Word of Honor Ending: Episode 36 Recap

This is the recap for Word of Honor Ending: Episode 36. Zhang Chengling asks Zhou Zishu why he didn’t kill Jin Prince since he’s so evil. Zhou Zishu tells Zhang Chengling that he cannot kill the prince for the nation. He adds that someone else will replace Jin Prince if he’s dead.

Word of Honor Ending: Episode 36 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Word of Honor Ending: Episode 36.

Zhang Chengling is in anger. He claims that he doesn’t understand it. The guy reminds Zhang Chengling that the battle flame will be full of the whole Heaven State if Jin Prince gets killed. He adds that the world will be peace if they make Jin Prince fight with other princes.

Zhang Chengling tells the guy Qi Ye not to explain it to him. He says that he doesn’t understand it because he’s very stupid. He adds that he doesn’t want to understand it. He says that he just wants to save his master. Zhou Zishu tells Zhang Chengling that his life is nothing for justice. He adds that the tiger of Jin Army was trained by him. He thinks what he bears isn’t just the regret of Four Season Mountain Villa when the war begins.

Zhou Zishu tells Zhang Chengling what he bears will be the souls who die in the war. He thinks Jin Prince will go to look for Evil and Light Manual since he got Glass Jade. He worries that Jin Prince will be cured. He asks Zhang Chengling if he wants him to take the regret to die.

Zhou Zishu puts his hand on Zhang Chengling’s shoulder. He feels regret for not teaching him well. He tells him that he will be his good disciple if he remembers the words. He says that a good hero will do the things for nation and people. He hugs him to comfort him when he tears up. He thinks he has luck to do the useful things with his useless body. He tells him not to be sad.

Zhou Zishu tells Qi Ye to take care of Zhang Chengling and Wen Kexing for him. Qi Ye promises it and reveals Jin Prince did it for the treasure of Tuojie clan. He tells Zhou Zishu not to go because the treasure is just a tale. But Zhou Zishu wants to go because he knows he will be dead soon.

Zhou Zishu asks Zhang Chengling if he remembers the words he asked him to tell Wen Kexing. Zhang Chengling feels sad to get on knees to Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu scolds Zhang Chengling for showing the sad face. He thinks Wen Kexing won’t believe it, and worries that Wen Kexing will stop him. Zhang Chengling tells Zhou Zishu that he will practice it.

Mr. Duan arrives at the Martial Arts Bank. He is surprised that the tale is real. Prince Xie doesn’t want to take the honor of opening Martial Arts Bank. He leaves the chance to Mr. Duan. Mr. Duan tries to open the gate with the key. But he fails. Zhou Zishu shows up and takes Mr. Duan’s life with his sword.

Prince Xie gets his followers to surround Zhou Zishu. He complains to him that the key Wen Kexing gave him wasn’t the real key. Zhou Zishu thinks it’s normal, and learns that Prince Jin doesn’t come. The avalanche arrives. Prince Xie flees with his followers.

Wen Kexing shows up to take away the hairpin from Zhou Zishu’s hair when he wants to accept his death. He turns the hairpin into a key, and casts it to the lock. It opens the gate. Wen Kexing takes Zhou Zishu to run into Martial Arts Bank before they get killed by the avalanche.

Zhou Zishu wonders how Wen Kexing came. He asks about his injury. Wen Kexing thinks Zhou Zishu is a jerk, and mentions they promised to die together. Zhou Zishu asks Wen Kexing how he found the place. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he wouldn’t find him if he didn’t follow Prince Xie.

Zhou Zishu asks about his hairpin. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he gave the hairpin to him because he knew he would be killed. Zhou Zishu is surprised that the key had been worn on his head.

It flashes back. Ye Baiyi bursts into the room and goes to treat Wen Kexing. Qi Ye tries to stop Ye Baiyi because he worries that Wen Kexing will take his life once he knows Zhou Zishu won’t be alive. Ye Baiyi says that he doesn’t allow anyone to die first if he’s alive.

Zhou Zishu tells Wen Kexing not to light the candle. Because he thinks the air is limited. But Wen Kexing points out there will be special air paths since Rong Xuan practiced martial arts in the underground palace. He asks Wen Kexing if he doesn’t want to get killed.

Zhou Zishu says that nobody wants to die if he can live well. He adds that he didn’t encounter Wen Kexing before. He’s surprised that Six Martial arts saved Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he will be alive if he believes it.

Zhou Zishu finds only foods and agriculture tools in the room. He realizes it’s the secret of Tuojie ancestors which they gave to their descendants. Wen Kexing laughs and thinks Prince Jin tried his best for the foods and agriculture tools. Zhou Zishu mentions what Long Que said that his master found nothing after he gathered Glass Jades to open the place.

Zhou Zishu thinks Old Prince killed his father because he only found foods. Wen Kexing laughs. He says that he wants to know Jin Prince’s expression after he knows the truth. Zhou Zishu tells Wen Kexing not to laugh. He thinks they won’t live too long even if they eat snow and drink water.

Wen Kexing asks Zhou Zishu if he knows how long Ye Baiye has lived after he ate snow and drank water. He asks him if he knows why Ye Baiyi tried his best to eat. He reveals he hadn’t eaten for one hundred years. He says that going against heaven to change fate will cost something.

Zhou Zishu learns that Ye Baiyi’s hair turned white since they knew him. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that they need to live in the cold place even if they leave there. Zhou Zishu wants to think about it because he prefers to die if he needs to live in such a way all his life.

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