Xu Xiaosa Sets a Trap for Hu Ge In New “Game of Hunting” Stills

Xu Xiaosa acts beautiful office lady Mi Na who works for Tehui’s vice president and sets a trap for Hu Ge in “Game of Hunting“.

In “Game of Hunting”, Xu Xiaosa really works hard and takes the briefcase for his boss in the elevator. She digs a hole for her best friend Jia Yimei and steals her company’s secret information, even setting a trap for Hu Ge, making him give up hunting Chen Xiufeng.

Xu Xiaosa doesn’t fear the controversy which comes from her role, and wants to hear different voices instead.

Xu Xiaosa’s role isn’t evil at all, she wants to live a better life and is tempted by her Boss Yuan Kun. Xu Xiaosa understands her role’s choice but disagrees what she did.

In the upcoming “Game of Hunting” episode, she will flirt with Chen Xiufeng and hunts him.

Game of Hunting

Game of Hunting

Game of Hunting

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