Who Saved Hong Hae-In from Drowning in Queen of Tears?

Hong Hae-In thought her older brother saved her from drowning and she reported it to her mother Kim Seon-Hwa. But Kim Seon-Hwa hated Hae-In after she found out that her son was dead. Did Hae-In’s older brother save her. Episode 12 of Queen of Tears reveals the truth.

Eun-Sung Is A Liar

Hong Hae-In drowning in Queen of Tears

Eun-Sung the bag guy continues to make us hate him. He knows Hae-In and Hyun-Woo love each other. He tries his best to break the relationship of the two. He catches the chance to take Hae-In away after she mistook him for Hyun-Woo. He doesn’t deny when she asks him if he’s Hyun-Woo.

He takes her to his car and he plays the role as Hyun-Woo. But Hyun-Woo finds them and he reminds Hae-In that he’s her lover. Eun-Sung has to admit it after she knew the truth. He lets her leave with him when he persuades her that he can take her to see her grandfather.

She has to tell Hyun-Woo that Eun-Sung invited her to his house. She leaves with Eun-Sung then. He takes her to his house and prepares the steak and the wine for her. He wishes to have a perfect dinner with her. But she doesn’t eat anything.

He brings up the childhood time that he saved her from the dog. He tells a lie to her that he saved her from the drowning. She chooses to trust him. She eats the steak he prepared. But she’s not happy at all.

Who Saved Hae-In?

It seems that Eun-Sung saved Hae-In. We almost believe him. But episode 12 lets us see the scene that Seon-Hwa and Bong-Ae watch the album of Hyun-Woo together. Bong-Ae reveals her son saved a person from the beach before. Seon-Hwa recognizes the beach. She finds out that the beach was the one she found Hae-In and her older brother.

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We realize that Hyun-Woo was the one who saved Hae-In. But we need the evidence. Queen of tears shows the evidence to use at the end of the episode. We see Hyun-Woo jumps into the sea to save Hae-In when she’s drowning. He saves her but he doesn’t let her know about it. He looks at her when she’s sad after she lost her older brother. Her mother is cold to her. He leaves with his coach then. We wish Hyun-Woo to tell Hae-In the truth. But he doesn’t know she was the girl he saved. I believe that the K-drama will arrange the plot.

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