“Always Have, Always Will” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Always Have, Always Will” is a 2021 Chinese drama which tells a story about the girl Fang Li encounters Luo Yan in the gathering. He kisses her in the game and forgets what happened between him and Fang Li. But she remembers it clearly, and hates him most.

Li Geyang and Chen Fangtong are the lead actors.

Li Geyang starred the Chinese drama “The Love Equations” in 2020. He played the boy Cai Yasi who loves Zhou Xiao but he doesn’t confess his feelings. He also starred “My Amazing Boyfriend Season 2” in 2019. He played a vampire.

Chen Fangtong starred “Symphony’s Romance” in 2020.

Always Have, Always Will (2021)

Always Have, Always Will

Always Have, Always Will Wiki

Title: Always Have, Always Will (Always Have, Always Will Chinese Drama)

Director: Han Zengguang

Writer: Zhang Lu

Network: Youku

Runtime: 20 January 2021

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese

Always Have, Always Will Summary

Fang Li is invited to the gathering. She sees Luo Yan there. Luo Yan is asked to kiss Sun Jiayi. But he wants to kiss Fang Li. She accepts the kiss after she was told that she needs to follow the rule. She knows he’s a nightmare to her. Because he forced her to steal the wig from Teacher Jiang after he got the evidence that she got money from the students from playing songs.

Luo Yan tells Fang Li to do dry cleaning for him because she stained his clothes. Fang Li meets with Qi Feifei, and wants to do the dry cleaning herself because the dry cleaning service is expensive. She goes to the library to look for the formula of cleaner. She spots Sun Jiayi asking Luo Yan for adding her as friend. But he rejects it.

Fang Li gets the key from the teacher, and goes to the lab. She makes the cleaner to spray it to Luo Yan’s clothes. But the lab is exploded. Luo Yan hears the sound of the explosion, and saves Fang Li from the lab. He doesn’t recognize her until he takes off her glasses. She complains that why her luck cannot be conservation.

Always Have, Always Will Cast

Li Geyang as Luo Yan

He is the guy who lost his memory after he got into the university. He is confused by Fang Li hates him. But he still chooses to kiss her in the game when she says that she hasn’t seen him for a long time.

Chen Fangtong as Fang Li

She has some bad experience about Luo Yan before. So she tries to avoid him after he stole her first kiss. But she keeps seeing him.

Luo Yi as Sun Jiayi

She is the girl who likes Luo Yan. She treated Fang Li as her friend, and invited her to her gathering. But she tells the roommate not to talk with Fang Li after she seeing Luo Yan kissing Fang Li. She feels that she gets betrayed.

Wen Moyan as Qi Feifei

She is Fang Li’s friend since high school. She is currently working for a restaurant. She doesn’t get into university because she wants to be a super star.

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