A Good Day to Be a Dog: Episodes 5-6 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for A Good Day to Be a Dog: Episodes 5-6. Hae-Na will turn into a dog once she kisses a man. The only way to lift the curse is to kiss the man when she’s a dog. Seo-Won remembers who did Hae-Na protected him.

What Happens to Ji-Won?

A Good Day to Be a Dog

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Good Day to Be a Dog: Episodes 5-6.

Seo-Won looks at the dog pendant Hae-Na gave to him. The pendant turns into the looks of Hae-Na. He feels sweet. He arrives at the school. He runs into a girl Ji-Won who’s bullied by other girls. He wants to help Ji-Won because he was bullied before.

But she doesn’t dare to accept his help. Because she worries that she will get revenge. She helps the girls. She tells a lie to Seo-Won that they’re filming a movie. Ji-Won is the student in Chae-A’s class. He reports it to Chae-A.

But she tells him that nothing happened after she looked into the case. He believes what he saw. He decides to look into the case in person. Ji-Won is scared to hide in the equipment room after school. She doesn’t dare to pick up the phone.

She confesses what happened to Seo-Won and Hae-Na under the fear. Seo-Won asks the school to take care of the case. But the vice-principal plans to cover it. Seo-Won gets angry. He knows it will affect Ji-Won’s future. He thinks she won’t be healed all her life.

Hae-Na comforts Seo-Won. He reveals the boys let the dog bite him after the school. He feared dogs since then. Hae-Na lets Seo-Won cry in her arms. She decides to film the video when Ji-Won gets bullied. She turns into a dog in Yu-Na and Woo-Taek’s helps.

She grabs the phone from Jae-Hee when she’s going to film Ji-Won. The vice-principal has to take care of the case after he got the video from the phone. Ji-Won thanks Seo-Won for helping her. But Jae-Hee hates Seo-Won. She pretends to be close to him for taking revenge for him.

She lets her friend to film it. She plans to sue Seo-Won for tangling female student. Hae-Na eavesdrops on the conversation. But she doesn’t know the details. She turns into a dog in the evening. She ties a CCTV on her head. She films the talk of Jae-Hee and her friends.

She wishes to be close to them. But she’s found by one of the girls. Yu-Na plays the video. She learns that the girls plan to hurt Seo-Won. She tries to call Seo-Won to tell him about it. But he gets a call from Jae-Hee. She asks for a meeting up.

She tells him that she wants to repent. He believes what she said. He goes to see her. Yu-Na has to contact Choi Yool after she didn’t find Seo-Won. Choi Yool knows what happened. He goes to see Yu-Na. They arrive at the scene. They look for Seo-Won.

Hae-Na finds them. Jae-Hee pretends to repent when she meets with Seo-Won. She learns on his chest when she cries. Hae-Na shows up. She barks. Seo-Won notes the students who are filming him. He chases the students. Choi Yool arrives. He blocks the students’ way with Seo-Won.

Jae-Hee recognizes Hae-Na who was the dog grabbing her phone. She chases her. Hae-Na hides behind the statue. Jae-Hee doesn’t find Hae-Na. Bo-Gyeom shows up. He’s not the gentleman anymore. He uses the stick to beat Jae-Hee. She screams to flee.

He shows up in front of her. She runs away again. He doesn’t chase her this time. The case gets resolved. Ji-Won is reborn. But Hae-Na gets a bad news that the school is going to go on a trip. It means that she needs to sleep over outside.

Are Hae-Na and Seo-Won In Love?

But she doesn’t lift the curse. She calls Choi Yool and she asks him to take her home. He tells a lie to Seo-Won that he needs to take his friend’s dog home. Seo-Won agrees to it after Choi Yool begged him. Yu-Na hands over the dog to Choi Yool.

She tells him to let Seo-Won kiss Hae-Na when he sleeps. He promises to complete the task. But he doesn’t wake up Seo-Won. Hae-Na wakes up. She finds out that Choi Yool didn’t complete the task. She wears Choi Yool’s clothes. She plans to leave before Seo-Won wakes up.

But Seo-Won grabs her collar. He mistakes that the one who turns her back on him is Choi Yool. He asks her to buy him breakfast. He finds out that Choi Yool lost weight when he put his hand on Hae-Na’s shoulder. Hae-Na leaves the house when Seo-Won gets into bathroom.

Choi Yool is looking for Hae-Na. Seo-Won is surprised that Choi Yool showed up in front of him again. Choi Yool and Hae-Na agree that they should make it because the graduation travel is going to come. Hae-Na tells Choi Yool not to fall asleep again.

But he falls asleep before Seo-Won sleeps. Hae-Na fails to wake Choi Yool up. She has to take action on her own. She goes to the living room. She tries to be close to Seo-Won so that he will kiss her. He notes that the dog keeps staring at him.

He tries to stroke the dog. But Bo-Gyeom walks into the house. He tells Seo-Won that he wishes to sleep over at his house. But his goal isn’t simple. Yu-Na cannot contact Choi Yool. She tries to carry Hae-Na away. But she’s stopped by Bo-Gyeom.

She tells a lie to him that she’s Choi Yool’s friend’s older sister. Hae-Na has to pack her stuff after she failed to turn into human. She wishes there’s no accident during the trip. Choi Yool prepares a tent for her outside the hotel.

He prepares some dog items for her as well. He lets her sleep at the place. But she hears the snoring of the teacher. She tries to go to the dog house. But the teacher Chae-A wakes up. She asks Hae-Na where she’s going to go.

Hae-Na has to tell a lie to Chae-A that she’s going to go to the restroom. She returns to the bed. Chae-A is on duty with Seo-Won. Hae-Na catches the chance to flee. But Seo-Won still sees her. He tails her and he sees the room card on the floor.

He intends to ask her why she goes out. But he finds out that she’s missing. He sees a dog running into the the tent. Hae-Na has slept in the tent for one night. She didn’t sleep well. Seo-Won intends to block the sunshine for her.

Song-Yi mistakes that Hae-Na has feelings for Bo-Gyeom. She offers to row for getting the two together. Seo-Won plans to take same boat with Hae-Na. But he’s stopped by Song-Yi. Hae-Na screams when she sees the insect. Bo-Gyeom supports her when she doesn’t stand well.

They shake hands with each other. Seo-Won is jealous. Hae-Na finds out that there were three students leaving the hotel. She goes to look for them. Seo-Won joins her. But they don’t find the students because they intend to avoid them.

Seo-Won finds the students. The teacher takes the students away. Seo-Won cannot contact Hae-Na. He goes to look for her. He bumps a dog. He thinks the dog is Choi Yool’s friend’s dog. But the old lady carries the dog. Seo-Won doesn’t know Hae-Na is asking him to help her.

Choi Yool doesn’t find Hae-Na from the tent. He goes to look for her. He finds her clothes and her phone. The old lady takes Hae-Na away. She ties her up and she intends to cook her. Hae-Na bites off the rope when the old lady cooks. She runs away.

She sees Seo-Won who’s looking for her. She tries to run to him. But she falls from the bridge. She hears the whistling of Choi Yool. She barks at him. He fails to save her after he tried his best. He has to leave her clothes to her.

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Episode 6 of A Good Day to Be a Dog ends with Hae-Na turning into a human. She throws her shoe to the road. Seo-Won finds Hae-Na. He dress her wound and he carries her. Bo-Gyeom spots it. He tries to leave. But he runs into a girl Ji-A who calls him lord. Hae-Na and Seo-Won gather with others.

There’s a student who lost his wallet. Hae-Na and Seo-Won find the wallet for the student. They have fun on the street. Yu-Na’s ex-boyfriend sees it. The guy knows the curse of Hae-Na’s family. He thinks they’re monsters. He mistakes that Hae-Na has a boyfriend. He films her and Seo-Won. Hae-Na doesn’t know it. She tries to grab the marshmallow from Seo-Won. They have an eye contact. They cannot each other’s feelings.

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