A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 3. Paner tells Boatman to save Sun Sanniang. But he rejects it. Gu Qianfan jumps into the water. He swims to the wood, untying Sun Sanniang from the wood. Zhao Paner pulls the rope. She saves Sun Sanniang.

Why Zhao Paner Tells Mr. Zheng that She Has Gu Qianfan’s Baby?

A Dream of Splendor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 3.

Gu Qianfan hits Sun Sanniang’s belly. He tells Zhao Paner that Sun Sanniang will be fine after she gets warmed. But the captain Mr. Zheng stares at Gu Qianfan. Gu Qianfan reports to Zhao Paner that Mr. Zheng found out his identity. He wants to take another boat.

Zhao Paner is against it. She worries about Gu Qianfan’s wound. She tells him to hide somewhere. Zhao Paner visits Mr. Zheng. She asks him why he avoided her. He asks her about Gu Qianfan’s history. He worries that he will get arrested.

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Zhao Paner tells Mr. Zheng not to ask her about Gu Qianfan’s history. She tells him that her friend isn’t a thief. She adds that he cannot do any business on the boat if he reports it to officer. He claims that he’s not a timid man.

Zhao Paner leaks that Gu Qianfan is Minister Shi’s son. She adds that she ran away from home with him because the nephew of Peng City Prince wanted her to be his concubine. Mr. Zheng comforts Zhao Paner that he will pretend not to see anything. She tells him to prepare some dishes.

Zhao Paner finds out that Gu Qianfan is waiting for her. She learns that he heard what she said. She tells him not to put it into his mind. He grabs her hand and he wants to check her pulse. Because he worries that the medicines will make her be abortion.

Zhao Paner takes off Gu Qianfan’s hand. He thinks she wants to go to East Capital because she’s pregnant with Ouyang Xu’s child. She denies it. He wonders why she tells someone else she’s pregnant when she doesn’t get married.

Zhao Paner explains to Gu Qianfan that she did it for fooling Mr. Zheng. She adds that she helped him because he saved Sun Sanniang. She points out that she told Mr. Zheng that she has his baby. Gu Qianfan thinks he’s unlucky to get a child.

Zhao Paner thinks Gu Qianfan got benefits from her. She tells him that she’s saving him. But he points out that he saved her friend first. Sun Sanniang wakes up. She cries to tell Zhao Paner that she jumped into river after her husband divorced her.

Sun Sannniang reveals she saw her husband Gu Xingui sleeping with Madam Tao. She adds that Gu Xingui asked her to sign the divorce agreement. She didn’t want to sign it. But her son Zi Fang told her that she’s a bad mom. She had to sign the divorce agreement.

A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Ending

The maid cries to tell Zhao Paner that Zhou She bullied Song Yinzhang. Zhao Paner tells Gu Qianfan that she wants to save Song Yinzhang. She thinks Song Yinzhang is more important than Ouyang Xu. She thinks it’s her father that she cannot reach East Capital.

A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 3 stars Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao, Liu Yan and Lin Yun.

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