Agency K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Agency K-Drama: Episode 6. A-In calls Young-Woo and tells him to let Han-Na see the reporters off. Chang-Soo smiles when he stayed in his office alone. He believes that the people came. Han-Na laughs to walk the reporters in the lobby. A-In watches Han-Na. She thinks she’s so poor.

Does A-In Eat Eun-Jung’s Cake?

Agency K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Agency K-Drama: Episode 6.

Han-Na sees Woo-Chul posting the poster which tells the people that the executive hurt the advertisers. Eun-Soo recognizes Han-Na. He takes his followers to pay their respect to her. Woo-Chul shows the posters to Han-Na. He tells her to fire the executive.

Han-Na is furious to scream. Young-Woo takes away the reporters. Han-Na walks to Woo-Chul. She yells at him and asks him who let him do so. Suk-Woo calls A-In. He tells her that he wants to do the PR commercial with her. She wonders why he wants to do the PR commercial with her since his chairman was arrested. A-In calls Byung-Soo. She tells him to look into Suk-Woo. She leaves the lobby.

The follower asks Suk-Woo if they need to prepare the materials for the meeting. Suk-Woo denies it. He believes that he will know if A-In is outstanding or not after he works with her. Byung-Soo tells A-In that Suk-Woo is very outstanding. A-In wonders why Suk-Woo wished to work with her since he’s good enough. Soo-Jung reports to A-In that Moon-Ho wants to see her.

A-In smiles when she hears Han-Na scolding Woo-Chul. She runs into Chang-Soo and wonders why he offended Han-Na. She follows him to walk into the meeting room. Chang-Soo tries to calm Han-Na down. But she scolds him. Young-Woo reveals Woo-Chul told Han-Na that Chang-Soo was the one who asked him to post the posters.

Eun-Soo leaves the meeting room because he has a meeting. He tells his followers that Han-Na asked A-In to send the mail to them. He leaves the building with them. Han-Na asks Chang-Soo to tell her about the person who asked him to humiliate her. He takes a look at Woo-Chul. He thinks it’s time to give up the chess piece.

Chang-Soo tells Han-Na that Woo-Chul did it himself. She tells his uncle Moon-Ho to fire Woo-Chul. Chang-Soo apologizes to Moon-Ho and Han-Na. Moon-Ho tells Han-Na to leave the meeting room. Han-Na is furious to walk out of the meeting room. She tries to return to the meeting room. Young-Woo stops her. He takes her away.

Moon-Ho tells A-In and Chang-Soo that he doesn’t wish them to use Han-Na to fight with each other. They promise not to do it away. They leave his office. Han-Na returns to her office. Young-Woo tells her that the target was A-In. She realizes that she was played by the two directors. She tries to go to give the two a hard time. Young-Woo hurts her hand when he stops her. She kicks his leg. Secretary shows up before Han-Na leaves her office. She tries to hand over the milk to her when she tells her that it was given by Moon-Ho.

Chang-Soo and A-In are in the elevator. Chang-Soo blames A-In for getting Han-Na involved. But she points out that he began the fight first. She notes that he got a call from Eun-Soo. She wishes him luck. She gets off the elevator.

Eun-Soo blames Chang-Soo for using them to deal with Han-Na. He tells him that he won’t forgive him. Secretary serves Han-Na the milk. She mentions Moon-Ho asked Han-Na if he needs to put the straw into the bottle for her. Han-Na remembers she brought up that Moon-Ho put the straw into the bottle for her. She asks Secretary to put the straw into the bottle for her. She drinks up the milk and asks Secretary to tell something to Moon-Ho.

Secretary brings the empty bottle to Moon-Ho. She mentions what Han-Na told him that he doesn’t need to put the straw into the bottle for her because she has grown up. He smiles and tells Secretary to leave. He thinks Han-Na’s company life begins.

Han-Na asks Young-Woo to tell her the truth. She claims that she’s not a baby anymore. He tells her that A-In knew it was a trap so that she let her go to the lobby. He adds that Eun-Soo and his men were invited by Chang-Soo. Han-Na thinks the directors of the company aren’t stupid. She decides to play with the two.

Jung-Woo brings the cake to Eun-Jung. He intends to congratulate her and Byung-Soo on her promotions. Byung-Soo tries to blows out the candles. Eun-Jung stops Byung-Soo. She lets Won-Hee join them. Woo-Chul leaves the office when the people are happy.

Eun-Jung realizes that she didn’t invite A-In. Byung-Soo points out that A-In won’t join them. She asks him for the reason. Jung-Woo explains that A-In doesn’t like to eat the sweet snack. But Eun-Jung wants to check it. She takes away the cake from Byung-Soo.

Eun-Jung brings the cake to Soo-Jung. She tells her that she was promoted. Soo-Jung thinks Eun-Jung doesn’t have to let her join them. But Eun-Jung believes that Soo-Jung is her team member since she’s the follower of A-In. She gets into A-In’s office.

A-In thinks Eun-Jung is the president because Eun-Jung walked into her office without knocking at the door. Eun-Jung smiles to knock at the door. She walks to A-In and places the cake on the table. She asks her to eat the cake. But A-In rejects it.

Eun-Jung reminds A-In that she needs the cake because she has to look over the materials. But A-In tells Eun-Jung that she prefers time than dessert. But Eun-Jung thinks A-In should share the task with her because they’re team members. She persuades her to eat the cake. She takes a look at her bag. She sees the medicine.

Eun-Jung remembers she ran into A-In when she felt painful. A-In asked Eun-Jung to give the medicine to her when Eun-Jung intended to send A-In to hospital. Eun-Jung places the candy on the table since A-In doesn’t want to eat the cake. She leaves her office.

Agency K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Episode 6 of Agency K-Drama ends with A-In thinking Suk-Woo doesn’t want to test them because he only gave them one week. Han-Na tells Young-Woo that she wants to test A-In and other agencies. She reveals Geun-Chul asked her to do so.

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