Why Women Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Why Women Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Gu Jiaxin goes to see Zhao Jiangyue. He tells her to have a date with him. He gives the high school uniform to her. She walks out of the building with the high school uniform. She thinks people will mock her.

Why Women Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

Why Women Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Why Women Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Zhao Jiangyue tries to return home to get changed. But Gu Jiaxin stops her. He tells her to enjoy the feelings when she’s in love. He wears the helmet for her and reaches out his hand. She holds his hand and sits on his motorcycle. He lets her hug him from his back. He rides the motorcycle away.

The two arrive at the school. Zhao Jiangyue blames Gu Jiaxin for riding too fast. He tells her that the speed can make her heart beat faster. He persuades her to invite the guy to watch a horror movie. He walks into the school and finds her previous photo. He tries to take a photo of the photo. But she stops him.

Gu Jiaxin thinks Zhao Jiangyue is prettier than before. But she points out what she depends is her talent. He thinks she wasn’t in love at the school. He reminds her that she came to look for the feelings of first love. He takes her to the playground. He tells her that playground is the beginning place of love.

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Zhao Jiangyue sees many couples at the playground. She worries that they will caught by the teacher. Gu Jiaxin tells Zhao Jiangyue to hold his hand. She laughs because she thinks they don’t have to act in such a way. He lets her grab his sleeve. He asks her why she peeks at him when she walks him.

Gu Jiaxin holds Zhao Jiangyue’s hand and takes her to the stage. He confesses his feelings to her. She’s shocked to stare at him. The guards run to them and try to catch them. Gu Jiaxin takes Zhao Jiangyue to run away. They hide in the woods.

Zhao Jiangyue smiles after the guards left. She tells Gu Jiaxin that he helped her realize that she doesn’t need love. But it doesn’t what he wants to get. She returns home and takes a shower. She takes a look at her phone. She finds out that Qian Jingjing’s boyfriend betrayed her.

Zhao Jiangyue calls Qian Jingjing. She tells her that she wants to come to comfort her. But Qian Jingjing rejects it. She tells Zhao Jiangyue that the news is a rumor. She reveals Zhang Hao will come to explain it to her. But Qian Jingjing has dinner alone. She cries when she eats.

Li Yanran watches the footage of “Love Note” at the cafe. Qian Jingjing tells a love tip to Li Yanran. She uses the tip on Xu Ningyuan. He calls someone and takes him to pay attention to “Love Note”. She hears the talk and tells him that “Love Note” belongs to her boyfriend. She shows Gu Jiaxin’s photo to him. She’s happy to run away.

Gu Jiaxin returns home. He tries to open the door. Li Yanran shows up and startles him. She hands over the coffee to him. She walks into his house and tells him that she came back to accompany him to have fun. But he tells her that he’s very busy.

Why Women Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Zhao Jiangyue takes Qian Jingjing to her office. She asks her how Zhang Hao explained the rumor to her. She wonders if the guy got punished. Qian Jingjing is confident to admit it. But Zhao Jiangyue knocks over Qian Jingjing’s bag by mistake. She sees the divorce paper.

Why Women Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 stars Jin Chen and Wang Ziyi.

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