She is the One: Episode 12 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for She is the One: Episode 12. Yuan Yueyue runs into the room and locks the door from inside. Wen Jinchen asks her to let him in. But she tells him to get lost, and claims that she doesn’t want to take a shower with him. But he points out that it’s normal they take a shower together because they have lived together.

She is the One: Episode 12 Recap & Review

She is the One

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for She is the One: Episode 12.

Wen Jinchen doesn’t want to force Yuan Yueyue to do so since she was against it. She worries that she cannot control herself if he touches her. He opens the door with the key, and tells her that he wants to sleep with her since she disagreed to take a shower with him. She wants to leave the room to him, and tells him that she will live outside.

Wen Jinchen reminds Yuan Yueyue that Gui Yi will report it to Grandpa if he spots it. He adds that he doesn’t know how to explain it if her father visits him. Yuan Yueyue is furious to sit in the bed. She asks Wen Jinchen to promise not to touch her if she sleeps with him. He agrees to it.

Wen Jinchen tries to hug Yuan Yueyue. She’s startled to get up. He explains to her that he just wants to ask her if she can make a breakfast for him. She says that she had a conditioned reflex. He understands it because he knew she hadn’t been in love. She asks him who told him that.

Wen Jinchen asks Yuan Yueyue if Pei Xiuzhe touched her. She claims that they were pure, and reveals she wasn’t in love with Pei Xiuzhe. He asks her if she still likes Pei Xiuzhe. She denies. He asks her to tell people that he’s her first love if she’s asked. He tells her to get rid of the guy from her life. She laughs and thinks he’s very childish.

Wen Jinchen asks Gui Yi about Yuan Yueyue. Gui Yi reveals the girl was shy to flee. He thinks he’s very outstanding. Yuan Yueyue tells Xiao Rong that they will work together. Xiao Rong complains that she doesn’t expect that she still needs connections even if she studied hard. But Yuan Yueyue tells Xiao Rong that it’s a good chance to her.

Xiao Rong agrees to what Yue Yueyue said. She decides to accept her fate. She reminds Yuan Yueyue the title she promised her. Yuan Yueyue comforts Xiao Rong that she’s the personal assistant of her. She gives the business card to her. Xiao Rong feels happy and thinks the office is full of charm flavor.

Wen Jinchen shows up. He asks Yuan Yueyue if his office is a classroom. She introduces Xiao Rong as her assistant. But Wen Jinchen tells Xiao Rong to return to her department. Yuan Yueyue claims that Xiao Rong is her woman because she was fired by him.

Xiao Rong tells Lin Wenjun not to follow her. He points out that it’s the president’s order. He asks her if he’s ugly, and mentions she is startled when she sees him each time. She thinks he’s not handsome, and tells him not to talk to her.

Wen Jinchen tells Yuan Yueyue that he knows her thought to get herself an electric bulb. She denies and claims she asked Xiao Rong to help her. He asks her if she wants to defend herself, and tells her to give him some gaps. He holds her cheek.

Xiao Rong wants to visit Wen Jinchen. But Lin Wenjun hugs her. She tells him to get lost. But he thinks it’s not the right time. She thinks he worries that she will surpass him. She tells him that she won’t rob his credit. Wen Jinchen asks Yuan Yueyue why she still does it to him since they’re in love. She says that she wants to slow their love relationship.

Xiao Rong spots Wen Jinchen hugging Yuan Yueyue on the table. She thinks the two shouldn’t do that because it’s an office. Yuan Yueyue explains to Xiao Rong that it wasn’t the scene she saw. Wen Jinchen thinks Yuan Yueyue doesn’t have to explain it to Xiao Rong. Xiao Rong tells Wen Jinchen that people will look down on them if his case gets spread.

Lin Wenjun sees people moving away the table. He thinks she shouldn’t listen to him. But she thinks what she did was right. Yuan Yueyue meets with Pei Xiuzhe. He asks her if she wants to live with the name of Yuan Siya. She sighs and reveals she feels uncomfortable when she sees Wen Jinchen. She thinks she tricked Wen Jinchen.

Pei Xiuzhe points out that the one who tricked was Wen Jinchen. He thinks Wen Jinchen will understand Yuan Yueyue if he really likes her. Yuan Yueyue thinks what Pei Xiuzhe said is right.

Wen Jinchen tells Gu Yi that Yuan Yueyue went to study with her best friend. Gu Yi thinks it was an excuse. He asks Wen Jinchen what he did to Yuan Yueyue. Wen Jinchen says that Yuan Yueyue worries that he will eat her. Gui Yi thinks it’s normal that Yuan Yueyue thinks it too much. Because she’s a good girl.

Yuan Yueyue goes to the office. She doesn’t see Wen Jinzhen. She feels relieved. Xiao Rong tells Yuan Yueyue that she cannot avoid the man all her life. She thinks she panics when she sees the man who is like a wolf. She asks her what Wen Jinchen did to her.

Wen Jinchen shows up from Xiao Rong’s back. He tells her to guess it out. She flees. Wen Jinchen asks Yuan Yueyue if he’s really scary. She tells him that he will know it soon. Yuan Yueyue tells Xiao Rong that she wants to confess her feelings to Wen Jinchen. President Ye hears it. She tells the assistant to cancel the meeting. Wen Jinchen asks Lin Wenjun to ask Xiao Rong where Yuan Yueyue went.

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