Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 20 Recap

This is the recap for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 20. Yin Guo and Lin Yiyang hide in the car. Yin Guo decides to leave because she worries that she will be caught by her family. But Lin Yiyang begs her. She has to stay in the car.


Lin Yiyang's Teacher Coming to Watch His Game

Yin Guo watches the people get off the van. She avoids Lin Yiyang when he kisses her. Meng Xiaodong visits New East City Club. He runs into Wen Xiao. He expresses that he wishes to see Lin Lin. Wen Xiao goes to look for Lin Lin. She comes back with Lin Lin. She runs away.

Meng Xiaodong asks Lin Lin about Jiang Yang. She provokes him that Jiang Yang is better than him. She leaves. Yin Guo and Lin Yiyang are outside the car. Yin Guo wishes Lin Yiyang to defeat Meng Xiaodong. But Meng Xiaodong shows up behind her. It makes her nervous. She returns to her dormitory.

Meng Xiaodong gets in Lin Yiyang’s car because he intends to have a talk at his place. Yin Guo is in her dormitory. Lin Lin visits her. She finds out that Yin Guo’s roommate isn’t in the dormitory. She gives the training plan to Yin Guo. She reveals her older brother just talked with her about her and Lin Yiyang’s love relationship. Yin Guo admits that Lin Yiyang needs to past the tests if he wants to get her. Lin Lin leaves.

Lin Yiyang parks his car on the street. He gets a message from his girlfriend. Yin Guo asks him if Meng Xiaodong fell for other girls except Lin Lin. He takes a look at Meng Xiaodong. He denies it. Meng Xiaodong reveals he broke up with his girlfriend when Lin Yiyang is interested in his love relationship.

Lin Yiyang arrives at the building. He lets Meng Xiaodong go to the third floor. He reveals Jiang Yang is in his house. Meng Xiaodong is reluctant to leave. He reaches the third floor and he runs into Jiang Yang. Jiang Yang invites Meng Xiaodong to eat with him. But Meng Xiaodong rejects it.

Lin Yiyang returns home. He finds out that Meng Xiaodong is still standing in the house. He wonders what happened to the guy. He brings a drink to Meng Xiaodong. He lets him sit with Jiang Yang. He mentions Lin Lin drove Jiang Yang’s car.

Meng Xiaodong blames Jiang Yang for letting Lin Lin drive his car without checking it. Jiang Yang realizes that Meng Xiaodong is cold to him because of jealousy. Lin Yiyang and Jiang Yang decide to buy their teacher house. Lin Yiyang asks Jiang Yang not to let their teacher know it before they get the house. He regrets for not buying the house early. He signs the contract.

Jiang Yang meets with his teacher’s daughter. He gives the contract to her. He reveals he and Lin Yiyang wish to buy their teacher a house. But she rejects it and asks him to let Lin Yiyang come home. He reveals Lin Yiyang plans to come home after Lin Yiyang gets the championship.

The Snooker China Open is going to begin. Lin Yiyang runs into Meng Xiaodong in the waiting room. Meng Xiaodong reveals Yin Guo’s mother won’t change her mind even if Lin Yiyang gets the championship. Lin Yiyang learns that Yin Guo’s mother wants to watch what he does.

He mentions Yin Guo comforted him that he is the third’s boyfriend in the world when he worried that he would fail his first game. Meng Xiaodong thinks Yin Guo is a good girl. Li Qingyan cheers Lin Yiyang up. Lin Yiyang leaves the waiting room with Meng Xiaodong.

Yin Guo is in the cafeteria with other players. They watch the game. Lin Yiyang and Meng Xiaodong walk into the field. Meng Xiaodong reminds Lin Yiyang that his teacher came. He Wenfeng smiles to wave at Lin Yiyang when Lin Yiyang is looking at him.

Lin Yiyang bows to his teacher. He Wenfeng cries. He nods to cheer Lin Yiyang up. We return to the cafeteria. The player badmouths Lin Yiyang. He thinks Lin Yiyang will be defeated. Yin Guo hears what the player said. Wen Xiao reveals the player just won from Hangzhou. Lin Lin shows up. She announces the competition between paired opponents.

Lin Lin walks out of the cafeteria. She runs into Cheng Yan. Cheng Yan calls Lin Lin. Lin Lin finds out that Yin Guo is following her. Cheng Yan informs Lin Lin that she put the medicine into her room. She leaves. Yin Guo asks Lin Lin to let her play with the player who badmouthed Lin Yiyang. Lin Lin agrees to it.

Yin Guo defeats the player. She reveals she was defeated by Lin Yiyang. He nods it when she thinks they can only use the cue to speak in the field. Lin Yiyang defeats Meng Xiaodong with full marks. He’s happy to walk out of the field.

Jiang Yang gives Lin Yiyang a hug. He reveals the teacher is waiting for him. Lin Yiyang remembers Wu Wei persuaded him to go to see his teacher because Wu Wei worried that the teacher will pass away. Lin Yiyang walks to He Wenfeng when He Wenfeng is in the wheelchair to wait for him.

He Wenfeng is very happy when he calls Lin Yiyang Little Six. Lin Yiyang grabs his teacher’s hand. His teacher cries. Lin Yiyang persuades his teacher to watch his next game at home. His teacher agrees to it. Lin Yiyang takes He Wenfeng home when he helps him with his wheelchair.

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He Wenfeng informs his wife that Little Six came. The madam greets Lin Yiyang. She’s happy to tear up. She reveals his teacher asked him to prepare the food he likes because his teacher thought he would win. She helps her husband get into the room.

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