Wulin Heroes: Episodes 3-4 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Wulin Heroes: Episodes 3-4. The people of Tang Sect try to kill Tang Huan. Ye Xi stops them. The guy recognizes her because she’s the only one who can use Flying Frost Sword Art. Ye Xi blames the guy for ruining her chicken.

Wulin Heroes: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

Wulin Heroes

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Wulin Heroes: Episodes 3-4.

Tang Huan is furious to fight with the guy because he killed Uncle Qi. But the guy kicks Tang Huan. He tells Ye Xi that Yang Sect won’t forgive them. He runs away. Ye Xi asks Yang Huan about his injury. He tells her to leave. But she claims that she’s not the one who will see the dying without saving. He passes out.

Ye Xi dresses Tang Huan’s wound. She thinks he will be fine. He wakes up. She gives the medicine to him. She tells him to take it. He thinks she wants to leave when he calls her Ms. Ye. She asks him if he will believe it if she denies it. He points out that the sword art she used belongs to Ye Xi.

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Ye Xi thinks she has to leave since Tang Huan knows her identity. But she worries that he will betray her. He denies it and promises to repay her if he’s alive. She wonders why the people of Tang Sect wanted to kill him. He reveals Tang Yang began to kill the people who were against him after he had gotten Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle.

Ye Xi remembers that the stuff killed her. Tang Huan tells Ye Xi to leave because he worries that she will be hurt if she stays with him. But she rejects it because she has many enemies. He asks her if she remembers Tang Yang. She reveals she lost her memories.

Ye Yi tells Tang Huan that she became the enemy of Wulin after she had been reborn from the cemetery. She thinks she’s a bad woman. He mentions she saved him. He doesn’t believe that she’s a bad person. He adds that she didn’t kill those people.

Ye Yi points out that those people won’t forgive her because they want to kill the witch. She feels regret that she hasn’t eaten well for avoid the killing. Tang Huan tells Ye Xi that he heard Tang Yang’s confession when he was in Tang Sect.

Ye Xi realizes that Tang Yang killed her and his fiancee. She thinks Tang Yang isn’t a human. Tang Huan tells Ye Xi that Tang Yang sent his men to kill her because he had known his secrets. He asks her how she survived from Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle.

Episode 3 of Wulin Heroes ends with Ye Xi passing by the restaurant. She intends to have a meal before she returns to the hotel. She thinks Tang Huan was to weak when she eats. Bai Yue joins Ye Xi. He thinks she doesn’t know who is a good person.

Wulin Heroes: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

Bai Yue mentions Ye Xi drinks at the restaurant. He worries that she will be hurt by someone. She claims that she will kill the person since the fight is going to come. But the restaurant owner tells Ye Xi that the Wulin people left because the witch he wanted to catch had left.

Ye Xi wonders why the Wulin people left since they didn’t meet with her. Bao Yue orders a bowl of noodles for Ye Xi. He worries that she cannot eat the noodles after the fight. He reminds her that it will be embarrassed if she passes away because of poison.

Bai Yue reveals Yu Luo sent the black guy and the white guy to test Ye Xi’s martial arts. He thinks the killing of Tang Hua was a plan. Because Tang Hua wanted to use Ye Xi to attack Tang Sect. Bai Yue thinks Ye Xi goes to give her life. But she points out that she intended to kill Tang Yang. Ye Xi thinks she can prove that she’s not a witch if she dies. Bai Yue pays the bill of the noodles. He walks away.

Ye Xi walks out of her house. She feels a headache. She breaks into Bai Yue’s room. He blames her for not knocking at the door. She tells him that she has a headache. He asks her about the medicine he gave to her. She reveals she gave it to Tang Huan. Ye Xi wants to buy the medicine when she puts her hand on the box. Bai Yue stops her. She finds out that he was hurt when he sees her. She tries to take a look at his injury. But he stuns her and treats her.

Ye Xi wakes up. She sees the medicine on the table. She takes the medicine and leaves the silver on the table. Bai Yue walks into the room when Ye Xi tries to leave. He takes a look at the silver on the table. He blames her for treating him as a beggar.

Ye Xi thinks Bai Yue’s medicine is very useful. She thinks she needs the medicine when she attacks Tang Sect. She thinks he agrees to it when he’s silent. She leaves his room. The wheel of the carriage is in the pit. Han Zi comforts Lin Xiaoxiao that she will resolve the problem.

Lin Xiaoxiao sees Bai Yue. He wonders why he came to the place. Han Zi thinks Bai Yue has same goal like Lin Xiaoxiao. But Lin Xiaoxiao doesn’t believe it because Bai Yue is an immortal. Ye Xi takes her men to attack Tang Sect. She sees the dead bodies on the floor. She’s surprised that she killed so many people.

Episode 4 of Wulin Heroes ends with Ye Xi asking Regent to release the men of Tang Yang. Lin Xiaoxiao worries that those people will hurt Ye Xi. But Ye Xi doesn’t believe that those people have the power. Lin Xiaoxiao tells Ye Xi to use her sword art to take revenge.

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