the story in the move isn’t true. She cries more and thinks he knows nothing about love. He admits it and claims that he won’t make the girl he likes cry. She takes a look at him, and points out that he made her cry. She laughs and tells him to leave with her.

Lu Lu tells Shi Junjie that she feels cold. He takes off his clothes and wears it on her. Zhu Yan tells Shi Junjie that she will leave. He wants to walk her home. Lu Lu asks Shi Junjie to walk her home because the street lamp in front of her family is broken. Zhu Yan is furious to walk away.

Huang Qianqian walks Dong Xian. She asks him if the romance movie was boring to him. He denies and thinks the movie was affecting. She’s surprised that he was moved. She asks him which part of the movie moved him. He says that the music is very beautiful. He thinks the hero is too irrational.

Huang Qianqian points out that the love is like that. She adds that love is irrational. He thanks her for inviting him to watch the movie. She tells him that the tickets was given by her company. She thanks him for accompanying her to watch the movie.

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