A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 7. Rong Xia takes Ban Hua to hide in the woods. She’s surprised that he owns martial arts. He lowers her head when Prince is close to them. He kisses her when she’s going to sneeze. Prince leaves.

A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap

A Girl Like Me

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 7.

Ban Hua tries to slap Rong Xia. But he grabs her hand and tells her to calm down. She blames him for grabbing her hand, but lies on him by mistake. He tells her to calm down again. But she wonders who is the one should calm down because his heart beating so fast.

Rong Xia hugs Ban Hua and tells her not to be scared. He promises to protect her no matter what happens. He pushes her out to make Prince spot her. Prince asks Ban Hua what she did when she hid in the woods. She explains that her clothes was broken when she hunted. He wonders if she hunted the mouse. She thinks he should catch a elephant to give it to Emperor.

Ban Hua tries to leave. But Prince stops her and summons the bodyguards. She cries and blames him for bullying her. He draws the bow and tries to kill her. He asks her when she will stop not to pretend to be a fool. Rong Xia shows up and greets Prince. Prince asks Rong Xia why he’s there. Rong Xia explains that he hunted with Ban Hua.

Rong Xia invites Prince to attend the banquet with him. Prince rejects it. Rong Xia asks Ban Hua if she’s fine. She throws a fit to him, and tells him that she wants to beat him. He apologizes to her for his rude. So she asks him why he blocked her mouth with his mouth instead of his hand. He points out that his hand was grabbed by her.

Ban Hua asks Rong Xia why he kept hugging her when they fell to the ground. He says that he worried that Prince would spot her. She asks him why he hugged her so tightly, and thinks he wanted to touched her because she’s so beautiful. She thinks he’s not a gentleman.

Rong Xia wonders why Ban Hua treated him as a jerk, and asks her if she wants them to be killed. She asks him how he will deal with the case. But he tells her to forget it.

Ban Hua wants to drink with Prince. But he asks her to drink the wine in the pot if she actually feels sorry. Shi Jin tells Prince not to bully Ban Hua. But Prince thinks it’s not Shi Jin’s business. Ban Hua says that she wouldn’t flatter Prince if she didn’t worry that he’s the man in white.

Shi Jin tries to drink for Ban Hua when she wants to drink up the wine. But his father Mr. Shi stops him. Rong Xia drinks up the wine for Ban Hua, and tells her to to ruin the plan.

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