A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 9. Chen Lian reports to Gu Qianfan that there’s no any message about Zhao Paner coming from East Capital. Gu Qianfan takes out the hairpin. He wishes Zhao Paner to be fine.

Why Song Yinzhang Slaps Chi Pan?

A Dream of Splendor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 9.

Chi Pan complains that he cannot be the officer. The follower comforts Chi Pan that he cannot stay with Zhang Haohao if he becomes a officer. He leaks that He Si got bullied by Zhao Paner. He Si asks Ouyang Xu to repay the money.

Ouyang Xu worries that Gao families will hear what He Si said. He intends to drive He Si away. Uncle De stops Ouyang Xu. He thinks he’s useless. Ouyang Xu blames for what he did. Uncle De slaps himself. Chi Pan stops He Si. He tells him to leave with him.

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But He Si rejects it. He leaks that Zhao Paner hit the point and made him not give birth. Chi Pan is furious to beat He Si. He reminds him that there’s no woman who will give birth with him. He Si agrees to what Chi Pan said. He mentions Zhao Paner defeated Chi Pan in cuju game.

Chi Pan is furious to kick He Si. He rides on him and beats him. He’s taken aside by his followers. Chi Pan tells the followers to go to look for Zhao Paner. Chi Pan goes to see Zhao Paner. But he sees Song Yinzhang who’s playing lute.

Chi Pan has feelings for Song Yinzhang. He thinks she looks like a beautiful flower. She’s startled and she tries to leave. But he stops her. He tells her that he’s looking for Zhao Paner. She leaks that Zhao Paner is her sister. She asks him why he wants to see Zhao Paner.

Chi Pan tells Song Yinzhang that Zhao Paner offended him. She tells him to forgive them. He tells her that he will forgive Zhao Paner if she can find a place to sit with him. He tries to take away her lute. She’s furious to slap him. She runs away when he cries. He tells the followers to go to catch her.

Song Yinzhang runs into Sun Sanniang. She asks her to protect her. Sun Sanniang slaps Chi Pan. Zhao Paner pours water to Chi Pan. He tells her that Song Yinzhang hurt his tongue. He asks Song Yinzhang to play lute for him. Zhao Paner agrees to it. But she tells Chi Pan to pass the tests of her sisters.

A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Gu Qianfan visits Zhao Paner’s tea house with Chen Lian. Chen Lian thinks Gu Qianfan still misses Zhao Paner. Gu Qianfan believes that Zhao Paner became the wife of Ouyang Xu. Song Yinzhang plays the lute. She takes a look at her lute. She believes that Gu Qianfan is the only one who can help her.

A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 9 stars Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao, Liu Yan and Lin Yun.

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