Goodbye My Princess: Episode 40 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 40. Ru Shuang feels sorry to Jin Er and tells her that it’s the order from Empress. She leaves. The bodyguards close the door. Jin Er is on knees and keeps calling Ru Shuang. Se Se passes out. Jin Er runs to Se Se and tries to wake her up.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 40 Recap

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 40.

Li Chengyin yells at Empress why she did it to Se Se since she was degraded to be common people. She scold him and thinks he doesn’t treat her as his mom. He begs her to let him see Se Se, and reveals she passed out. She threatens to drive Se Se out of the palace if he asks her to forgive Se Se again.

Crown Prince gets on knees and tells Empress that he will be on knees all the time if she doesn’t take back her order. She is furious to tell him to be on knees, and walks away. He passes out.

Crown Princess smells the flowers and asks Yong Niang if it’s beautiful. But Yong Niang tells Xiao Feng that Li Chengyin passed away after getting on knees at Qingning palace. Xiao Feng asks Yong Niang why Li Chengyin got on knees since he did nothing at Empress’s palace. Yong Niang reveals Empress sealed Qingluan palace and only kept Jin Er.

Yong Niang says that Se Se passed out and Li Chengyin had gotten on knees for whole day for getting Empress’s forgiveness. Xiao Feng thinks it’s not her business. She adds that Li Chengyin acted to show it to Empress. Yong Niang persuades Xiao Feng to see Li Chengyin. But Xiao Feng thinks he will be find after a few days.

Li Chengyin lies in bed and coughs. The doctor reports to Li Chengyin that his old wound in the leg had after he had gotten on knees too long. Li Chengyin asks Doctor Wang if he heard that the person would lose his memories. Doctor Wang reveals the person forget what happened if he got hit in the short time.

Li Chengyin thinks the memory will be back if the time is long enough. He tells Doctor Wang to leave. Li Chengyin asks Pei Zhao to pay attention to Xiao Feng and make sure she doesn’t leave palace. Pei Zhao promises it.

Li Chengyin dreams that he was bitten by the wolf. Shi En wakes Li Chengyin up and reminds him that it’s the time to drink medicine soup. Li Chengyin swears to remember it. He tells Shi En to take the medicine soup away and not let anybody walk in.

Xiao Feng plays chess with A Du. Yong Niang tells Xiao Feng that Li Chengyin refused to drink medicine soup. She thinks he worried that Empress would hurt Se Se if Empress knew it. Yong Niang thinks what he did was childish, and tells Xiao Feng to see him. But Xiao Feng thinks she doesn’t have any reason to go because Se Se and Li Chengyin love each other.

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