Way Back Into Love: Episode 3 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Way Back Into Love: Episode 3. Lu Jia tells Ang Yang to get together. He mistakes it as a confession. She explains that she wants to get free again, and thinks she can leave when she has an office romance.

Way Back Into Love: Episode 3 Recap & Review

Way Back Into Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Way Back Into Love: Episode 3.

Lu Jia says that she wants to throw money to Jia Xiu, but she is poor because of the stock. She complains that she cannot bear to work for Jia Xiu because he bullied her. Ang Yang tells Lu Jia that he will help her. But she worries that he will be fired.

Ang Yang comforts Lu Jia that Jia Xiu won’t fire him as he is the partner of the company. She asks him to send a bunch of flowers to her. But he points out that the tricks cannot fool Jia Xiu, and tells her to try his way.

Lu Jia gives the financial statement to Jia Xiu, and asks him to take a look. But he tells her that he have read it one hour ago. She finds out that her host is in his office, and realizes that he refused to replace new computer for saving money.

Lu Jia is furious to take away her host, and she has an eye contact with Ang Yang. Jia Xiu asks Ang Yang about his design, and Ang Yang denies. Jia Xiu asks Ang Yang what he does. Ang Yang says that he has some love problems. Lu Jia laughs and texts Ang Yang that it’s plan B. He agrees to it.

Ang Yang reminds Jia Xiu that he got a message. Jia Xiu sees the message Lu Jia sent to him that she misses him. But he is informed that she sent it by mistake. Ang Yang asks Jia Xiu who sent it. Jia Xiu thinks Ang Yang saw it. Ang Yang checks his phone.

The girl asks the two guys if they saw the message Lu Jia sent. The man thinks Lu Jia sent it to her boyfriend.

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