“Use for My Talent” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Use for My Talent” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a girl Shi Shuangjiao who wants to help his family through working hard. But the president Gu Renqi keeps making troubles to her because he hates dust.

Shen Yue and Liu Yihao are the lead actors.

Shen Yue starred Chinese romance drama “Count Your Lucky Stars” in 2020. She played a girl who likes her boss. She also starred “Another Me” in 2019. She played a girl who cherishes her friendship.

Liu Yihao starred Chinese fantasy dramaTwelve Legends” in 2021. He played the role Jin Xingjian who wants to protect the goddess. He also starred “Triad Princess” in 2019.

Use for My Talent (2021)

Use for My Talent


Title: Use for My Talent

Director: Cai Cong

Writer: Cai Cong

Network: Mangguo TV

Runtime: From May. 9

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese


Shi Shuangjiao watches Gu Renqi’s speech. She wants to work for a boss like him. She runs into him at the restaurant she works. He tells him about her idea. But he rejects her because she has a job, and puts the bread into her mouth when she wants to sneeze.

Gu Renqi’s mom Mei Hua arranges a blind date for him. But he rejects the girl after he saw the dog hair on her clothes. Mei Hua visits Gu Renqi and tells him to accept the girl. He finds out that his vacuum cleaner ran away. Shi Shuangjiao picks up the vacuum cleaner. She runs into Gu Renqi and says hello to him. But he pushes her away and turns over the foods which she wants to give it to her customer.

Gu Renqi gives some cashes to Shi Shuangjiao to compensate her. She wonders why he gave him the money. She spots Lu Xian and mistakes him as a motorcycle driver. She pays him five yuan after he gave her a ride. But he follows her to her house. She beats him because she thinks he’s a bad guy.

Gu Renqi gives a speech and tells people that the time is very important to them. Shi Shuangjiao thinks Gu Renqi did a great speech. She wishes she can pass the interview of Gu Renqi’s company. Wang Qianqian meets with Gu Renqi and tells him that her company wants to make a series of interviews.

Gu Renqi rejects it and tells Wang Qianqian that he doesn’t want to get interviewed. He adds that he wouldn’t accept the interview if his mom didn’t ask him to do that. She laughs and thinks she should thank aunt. He sees the hair on her clothes. It makes him vomit. He tells her to contact his follow Dong Xian if she has any question. He walks away.

Dong Xian stops Wang Qianqian from chasing Gu Renqi. He tells her to contact him, and leaves his business card on the table.

Shi Shuangjiao recognizes Gu Renqi. She thinks she’s suitable for his company. Because she has so much time. But he tells her that he doesn’t have any time. She thinks he needs an employee like her. She smiles. But he points out that she flirts with him when she works. She explains that she just has worked for one month.

Gu Renqi tells Shi Shuangjiao that there won’t be any company hiring her. He cleans up his clothes with the spray. He puts the bread into her mouth after he noted that she’s going to sneeze.

Gu Renqi complains that the girl wanted to sneeze at him. Dong Xian points out that it was arranged by Mei Hua. Mei Hua shows up and asks Gu Renqi why he left without saying goodbye when he went on blind date. She asks him why he made a girl lose her face. She adds that Wang Qianqian is a star.

Gu Renqi claims that he didn’t want to go on blind date. So Mei Hua asks him why he did so. Dong Xian explains that it was because of dog hair. Mei Hua thinks Wang Qianqian is a caring girl who likes little animals. She tells Gu Renqi to call Wang Qianqian and ask her out. But he says that he’s very busy, and goes to close the door she just opened.


Shen Yue as Shi Shuangjiao

She doesn’t care for her looks, and thinks earning money is very important. She wants to work for Gu Renqi’s company. Because she thinks he cares for time like her. But he doesn’t like her and refuses to contact her. Because she’s a bacteria in his mind.

Liu Yihao as Gu Renqi

He hates people who aren’t clean. He wants to replace his employees with the robots. But he’s destined to encounter the dirty girl Shi Shuangjiao.

Dai Yunfan as Lu Xian

He likes Shi Shuangjiao and tails her to her house. She mistakes him as a jerk. But she’s told that he will live in her house.

Yan An as Shi Junjie

He’s Shi Shuangjiao’s younger brother. He’s still studying in the university. He wants to earn money from Gu Renqi after knowing Shi Shuangjiao picked up his vacuum cleaner.

Su Mengdi as Zhu Yan

She’s Shi Shuangjiao’s best friend. She treats Shi Junjie as her younger brother. But she doesn’t expect that he wants to pursue her.


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