Word of Honor: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 3. Wen Kexing tells Zhang Chengling that the one who hunted him coming from Monster Valley. He asks him how Mirror Lake Sect offended them. Zhang Chengling says that he doesn’t know. Wen Kexing laughs and thinks Zhou Zishu knows it.

Word of Honor: Episode 3 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Word of Honor: Episode 3.

Zhou Zishu thinks Monster Valley ruined Mirror Lake Sect for something. Wen Kexing mentions the children’s folk that Blue Monsters are sorrowful. Zhou Zishu sneers and thinks Blue Monsters are very evil. Wen Kexing agrees to what Zhou Zishu said, and reveals it means the monster king Rong Xuan who was killed in Blue Mountain.

Wen Kexing says that Rong Xuan had the Martial Arts Bank which contain the top martial Arts which all of sects lost. He adds that it can make a normal person become invincible. He says that the key which can open the Martial Arts Bank is Glass Jade Pendant. But Zhou Zishu thinks the tale can just fool countryman.

Zhou Zishu tells Wen Kexing that the treasure is just greed. Wen Kexing laughs. He says that he doesn’t expect Zhou Zishu has same opinion with him. Gu Xiang says that people are stupid. Zhou Zishu thinks Gu Xiang is very smart.

Shen Shen arrives at Mirror Lake Sect. He asks Deng Kuan about Zhang Yusen. He sees the bodies which are covered by white clothes. He wants to go to take a look. But Deng Kuan stops Shen Shen, and tells him that all of people in Mirror Lake Sect were killed when he arrived. Shen Shen tears up and tells Deng Kuan to get lost.

Deng Kuan gets on knees and tells Shen Shen that Zhang Yusen’s body was stepped. He tells him to punish him because he didn’t save Zhang Yusen in time. Shen Shen yells at Deng Kuan and asks him why he didn’t save Zhang Yusen since he was sent to hand over the invitation. Deng Kuan explains that someone ruined all of the boats when he wanted to come.

Shen Shen swears to make enemies to repay. Tao Hong laughs and thinks Shen Shen just brags. He asks her what she means. She thinks he should take his life to follow Zhang Yusen since he swore it. Nv Liu says that the friendship is very special.

Shen Shen claims that Zhang Yusen is his brother. Tao Hong laughs and thinks Shen Shen is just a dog of Chief Gao. Shen Shen is furious to pull out his sword. Huang He stops Shen Shen and tells him that Tao Hong and Nv Liu came to help him. He tells the two to take down the revenge.

Huang He reminds Shen Shen that taking revenge is very important. Shen Shen asks Huang He who was the murderer. Huang He tells Shen Shen to come with him. Zhou Zishu wakes Zhang Chengling up and wants to leave with him. He tells Wen Kexing that they will see each other again if they have ties.

Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu to take the water path because he has a boat. But Zhou Zishu ignores Wen Kexing and walks Zhang Chengling away. Gu Xiang wonders why Wen Kexing wanted to take Zhou Zishu because she thinks he’s going to die.

Wen Kexing says that he likes the butterfly bone on Zhou Zishu’s back. He adds that he didn’t see that he applied makeup on his face. Gu Xiang wonders why the group pretended to be monsters. Huang He tells Shen Shen to be careful of the threads.

Tao Hong takes the wood to test the thread. The wood gets cut off. Shen Shen spots the yellow papers. He realizes that the people came from Monster Valley. Tao Hong reveals it’s the Soul Thread of Diaosi Gui. Shen Shen thinks they should get rid of the ten big monsters.

Tao Hong talks back that Monster Valley wants to ruin Five Lake Alliance. Shen Shen tells Tao Hong that he will kill her if she continues to provoke him. Nv Liu reminds Shen Shen that Monster Valley will knock at his door because he has knocked at the door of Mirror Lake Sect.

Wen Kexing waits for Zhou Zishu, and tells him to drink tea with him. Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing followed them for Glass Jade. He walks away and goes to the river bank. Wen Kexing shows up when Zhang Chengling is drinking water from the river.

Wen Kexing pretends to be surprised to spot Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu walks away again. Tao Hong says that she feels great after seeing Shen Shen being scared. She thinks someone wants to deal with Five Lake Alliance. But Huang He points out that the one who gets involved isn’t just Five Lake Alliance.

Tao Hong says that she doesn’t care for it, and thinks she can close her eyes to be dead if she can see Five Lake Alliance to be ruined. Lv Liu mentions Five Lake Alliance got benefits after many people died for Glass Jade. He thinks it’s the time that Five Lake Alliance should repays for it After Sun Sect and Mirror Lake Sect was ruined.

But Huang He points out that the chief of Sun Sect Lu Taichong left two disciples to the chief of Tai Mountain Sect Ao Laizi. He thinks Ao Laizi got the Glass Jade of Lu Taichong. He says that he doesn’t want to give the Glass Jade to Monster Valley again.

Zhou Zishu visits the hotel and wants to order a room. But the waiter tells him that all of the rooms were ordered by a young master. He tells him to go to elsewhere. Zhou Zishu asks the waiter for a wood room, and wants a place to sleep over. Wen Kexing shows up from second floor. He tells the hotel owner to give the best room to Zhou Zishu.

Zhou Zishu kicks Wen Kexing out when Wen Kexing wants to have a seat in the room. Zhang Chengling thinks Wen Kexing isn’t a bad guy when Zhou Zishu checks the room. Zhou Zishu tells Zhang Chengling to sleep in the bed. He asks him about his injury, and gives him the medicine.

Zhou Zishu goes to see Wen Kexing. He asks him what he wants to get. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he will tell his intent to him if he shows his real face to him. But Zhou Zishu wants to see Wen Kexing’s real face first. Wen Kexing reveals his real face is ugly.

Zhou Zishu says that he’s not interested in Wen Kexing’s face. He tells him not to interested in the thing which isn’t related to him. Wen Kexing asks Zhou Zishu if Zhang Chengling is related to him. He mentions he stepped in the swirl.

Zhou Zishu reveals he was asked by someone. He thinks he just needs to hand over Zhang Chengling to Zhao Jing. Gu Xiang shows up. She blames Wen Kexing for not calling her when they’re drinking. He tells her that the most cutest person in the world is the one who has a soft heart.

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