Eve K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Eve K-Drama: Episode 6. So-Ra walks downstairs when she’s furious to call Secretary Kim. She throws a fit to the maids after knowing Yoon-Kyum doesn’t return home. She asks Secretary Kim to explain it. But Secretary Kim cannot give So-Ra the answer.

Why La-El Doesn’t Wish Yoon-Kyum to Protect her In Front Of So-Ra?


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eve K-Drama: Episode 6.

La-El stares at Yoon-Kyum when he falls asleep. She touches his hair, thinking he has loved her deeply. She wakes him up and tells him to go home. He takes a look at his phone. He finds out that he has a good sleeping. So-Ra slaps Secretary Cha. She blames him for not following Yoon-Kyum.

Yoon-Kyum hands over a new phone to La-El. He takes out the necklace. He wears it for her. He returns home. So-Ra tells Secretary Cha to leave. Yoon-Kyum sees the mess. He takes a look at the maids. He asks So-Ra if the mess was made by her.

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So-Ra admits it. Yoon-Kyum tells the maids to leave. He tells So-Ra to respect the maids. She asks him to explain where he stayed last night. He confesses to her that he hates her. It makes her cry. Yoon-Kyum lets Secretary Cha show up.

So-Ra explains that she called Secretary Cha because she worried about Yoon-Kyum. But Yoon-Kyum tells So-Ra that he knows she installed the GPS tracker in his car. Secretary Cha gets on knees to Yoon-Kyum. Yoon-Kyum tells him to leave.

So-Ra claims that she can do it because she’s Yoon-Kyum’s wife. She tells him that he hurt her deeply. She asks him to explain where he stayed last night. He explains that he just found a place to take a break. He tells her that the house doesn’t belong to him.

So-Ra follows Yoon-Kyum to get in the guest room. She wonders why he came to the place. He tells her that he doesn’t want to sleep with her. La-El returns home with a box. Bo-Ram welcomes her mom and asks her about the wedding. La-El leaks that the wedding was pretty good. She hands over the package to Jin-Wook. He’s startled to take the package away.

Jin-Wook goes to see Yi-Sak. They’re tailed by the guy. The guy goes to see Moon-Hee. He hands over the papers to her. La-El tells Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee that Yoon-Kyum didn’t return home last night. It makes the two ladies happy. La-El gets a call from So-Ra who asks her to take Da-Bi to see her.

La-El takes Da-Bi to arrive at the house. She finds out that So-Ra is ruining the room with the hammer. So-Ra explains that she wants to stop Yoon-Kyum from using guest room. Da-Bi is startled. She calls So-Ra. So-Ra hands over the phone to Da-Bi. She asks her to call Yoon-Kyum. She yells at her.

Da-Bi cries. La-El hugs Da-Bi to protect the little girl. She volunteers to call Yoon-Kyum. She takes Da-Bi away. Secretary Cha feels sorry for betraying Yoon-Kyum. He hands over the resignation letter to him. But Yoon-Kyum wants to give Secretary Cha a chance.

La-El calls Yoon-Kyum. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. So she uses the phone he gave her to call him. He confesses his feelings to her. But she asks him to go home. He returns home. He finds out that she’s cleaning the mess. He worries about her.

Da-Bi cries to call Yoon-Kyum. La-El shows up. She throws the plate to the floor. Yoon-Kyum tries to protect La-El. But she tells him not to let So-Ra know their relationship. She lets him protect Da-Bi. She cares for the little girl.

But So-Ra tells Da-Bi to leave. Yoon-Kyum throws a fit to So-Ra. Da-Bi cries. La-El walks to So-Ra. She takes her to her room. So-Ra cries when she thinks about what Yoon-Kyum did to her. La-El drops the medicine into the tea. She hands over the tea to So-Ra. She tells her to drink it. So-Ra swears to take revenge. She drinks the tea.

La-El hands over the papers of Chi-Gyeom’s shop to So-Ra. She tells her to give it to Pan-Ro. She adds that she will help her deal with Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee. So-Ra falls asleep. La-El walks into Yoon-Kyum’s study. She tells him that his wife fell asleep. She tries to leave. But he holds her hand to keep her.

Yoon-Kyum applies the medicine on La-El’s wound. She reminds him that his wife will wake up. He wonders why she didn’t let him protect her. She prepares the meal for him. He finds out that the food is delicious after he tasted it. Yoon-Kyum finds the sheet music from La-El’s house. He plays the piano. She dances for him. He hugs her.

La-El hands over the evidence to Moon-Hee. She tells her that she wants to let people know what Yoon-Kyum and Pan-Ro did. She admits that she felt uncomfortable when she slept with Yoon-Kyum. La-El shows the evidence to Jin-Wook. She asks him why he lied. He tries to touch her. But she stops him. She tells him that he can only do that to her after he confesses what he did to her. He has to leave her room.

So-Ra wakes up. She finds out that Yoon-Kyum didn’t sleep with her last night. She finds him from the study. She tells him that she didn’t tell what he did to Pan-Ro. She reminds him that Pan-Ro will suspect him if he doesn’t come to her show. He’s furious to walk away because she pretended to be innocent after she hurt La-El.

So-Ra meets with Pan-Ro. She hands over the proposal to him, telling him that she wants to open a mall. Jung-Chul thinks it’s a great idea. He mentions So-Ra introduced Eun-Pyeong to them. Pan-Ro doesn’t believe that his daughter could come up the idea on her own. He asks So-Ra who helped her.

Moon-Hee listens to the recording of So-Ra. Moon-Hee praises La-El for what she did. She feels regret for saying that La-El is too young. She tells her to stay away from Yoon-Kyum. Because she worries that she will get hurt if they sue Yoon-Kyum and Pan-Ro. La-El agrees to what Moon-Hee said.

Eun-Pyeong texts La-El after the meeting. He tells her that he’s interested in the job. So-Ra arrives at the dance club. Dam-Ri prepares the birthday cake for So-Ra. So-Ra tells Dam-Ri to forget it because her birthday is over. But Dam-Ri sings birthday song for So-Ra.

Did So-Ra Kill La-El’s Mom?

So-Ra lets Secretary Kim blow out the candles. Ji-Hee hands over the gift to Secretary Kim. Secretary Kim is startled after she opened the gift. Dam-Ri tells So-Ra that she wishes her to like the gift she prepared for her. La-El takes over the birthday cake. So-Ra walks away. Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee laugh.

Secretary Kim brings the models to So-Ra. So-Ra tells the models that the one who sleeps with Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee will get money from her. La-El reminds So-Ra that it breaks laws. But So-Ra doesn’t care for it. La-El realizes that it wasn’t So-Ra’s first time to do it.

So-Ra mentions her father always helped her when she brought a trouble. She adds that she did something to two ladies who were close to Yoon-Kyum. La-El is shocked that one of the ladies was her mom. Eun-Pyeong calls La-El when he looks for her in the rain. He finds her and runs to her. He wears clothes on her. He takes her to the hotel. He hands over the tea to her. He asks her why she wants to know what happened to her mom. She tells him that she believes that So-Ra killed her mom.

It flashes back. Eun-Pyeong walks into Jin-Sook’s ward. She conceals her phone when she sees him. He hands over the porridge to her. But she tells him not to come because she worries that she will get him involved.

Eun-Pyeong tells La-El that he found out that her mom was scared when he saw her. He adds that she was missing after she went to see someone. He thinks the one who killed her mom was a powerful person. La-El tears up after she heard what Eun-Pyeong said. She tells him that she wished her mom to be alive.

La-El leaks that she came to the hospital to look for her mom because she wanted to get together with her. She cries. He slaps her back to comfort her. Yoon-Kyum walks into his office. Secretary Jung is waiting for Yoon-Kyum. Gye-Young tells Eun-Pyeong that Pan-Ro wanted to see him. She adds that she rejected him. But Eun-Pyeong tells Gye-Young that he wants to see Pan-Ro.

Secretary Jung takes Yoon-Kyum to see Bon-Geun. Bon-Geun slaps Yoon-Kyum and tells him to get on knees to him. He mentions Pan-Ro intends to take the mall away from Chi-Gyeom. He tells him to sign the contract, giving the company to Chi-Gyeom. He adds that he will tell Pan-Ro that he’s just the maid’s son.

Eun-Pyeong goes to the kindergarten. He sees La-El. He decides to help her take revenge even if he will get punished for doing so. He walks away. So-Ra walks into the dressing room. She tells La-El that Pan-Ro came. La-El turns around. She greets Pan-Ro.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Yoon-Kyum tells La-El that he wishes her to stay by his side no matter what happens. She agrees to it. She touches his wounded face. Moon-Hee sees the two. La-El tells So-Ra that Yoon-Kyum cheated on her. So-Ra is shocked to stare at her husband.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 6 stars Seo Yea-Ji, Park Byung-Eun, Yoo-Sun and Lee Sang-Yeob.

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