Way Back Into Love: Episode 5 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama Way Back Into Love: Episode 5. Lu Jia sends Jia Xiu to the hospital and asks the doctor to save her boss. The doctor tells her to prepare for it. She mistakes that Jia Xiu is going to die, and complains why she is the one to take the duty.

Way Back Into Love: Episode 5 Recap & Review

Way Back Into Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Way Back Into Love: Episode 5.

Lu Jia tells the doctor that he isn’t related to Jia Xiu’s family. The doctor comforts her that Jia Xiu needs to get surgery as he has appendicitis. Lu Jia takes care of Jia Xiu and thinks she is very kind. She says that she treats him as first love even if he bullied her many times.

Lu Jia watches Jia Xiu and wonders why he is so good looking. She thinks it will be better if he listens to her all the time. She points at his face, and thinks he still scolds people in his dream. She finds the cat food from his pocket, and she realizes that he didn’t want to go to the hospital because he wanted to feed his cat.

Jia Xiu wakes up. Shan Ni tells him that they came when they heard he was sick. He glares at Lu Jia who is eating orange. She tells him not to stare at her, and claims that she is hungry. Ang Yang asks Jia Xiu if he is hungry and tries to feed him the porridge.

But the nurse stops Ang Yang and asks him if the patient farted. She tells people that Jia Xiu cannot eat anything before he farts. Ang Yang stops the nurse and asks her if Jia Xiu can drink water. She rejects it and tells him to wet Jia Xiu’s lips with swabs.

Lu Jia goes to take Jia Xiu’s medical report, and Shan Ni tells Lu Jia that they’re talking about who will stay to take care of Jia Xiu. Wang Lei reveals they need to take care of the boss one by one because Jia Xiu’s family isn’t at east state.

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