Wei Wuxian: The Untamed

Wei Wuxian is the lead role on The Untamed. He is also known as Wei Ying. Lan Zhan (Lan Wangji) is his best friend.


Wei Wuxian: The Untamed

Wei Wuxian is a orphan, and Jiang Fengmian took him to Jiang clan after his parents died. His godmother Lu Ziyuan doesn’t like him at all. Because Jiang Fengmian loves his mother.

His sister Jiang Yanli likes him so much, and she always protect him no matter what mistake he makes. After her husband Jin Zixuan was killed by Wei Wuxian’s super follower Ghost General Wen Ning, she still took his side.

The brother Jiang Cheng dislikes Wei Wuxian and he hates him most after Jiang Yanli died because of Wei Wuxian.

Jin Ling: Jin Ling is Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan’s son. Wei Wuxian doesn’t like the boy at all, and calls him dog kid. But he regrets it after know he is his nephew, and tries to to be his friend.


The flute Chen Qing: Wei Wuxian gets it after he lost his gold core and was thrown into the tomb. People fears the flute because it can control evil spirits.

Evil Tiger Symbol: the stuff can enhance Chen Qing’s power to control evil spirits. Xue Yang used Evil Tiger Symbol to control Lian Fangzun and kill him.


Jin Guangyao: He pretends to be a good friend of Wei Wuxian. But he wants to get his Evil Tiger Symbol. After Wei Wuxian is summoned by Mo Xuanyu, he finds out that Jin Guangyao framed him.

Wen Chao: He hates Wei Wuxian most because he made him lose face in the tortoise cave. He ruins Jiang Clan for him, and throws him into tomb after he lost his inner power.

Jin Zixun: He hates Wei Wuxian because he took all of the preys with Chen Qing. So he takes Lan Clan to attack him and Wen Ning at the Qiongqi path when Wei Wuxian is going to take part in Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan’s wedding.


Lan Zhan (Lan Wangji): He dislikes Wei Wuxian at all in the beginning because he always brings wine to him when he studies in Lan Clan and tries to take away his head belt. But the two become friends when they fight with the tortoise in the cave.

Wen Qing: She comes from Wen Clan but is kindness. She only does bad thing when she tries to protect her brother Wen Ning. She and Wei Wuxian become friend after he saved his brother and protected Wen Clan.

Wen Ning. He takes Wei Wuxian’s side even if he belongs to Wen Clan. After he is killed by Jin family, Wei Wuxian brings his life back, and he becomes his super follower Ghost General which everyone fears.

Being Killed by His Best Brother

Wei Wuxian becomes the enemy of the whole martial arts world. People fight for his weapon evil tiger symbol. Lan Zhan tries to save him from the cliff. But Jiang Cheng stabs him. He falls off the cliff. He ends his life.

Resurrection As Mo Xuanyu

Mo Xuanyu uses sacrifice spell to resurrect Wei Wuxian. He takes him to take revenge for him. Wei Wuxian finds out that his injuries on his arms won’t recover if he doesn’t kill the enemies for Mo Xuanyu. He wears the mask when he sees the people of Gusu Lan clan. He worries that he will run into Lan Zhan.

He provokes Mo Ziyuan in the hall. He finds out that Lan family is using his Summoning Shadow Flags to summon evil spirits. He plays the leaf. He thinks of Lan Zhan. But Master Mo catches him because he thinks he was the one who hurt his son Mo Ziyuan.

Wei Wuxian finds out that Mo Ziyuan is possessed by the evil spirit. He takes Lan Sizhu’s side when Lan Sizhui is scolded by Madam Mo. Master Mo is possessed by the evil spirit as well. Lan Sizhui cannot deal with it. He sends a message to Lan Zhan.

Wei Wuxian hints at Lan Sizhui that the evil spirit possessed on the left hand. Madam Mo attacks Lan Sizhui when he checks others’ left hands. Wei Wuxian manipulates Mo Ziyuan and Master Mo’s dead bodies to fight with Madam Mo. Lan Zhan shows up. He stops Madam Mo. He finds out that the sword spirit possessed Mo family because of Wei Wuxian’s Evil Tiger Symbol. He suspects that Wei Wuxian isn’t dead. Wei Wuxian catches the chance to flee. He finds out that his injuries disappeared except the last one. He wonders who’s the person.

Summoning Ghost General

Wei Wuxian rides his donkey to leave Mo family. He runs into the immortals who are going to go to Great Fan Mountain. He learns that there’re soul eaters in the mountain. He tries to leave. But the donkey doesn’t move. The girl A Yan gives the apple to Wei Wuxian.

He reaches the mountain top. A Yan joins him. She dances to the mountain. He stuns her when her mother cries. A Yin’s mother reveals A Yin is changed after she went to Great Fan Mountain. Wei Wuxian runs into Jin Ling in the woods. He gives him a lesson.

Jin Ling threatens to report it to his uncle. Wei Wuxian finds out that Jin Ling’s uncle is Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng saves Jin Ling. Jin Ling tries to kill Wei Wuxian. But Lan Zhan stops him. Wei Wuxian misses his older sister Jiang Yanli.

He learns that Jin Ling is his older sister’s son. He remembers he thought Jin Ling doesn’t have a mother. He slaps himself. He arrives at the tomb. He learns that it’s the tomb of Wen family. He worries about Jin Ling. He saves Jin Ling and other kids before the Goddess Statue attacks them.

He runs out of the temple with Lan Sizhui. But he finds out that Jin Ling is fighting with the Goddess Statue. He plays the flute. Ghost General Wen Ning shows up. He ruins Goddess Statue. Lan Zhan grabs Wei Wuxian’s hand when Wei Wuxian manipulates Wen Ning. Wen Ning flees. The disciple reports to Jiang Cheng that Wei Wuxian summoned Wen Ning. Jiang Cheng whips Wei Wuxian after he realized that he came back. Wei Wuxian remembers the past of him and Jiang Cheng.

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