Wulin Heroes: Episodes 1-2 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Wulin Heroes: Episodes 1-2. Ye Xi sneaks into Bai Yue’s house. She sees him practicing sword art. She finds the sword books in his room. She takes away his sword when he falls asleep. He wakes up when she practices sword art outside.

Wulin Heroes: Episodes 1 Recap & Ending

Wulin Heroes

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Wulin Heroes: Episodes 1-2.

Ye Xi leaves the sword and runs away before Bai Yue opens the door. He sees his sword and picks the sword up. He returns to his room. She thinks he found her so that she goes to the cave. She finds a coffin and opens the coffin. She gets in the coffin and takes the stuff in the coffin.

Bai Yue saves Ye Xi before the coffin locks her up. But he trips after the gate closes. She protects him when the rock falls to him. She notes that he was hurt. She tries to treat him. She finds out that he’s poisoned. Uncle Hui comes to look for Bai Yue. Ye Xi runs away. Bai Yue asks Uncle Hui about the girl in red. Uncle Hui denies it. He takes Bai Yue away.

Ye Xi goes to see Bai Yue. She takes away the ginseng because he has her stuff. She disappears before he wakes up. Uncle Hui walks into Bai Yue’s room. Bai Yue asks Uncle Hui if anyone came to his room. Uncle Hui thinks it was the medicine boy. He tells Bai Yue to drink up the ginseng soup since he has eaten the ginseng.

Uncle Hui tries to leave. But Bai Yue stops him. He mentions he saw the girl in red who he saw in the underground palace. Uncle Hui doesn’t believe it. He tells Bai Yue not to go to the underground palace. He leaves his room. Ye Xi shows up. She tells Bai Yue that she’s the ginseng fairy. She makes him fall asleep. Ye Xi thinks Bai Yue is a good person. She thanks him for saving her in the underground palace. She thinks he will recover after he wakes up.

The wulin people chase Ye Xi. They ask her to take out the Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle. Ye Xi tells the people that the Tang Sect’s case wasn’t related to her. The wulin person mentions Ye Xi stole the books of Tang Sect after she failed to flirt with Tang Yang.

The wulin person tells his followers to kill Ye Xi. She mentions she didn’t kill anyone. She kills them. Ye Xi vomits blood. She falls to the ground. Ye Xi walks in the bamboo forest. She runs into Tang Yang. He tells her to go home with him. She realizes that he came to kill her.

Episodes 1 of Wulin Heroes ends with Ye Xi taking a bath in the hot spring. She believes that she appeared at the cemetery because there’re many men dying for her. Bai Yue shows up. He tells Ye Xi that what told in the novel were fake. He mentions the villagers told him that there’s ghosts at the cemetery. She’s surprised that he’s so good looking.

Wulin Heroes: Episodes 2 Recap & Ending

Ye Xi walks Bai Yue in the woods. She asks him to take her the story of Wulin. He tells her that some people of the sects want to do someone since the chief of Wulin doesn’t like to manage his business. Ye Xi thinks the world will be not peace anymore. She tells Bai Yue that she wishes someone to accompany her all her life because she fears lonely.

Ye Xi eats with Bai Yue at the restaurant. She asks him for the soup. He rejects it because he think he pitied her to let her look at his good looking face. The guy agrees to what Bai Yue said. He tells him that he wants to look at him as well. He walks to him.

The guy Chu Yao tells Ye Xi that he wants to get a friend like Bai Yue. Chu Yao invites Bai Yue to go to his house. He mentions Bai Yue saved his life. He intends to drink with him so that he asks his followers to clean the restaurant.

The bodyguards break into the restaurant. The customers run away. The restaurant owner complains that the customers didn’t pay the bills. Chu Yao comforts the restaurant owner that he will pay it. Ye Xi asks Chu Yao to pay her bill since he’s so generous.

Chu Yao gives a bag of silver to Ye Xi. Bai Yue thinks Chu Yao insulted Ye Xi with the silver. But Ye Xi wishes to get the it more times if it was an insult. She tells Bai Yue not to reject Chu Yao. Bai Yue agrees to what she said. He hands over the tea to Chu Yao.

Chu Yao drinks up the tea. But he’s poisoned. The bodyguards pull out their swords. Chu Yao tells them to leave. Ye Xi blames Bai Yue for poisoning Chu Yao. She thinks he’s heartless. He explains that Chu Yao will be dead if he didn’t poison him. Chu Yao agrees to what Bai Yue said.

Ye Xi tries to leave. Bai Yue stops her. He tells her that she won’t know what happened to her if she leaves. She thinks she should care for her future more than her past. But he tells her that he added something in her noodles. Chu Yao comforts Ye Xi that Bai Yue was just kidding. Ye Xi smiles to tell Bai Yue that she’s going to hold umbrella after he walks out of the restaurant. She thinks she should give in. Bai Yue agrees to what Ye Xi said. He mentions he doesn’t want to go to Chu Yao’s house.

Episodes 2 of Wulin Heroes ends with Ye Xi cooking chicken in the woods. She sees Tang Huan being chased by the people of Tang Sect. The guy tells Tang Huan that Tang Yang asked him to kill him. The follower tells Tang Huan to flee alone. But Tang Huan rejects it because he doesn’t want to give them.

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